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The Hell Tour.


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Arya fumbled with her camera equipment, trying to stuff her lenses all in her backpack and accept Jake and Zack’s memory cards all at the same time. It was the end of the week and it was up to her to revise all the pictures taken and distribute the best shots to not just the bands but magazines like Alt Press and Kerrang and obviously the managers in charge of the tour. Jake caught one of her macro lens just as it slipped out the bag.

“Dude, you need like four arms. Are you sure you don’t need help?” Zach asked. Arya gave him a weak but sincere smile.

“I’m good.” she grunted, finally zipping her backpack with everything safe inside. “But if someone could magically make two other arms appear, I’d be so happy.”

“Any chance you know when we get our first paychecks? And are you going to that barbeque thing everyone else keeps talking about?” Jake asked. The three photographers began their walk out of the stadium. They were the last of the crew to head out. Panda had already left. She had taken the first band of the night and was taking this time after to edit her shots before turning them in to Arya.

“Yeah, paychecks begin next week and it’ll be every two weeks. It’s a prorated thing but we get commission if any pictures get used on social medias and such. We get profit for every thousand or so likes and I think mags just give a set fee. I’ll have more exact deets when I talk to Marshall. He’s in charge of that.”

The two guys nodded.

“As for the party… uh, we’ll be there for a bit. I know that Beartooth wanted some shots and Panda told them she’ll get their info there. I really don’t wanna go but I don’t want to seem like a party pooper.” She said. Zack and Jake shared a look.

“We heard you got to hang with PTV.” Zack mentioned with a shrug. Arya furrowed her eyebrows together.

“Umm… what are you trying to say?” she asked. Zack quickly shrugged his shoulders.

“Nothing. Just saying. I mean, you think you can introduce us? We are fans. That is one of the main reasons we took this job.” He stated. Arya eyed him curiously but told him yes, that she’d introduced them.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, the guys took off in the direction of the car they were sharing and Arya went to her’s.

Panda was sitting in the passenger seat, laptop in her lap, working rapidly on Photoshop.

She shushed Arya as soon as she got into the car. Arya went on to say something but Panda reached her arm out and placed her index fingers on Arya’s lips.

“Silence, peasant! My masterpiece is almost done.” She whispered.

Arya didn’t start the car until ten minutes later when Panda finally finished editing. She saved her work and then handed Arya her memory card.

“So… I’m thinking quick stop at the hotel to change, pick up some liquor, and then head back here for the shindig. It’s supposed to be taking place at the tour buses.” Panda said. Arya nodded.

“Are you sure we should go? I mean…” Arya began, already getting a heavy feeling in her stomach. Panda shushed her again.

“Yes, my dear. We are going. Kellin is not gonna stop you from having fun. Not on my watch. You are gonna get into Vic’s pants whether it be tonight, tomorrow, or like… whenever. You are a grown ass woman. Don’t be scared of Kellin. Let me handle that.”

“You know… he is married, Panda.”

Panda chuckled.

“Uh, duh. But I won’t tell if he doesn’t.” she said with a sly smile.


Arya and Panda pulled up on the outside of the lines of tour buses and vans still parked at the venue. From the car, music could be heard and the smell of ribs and fajita made their empty stomachs ache. Panda flipped down the sun visor to look at herself in the mirror.

“So you ready?” she asked as she examined her makeup. Panda had really gone all out for this. She was dressed to impress. She had switched her jeans for a pair of lace shorts and her t-shirt for a halter top.

“Ummm… you go ahead. I’m not too comfortable in whatever this is you picked out for me. I’m gonna gather up some courage, grab my camera, and then meet you up. Okay?” Arya asked as she peered down at the short shorts that were way too short and the tiedye cut off shirt that made her feel like she was exposing her boobs to everyone since Panda insisted on her going braless (“It’s the new style, like have you been Kendall Jenner’s nipples?”)

Panda ruffled Arya’s hair.

“You got this.” She told her. “Call me or text when you’re coming up so you won’t look like a lost puppy.”

Arya nodded as Panda got out the car. She watched the black and white headed girl walk confidently towards the buses. Arya let out a huge sigh. She closed her eyes for a bit and when she thought that she had been in her car for thirty minutes when really it was only three, she got out and walked towards the back of the car. She popped out the trunk and began deciding on which camera to use.

“Hey…” a voice said from behind her causing her to lose concentration and nearly jump a mile in the air. She clutched where her heart was at and turned to her scarer.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

“You’ve really gotta stop doing that. You almost gave me a heart attack. I think I have to get you a bell.” She told Vic. Vic smiled at her and stepped close enough to where if she took a deep breath, her chest could graze his.

“I didn’t see you tonight.” Vic told her, his eyes never once leaving hers. Arya took a step back.

“We’re alternating. Four photogs, four bands… you know.”

He shrugged. There was a moment of silence. Not awkward, but almost. Arya took this opportunity to get her camera, but as soon as she made the movements to turn her back, Vic took hold of her hand and turned her to face him again.

His touch sent a spark through her and Vic must have felt it too because he dropped her hand almost instantly.

“Why’d you pretend the other night?” she found herself saying. “Like you didn’t know me when Mike ‘introduced’ us.” She made finger quotes in the air. Vic smirked.

“He thinks I’m not ready.” He said. She tilted her head in confusion.

“What? What does that even mean?”

He shook his head.


He left just as suddenly as he arrived.

Arya didn’t see him the rest of the night.
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hope you like this. vic is kinda mysterious huh?