We Took the Fall

12: It Couldn’t Hurt

“You stepped back?” Esther posed as she looked at Catalina, her eyes a little wide in surprise.

“It was that, or throttle her” Catalina replied, lounging on her couch “It was a tough day and Alicia being Alicia was a little too much. I either stepped back or punched her” she added, flipping the page in the notebook which was rested against her knees. It was Saturday, a lazy one at that, and Catalina was slightly relieved. Without maid of honor duties, she had actually been able to relax, something she doubted she had done since Alicia and Fernando had strolled back into her life.

“I’d have punched her” Esther mused “And then I would have stepped back” she added with a small laugh.

“And that is why you and my sister never get along” Catalina teased.

Esther smiled briefly before she peeked around the living room, her eyes narrowing on the sight of a picture frame which sat on the bookshelf. “When was that taken?” she posed, getting to her feet.

“When was what taken?” Catalina posed, checking the latest book against the model she had written out herself.

“This picture of you and blondie” Esther mused, picking up the wooden frame. It was a sweet picture, Catalina was sat in between Fernando’s legs as the pair grinned at the camera, and it made Esther wonder what had gone wrong. Just one look at the couple in the picture made it clear that they were mad about one another.

“You mean Fernando?” Catalina posed as she gently took the picture out of her friend’s hand “It was taken a couple of weeks after we started going out. We were at a party a friend of mine was having and they took this. The reason I am smiling so much is because he had just stopped tickling me” she mused, her voice slightly wistful.

“You two look happy there” Esther smiled, tapping the glass gently.

“We were” Catalina smiled, her eyes not shifting from the picture “We were still in the puppy love phase and I remember that we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other” she giggled.

“Lina, what happened?” Esther posed gently.


“Something clearly happened Lina” Esther interjected softly “The two people in that picture are so in love, so giddy, and it makes me wonder what the heck happened, because that didn’t just go away overnight” she added.

Catalina sighed. “He moved” she stated “He got a transfer to Liverpool and he asked me to go with him. I was 21, I didn’t know if we were going to work out, so I played it safe. I told him that I wanted to stay and within a week, he was living in England and we were done with” she mumbled.

“Do you regret that?” Esther posed.

Catalina let out a small laugh, one that Esther instantly noted as ironic. “More and more now he’s back here and with my sister, but I know that that isn’t fair. I made a call, one I thought was right at the time, and I need to get used to the consequences of it” she muttered softly.

Esther sighed. “We should go out tonight” she noted.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “Why?” she posed.

“Because you need to get a little reckless Lina” Esther replied “You’ve been so odd since he got back and I don’t like it. You said it yourself, you need to get used to the consequences, so let’s go out and get drunk” she grinned.


“You need this, Lina” Esther interjected, shaking her head “Come on. We could go to a bar, get a few drinks and dance. We haven’t done that in ages” she added, her voice growing in excitement.

“I really don’t know” Catalina replied.

“Come on. You need one Fernando-free night at some point in the next 5 weeks and it might as well be tonight” Esther encouraged.

Catalina thought for a second before she sighed. “Fine” she mumbled “But you’re buying my drinks all night” she bargained.

“As long as I can borrow that little black dress of yours, I would be happy to” Esther grinned.

“Stop pulling at your dress” Esther scolded as she placed a glass of alcohol ahead of Catalina, her hand lightly slapping the blonde’s which for the tenth time since they had left the house, tugged at the hem of her dress. It was a little short, Catalina had probably grown out of it a couple of years ago, but for its purpose that evening, it was perfect. It was a little short, a little tight, but still left plenty to the imagination, making Catalina look beautiful without looking overtly slutty.

“It’s not my fault you chose the shortest dress you could find. If I make one move in the wrong direction, I will give someone a pretty decent view of my ass” Catalina countered.

“It couldn’t hurt” Esther teased.

“I am not that kind of girl, Esther” Catalina pointed out.

“I’m just saying” Esther shrugged nonchalantly “You could do with a little relief” she added.

“I am not looking for some one night stand, Esther” Catalina scoffed.

“Like I said, I couldn’t hurt” Esther giggled before she swanned across the bar, quickly pulling the first guy she could lay a hand on into a dance. Catalina shook her head, sometimes she wished she could be a little more like her friend.

“I am sorry for my friend”

Catalina jumped a little in her chair before she turned, her blue eyes peeking up at the dark haired man who smiled at her softly. “Why are you sorry?” she posed.

“Because now he has your friend, he will keep her out there all night, leaving you sat here by yourself” he returned.

Catalina shook her head. “I anticipated that anyways” she smiled.

The man pushed his glasses up his nose and jutted a hand out. “I’m Jonathan” he mused.

“Catalina” the blonde smiled gently.

Jonathan returned her grin. “That’s a lovely name” he enthused shyly.

Catalina blushed, something which made Jonathan chuckle. “Don’t tell me guys don’t tell you that all the time” he teased, effortlessly slipping into the seat that Esther had vacated “You must be beating male attention off with a bat, unless of course, there is a boyfriend or a husband lurking around the corner I ought to know about” he teased.

Catalina shook her head. “No, there isn’t. It’s just me” she noted.

Jonathan smiled. “From what I can see, just you is pretty spectacular” he grinned bashfully.

Catalina shook her head. “This isn’t your forte is it?” she teased gently.

“No” Jonathan noted strongly “Alex is usually the flirty one and I am the geeky one that he leaves behind. I guess that comes across, huh?” he posed, once more pushing the frames of glasses up his nose.

“I kind of like it” Catalina admitted.

Jonathan tilted his head. “You do?” he posed.

“Yeah. My last boyfriend was kind of an Alex” she muttered “You’re quite the breath of fresh air” she added.

“Messy break-up?” Jonathan teased.

“Well, he’s going to be married to my sister in 5 weeks, so…”

“Wow” Jonathan quipped “He must be an idiot or your sister must be a supermodel or something” he added.

Catalina blushed. “Is that a roundabout way of saying you think I’m pretty?” she posed.

“Well, yeah” Jonathan chuckled shyly.

Catalina smiled. “You’re cute” she enthused.

“Cute enough to sit here with whilst our friends are busy dry humping one another?” Jonathan smiled.

Catalina giggled. “Definitely” she enthused.

“Then I shall get the drinks in. I’m on water because Alex needs a driver, what can I get for you?” he posed.

“A lemonade would be great. Esther’s going to need all the help she can get” Catalina replied before she settled back in her seat, a little glad that Esther had convinced her to come out that night.
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