We Took the Fall

13: Oblivious

“Please don’t make me go” Catalina murmured as she rested on her bed, her blue eyes peeking up at Jonathan who, once again, had come to see her after work. It had been a little bit surprising, when she and Esther had gone out, Catalina hadn’t expected to find a guy like Jonathan, but now that she had, she had to admit that she was the slightest bit smitten with him. He was sweet, funny, and Catalina enjoyed spending time with him, even if it was innocent, he had somehow drawn her attention from the mess that was Fernando and Alicia and settled it on him and solely him.

“I am not making you do anything, Cat” Jonathan chuckled, flopping down beside her “But you know that not going to dinner with your parents will only give your sister more of a chance to bad mouth you for giving up the role of maid of honor at her wedding to you-know-who” he mused.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “You can use his name, Jon” she mused “You won’t catch on fire or anything” she added.

Jonathan shook his head. “As the man who has ambitions to be your next boyfriend, I don’t really want to talk about the guy you last had feelings for” he noted, a small grin on his face that made Catalina’s face warm slightly. She had to admit, Jonathan’s smile tended to give her butterflies when it was aimed at her.

“You have ambitions to be my next boyfriend?” Catalina teased.

“No” Jonathan scoffed playfully “I just love being in the friend-zone” he added.

Catalina giggled gently. “You’re a moron” she mused.

“I’m a cute moron” Jonathan teased gently.

Catalina smiled at him softly before her phone beeped with the alarm that she had set, signaling her need to leave for her parents. “You know, I could give you a ride if you needed” Jonathan suggested lightly “It would mean you didn’t have to rush off now and could spend the next 10 minutes here with me” he added, offering her a wide grin.

Catalina blushed. “And what would we do for those ten minutes, Jon?” she posed impishly.

Jonathan smiled at her softly before he placed his hand lightly on her cheek, turning her face so that he could place a small kiss against her lips. “I think we can come up with something, Cat, don’t you?” he teased softly, his blue eyes peeking into hers, earning a darker colour on her cheeks.

“I can’t believe you made me late” Catalina giggled as Jonathan pulled his car to a stop outside of her parents’ house.

“I didn’t make you late” Jonathan replied “Your desire to keep kissing me made you late” he added with a grin.

Catalina rolled her eyes gently. “Thanks for the ride” she mused gently “It was sweet of you” she added.

“So sweet that it makes you want to kiss me again right?” Jonathan teased.

“Perhaps” Catalina giggled as she leant over, placing a small kiss against his lips. Jonathan smiled and moved to deepen it, only to jump as someone tapped against the car window, causing his forehead to lightly hit Catalina’s. “Can you see who it is?” the blonde murmured as she rubbed her forehead.

“A dark haired girl and a blonde guy who looks like he’s seen a ghost” Jonathan replied “Your sister and you-know-who I am guessing” he added, offering the woman a polite smile as she stared at him.

“Unfortunately, yes” Catalina sighed.

“You should get going” Jonathan noted.

Catalina nodded her head softly. “I will call you later. Perhaps we can set something up for the weekend?” she suggested.

Jonathan offered her a light smile before he leant over and pecked her cheek, allowing her to climb out of the car and move towards Alicia who was grinning like a madwoman. Offering Jonathan one last smile, she watched him pull the car away from the curb and move up the street before she turned to her sister. “You didn’t invite him to stay?” Alicia quipped as they moved towards the house.

Catalina shook her head. “I didn’t think it was overly appropriate” she replied.

“Why? Are you two just fuck buddies or something?” Alicia posed.

Catalina let out a little sigh. “No, Cia, we’re not” she mumbled “It’s just…”

“Lina, you were making out in the guy’s car. Why wouldn’t you invite him inside?” Alicia interjected.

Catalina sighed. “I’ve known him a matter of days, Cia and I don’t exactly want to scare the poor guy off by introducing him to you, or to him” she noted with a slight look towards Fernando who followed along behind them, a strangely undecipherable look etched onto his face.

Alicia rolled her eyes. “I am not that much of a witch, Lina” she muttered.

“I think we have differing opinions on that” Catalina mumbled beneath her breath.

“What’s his name then?” Alicia posed.

“It really doesn’t matter” Catalina murmured.

“You don’t think I care who my little sister is dating?” Alicia posed as they made their way into the dining room, gaining the attention of their parents.

“You’re dating?” Santiago posed.

“No” Catalina replied.

“She was making out with a guy outside” Alicia pointed out, her tone reminiscent of a catty teenager.

“I was not making out with him” Catalina shot back “I kissed the guy” she added.

“What guy?” Santiago posed, his eyes sparing a little look over at Fernando who stood behind Alicia, his dark eyes seemingly narrowed on Catalina. It wasn’t the first time that Santiago had seen the look, Fernando had a habit of looking at Catalina in a similar fashion when he didn’t think anyone was watching, and Santiago was slightly wary of it. He doubted that it meant good news for either of his daughters.

“He’s a guy I met the other night. Esther took me out to get my mind of things and I met Jonathan. He’s a lovely guy and I like spending time with him” Catalina explained, her cheeks warming a fraction.

“That’s wonderful news, Lina” Marisol cooed.

“It’s about time” Alicia muttered “At least now you can stop pining” she added.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “I am not pining for anyone” she muttered before she moved to take her seat.

Santiago watched her for a second before he flicked his stare back to Fernando who, wordlessly, had taken the seat across from Catalina, his dark eyes still fixed on the blonde with a look that made Santiago shake his head a little, curious as to whether Catalina was as oblivious to his attention as she seemed.
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