"Come now," I let the young girl back to her bed, it was about twelve midnight when she came running into my room crying.

She claimed that she was being stalked, being taunted and being attacked. That the man was scary with glistening red eyes and sharp teeth, his skin cold as ice and yet his breath warm like a summers day.

His smile was ear to ear when she screamed and ran for help, his laugh was that of a psychopath in a hospital. No one else saw him, no one else heard him; he was a ghost of the shadows.

"There are no such things," I helped the young girl back into her bed, her hospital bed. She had come in a few nights ago, the chills, sweats and body aches. It was most likely the common flu but the doctors wanted to keep her over night. "As ghosts and gouls."

I stood as she held the blanket to her chin, her body shaking in fear and I couldn't help but to feel terrible.

"What about demons?" Her voice was shaky, her eyes wide and her hands gripping the blankets for dear life.

"I will leave the lights on for you," I kissed her forehead and took a step back. "You'll be fine."


My feet tapped against the floor as I made my way back to my room, a cold shiver going down my spine as I remember the worst night of my life. Quickly I shut my eyes and opened them, before the memories could flood my mind.

"Why? Because I'm a demon."

His voice, his sickening voice echoed in my mind as I walked into my room. It was my over night room, some times I would stay here for a week, other times only a day. It all depended on how many children where here and how many staff members.

My bed creaked slightly as I sat down, my eyes trailing the room. My bed was in the far corner against the wall, I had a small standing dresser with six draws, my walls were a creme white color. The lamp I had sat nicely in a small side table, the only other light I got was either from the hall way or the natural light from the room.

A sigh escapes my lips, my tongue soon sliding over them leaving them smooth. My hand rested on my knee as a swift yawn escaped my lips as well, I was tired. Slowly I kicked off my slipped allowing them to hit the floor, pulling back my blankets I curled into bed. The warmth setting me into a relaxed mood.

"There is no such thing." I whispered to myself as I willed my body and mind into a blissfull sleep.
♠ ♠ ♠