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The Hell Tour.

Albuquerque II

Arya stumbled back onto PTV’s tour bus. She tripped over her feet and almost landed on her face but someone caught her before she could. Her mind was still fuzzy from the after effects of what Arya would say was her best kiss ever, so it took her a bit too long to realize that it was Mike who had saved her from embarrassing herself.

He looked at her, concerned to the max. He stabled her and led her to the couch to sit but she fought it.

“No. I gotta go!” she said. Mike, keeping a hand on her lower back, went from concerned to confused.

“What happened? Are you okay? I didn’t even think that you drank that much.” Mike’s eyes wandered to the half full bottles of tequila and vodka that were lying on the couch. He tried to mentally calculate how much everyone had drank, but the alcohol was blurring his mind a bit and he gave up.

“Nooo.” Arya drawled out. “I-I… Panda wants me back. She’s a bit worried since it’s kinda late.” She lied. Mike nodded, looking down at his wrist watch. He hadn’t noticed the time go by so fast; it was almost midnight.

“Yeah, I should take you back. You alright with walking? You said your hotel was across the street, right?” Mike asked. She nodded. “Okeydokey, let’s go.”

He led her to the bus door but she stopped before opening the door. She turned her body to half face Mike.

“Where’s Tony and Jaime? Shouldn’t I say bye to them?” she asked, peering behind the tall man to find the other two members. Mike shrugged.

“They’re in the back, working on some tunes. The Patron suddenly inspired them.” He said with heavy sarcasm. “I’ll let them know you said bye when I get back. If we go back there, they might make you want to stay and you shouldn’t leave Panda to worry more.”

Arya nodded.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go. I’m on this freakin’ tour with you for weeks anyways.”

Mike followed her off the bus and Arya began in the direction of her hotel when Mike took hold of her hand and stopped her.

“What the fuck? How long have you been out here?” Mike asked. Arya looked around, not finding who Mike was talking to until a little blue light shone up on Vic’s face. He was leaning back on the bus, close to the front. He looked at his phone and scrolled through it nonchalantly. Vic shrugged.

“Not long. I was talking some tips with Kellin. I only just got back.” His eyes flickered quickly to Arya, to Mike, and then back to his phone. He tapped something into it quickly and then shoved the phone into his pocket. “What are you doing so late? Who’s this?” his head nudging towards Arya. Mike pulled her closer to him. He was eyeing Vic a bit funny and Arya didn’t understand.

“She’s the photographer I was telling you about.” Mike said. His grip on Arya’s hand was getting tighter and she wanted to pull away from him, but she couldn’t.

Vic raised an eyebrow and then pulled what Arya thought was the fakest surprised face she had ever seen.

“Whoa! This is her!? You’re Arya?” he asked. Arya furrowed her brows. Just a few minutes ago she was making out heavily with THE Vic Fuentes and now he was pulling this charade. Arya felt like she was losing her damn mind and she knew she wasn’t even close to drunk.

“Yeah, I’m Arya. And you’re Vic Fuentes. I, well you bumped into me behind stage in Pomona the other day.” She told him. He smiled then looked at Mike.

“We gotta go. I’m walking her back to her hotel. Her friend is waiting.” Mike told him. Vic nodded.

“Hey, Arya, since you’re our new head photographer, you should get to know the bands a bit better. We’re gonna do a cookout finishing this week’s stops. You and your camera friends should come. You can meet Sleeping with Sirens. All the girls love Kellin. I think I heard your Panda friend say he’s her idol.” Vic said just after Mike and she had started to walk away.

Arya looked at him curiously. He only smiled back at her and then stepped on the bus. He knew.


Panda stared at her friend. Arya was staring off into space with glazed eyes, her lips slightly parted but smiling nonetheless. She inhaled slowly, closing her eyes.

“Damn… did he really get you that fucked up that you can’t finish your story?” Panda asked.

Arya’s eyes shot open. She looked around, blinking rapidly. Then she let out this small school-girl chuckle.

“Panda! It was so good. and hot! And the way he just--- UGH! He had pressed against that bus, he was grabbing at me like… fuck…” she sighed, her mind kept replaying her steamy sesh with Vic. Panda snapped her fingers infront of Arya and brought her back down from cloud nine.

“So then what happened?!”

Arya’s smile dropped.

“I think he knows.” She whispered. Panda scrunched her face, not knowing what Arya meant by that.

“Knows what?” she asked.

“I don’t know… about Kellin and me. Look, when I got back on the bus after that, Mike said he’d walk me back here, so on our way out, Vic is there, acting as if we weren’t just about to have sex on the side of the bus and acts all weird and then Mike and I start leaving and he’s all like oh yeah we’re gonna have a cookout and Kellin is gonna be there. I know he’s Panda’s idol or whatever.” She said, trying her best to impersonate Vic’s voice but failed terribly.

“HE said that? Man, Kellin isn’t even my damn idol… Just kidding. He kinda is. But seriously, just cause he mentioned that doesn’t mean anything.”

Arya shook her head.

“I think it does. You should have been there. Mike and Vic were acting so weird. And Vic mentioned Kellin twice. I’m pretty fucking sure he knows something.”

Panda shrugged.

“You know what you should do?”

“What?” Arya anwered.

“Fuck him.” Panda said.

Arya looked at her suspiciously.

“Like… ignore him fuck him or…”

“Like fuck him FUCK him.”

Panda’s words rang through her head. Her thoughts wandered off again to the way Vic had kissed her. And to be totally honest, she wouldn’t mind fucking him.