The music was loud, so loud that I could barely hear my own thoughts, but I didn't mind it at all. It was one of the many reasons to why I came to this specific bar, so I couldn't hear my own thoughts. I couldn't hear his voice in the back of my mind. I could forget about anything that went bump in the night.

I watched as the bar tender walked around, he was tall and thin; probably the geek in highschool and was never able to put on muscle. He was probably teased alot for it, so he dropped out and started to bar tend.

Which made no sense and I was most likely drunk right now, I took another swig of my beer before I was interrupted in mid swig.

"You don't usually come here on Thursdays." The voice was like a purr in my ear, alluring and yet deep at the same time.

Not bothering to look at the face behind the voice, I nodded and turned my back to him. Maybe he would get the hint to leave me alone, but he didn't, Instead he switched chairs to where we were now facing each other.

My eyes narrowed at him, he was probably in his late twenties, his hair was shaved short but enough to where you can run your hands through it, his eyes were stern and bright blue. But bus smile, his toothy wide grin had me melting in my seat. It was such an innocent smile on such a serious looking guy.

"Now that I got your attention." It was like his voice was drowning out the music, as if there wasn't a single person around and it felt weird. "What brings you here on a Thursday?"

The words dragged me from my daze, so I placed the beer bottle to my lips and took another swig. My right arm rested on the bar as I looked at him, trying to keep my face as serious as possible.

"Long day at work."

His brows creesed as if he was thinking, then he smiled again and I wanted to be a puddle on the floor at his feet. He licked his lips, raised a brow and leaned back.

"I'm guessing today was an extra hard day?"

My brows creased as I stared at him, how would he know if it was extra hard? How would he know anything of my day at all? Leaning back myself, I felt the room start spinning. I had on had three beers, so how could it be spinning.

I watched as his facial expression changed, I could tell if it was worry, fear, or enjoyment. Then I saw his eyes flicker red, so I tried my best to stumble away; causing me to stumble into his arms.

Are you okay and Let me take you home swirled through my mind before everything went dark.