We Took the Fall

14: I Should Have Given Up

“So, you have a new boyfriend” Santiago posed as he wiped another plate over, handing it to Catalina who had politely offered to stay behind and help clean up. The dinner had been quiet, Catalina and Fernando had barely uttered a sentence between them, and it had only served to make Santiago a little more curious. He knew what Catalina was thinking, it had been abundantly obvious since Fernando had arrived that she still had a degree of feeling towards him, but he was curious about the striker. He wondered if there was a chance that he was still carrying a torch for his younger daughter.

“He’s not my boyfriend, Papa” Catalina replied, placing the dry plate onto the ever-growing pile “He’s just a guy I have been spending some time with” she corrected gently. It was a petty detail, Jonathan had made it clear that he wanted to start a relationship with her, but Catalina wanted to hold off for a little while. She barely knew him and didn’t want to rush into things, especially when she wasn’t sure if she was ready to move on from Fernando.

“What’s he like?” Santiago posed gently.

“Why are you so interested?” Catalina replied.

Santiago shrugged. “Can’t a father be a little curious about the people his daughter is spending time with?” he posed with a small smile.

“They can be” Catalina replied “But you’ve never really been that type of father. So, papa, what are you really getting at?” she posed gently.

Santiago sighed. “I just hope you know what you are doing, Catalina” he noted gently “A week ago, you were sat in the hall, almost in tears at the prospect of Fernando marrying your sister. I just hope that you’re not going to use this man” he explained as kindly as he could. He knew he was crossing a boundary, Santiago had never been the type to get involved in his daughters’ love lives, but he didn’t want Catalina messing Jonathan around. He wanted her to be happy.

Catalina stared at the counter for a second before she sighed. “I am not going to use Jonathan, papa” she noted gently “I like him and I think he could be good for me, but that doesn’t mean I am going to rush head first into it. It is still hard, the whole Fernando thing, but I like Jonathan and that is a first for me in about 8 years” she admitted softly.

“You’re giving up on Fernando?” Santiago posed gently. He didn’t want to encourage it, he wanted Alicia to be as happy as much as he wanted Catalina to be happy, but he couldn’t help but hold out a little hope. He’d never seen Catalina as happy as she was when she had Fernando for a boyfriend.

Catalina shook her head. “I should have given up on him years ago, papa” she admitted.

“But you didn’t” Santiago pointed out.

Catalina shook her head gently. “That was a mistake, papa” she pointed out.


“He loves Cia, papa” Catalina smiled gently “He’s going to marry her and I am happy for him. He’s getting what he deserves and it is about time I worked on get something similar” she added before she placed a kiss on her father’s cheek. “Perhaps, in a couple of weeks, I could bring Jonathan over and you could get to know him” she smiled.

“Perhaps” Santiago smiled “Buenos noches, Lina” he added.

Catalina smiled and kissed his cheek again. “Buenos noches, papa” she cooed before she stepped out of the room.

Santiago watched her go before he shook his head. “But I think he still loves you” he murmured to himself before he turned back to the dishes, putting them back in the cupboard.

“How was dinner with your parents?” Jonathan chuckled as he smiled at Catalina. It was a little late, Catalina had spent longer at her parents’ house than she had hoped to, but she was glad that Jonathan was still awake for their video call. He seemed to be an expert at taking her mind off of things.

“It was Ok” Catalina replied “A lot of it seemed to be focused on Cia, and I think I preferred it that way. At least they weren’t asking me about you” she added, a small smile on her face.

“Did they ask about me?” Jonathan posed.

“A little. I told them you were a guy that I was spending time with, but veered away from the ‘b’ word” she explained.

Jonathan chuckled. “You know that I am going to be your boyfriend, don’t you?” he teased.

“Perhaps” Catalina replied “But as we sit here right now, you’re not” she added.

“A technicality” Jonathan grinned.

Catalina shook her head softly. “I don’t want to run into this, Jon” she mused softly.

Jonathan smiled. “I know that, Cat and I am happy to wait” he noted gently “Just as long as we both know that that is where we are going” he added.

Catalina smiled gently and nodded her head. “I’d like that, Jon” she noted.

Jonathan smiled back at her gently. “I am glad, Cat. I have enjoyed the last few days and think we could really have something wonderful here” he enthused, earning a small nod from Catalina. It was strange, how much she had come to like Jonathan in such a short space of time, but it was a welcome change. She had wasted years, too many years, hung up on Fernando and she wanted to start moving forwards, even if she did want to do it carefully, she knew she needed to get her head around the idea that there was no point in waiting on a man who had every intention of marrying her older sister.

“Catalina?” Jonathan quipped.

“Huh?” the blonde replied.

“I was thinking that we could go out this weekend. We could grab some dinner, catch a film, you know, go on a date” he smiled sweetly.

Catalina returned his smile and nodded eagerly. “That sounds great, Jon” she mused.

“Great, I will text you later. Buenos noches, Cat” he smiled.

Catalina smiled back at him before she stowed her phone on the end table, her blue eyes staring up at the ceiling. It felt strange, the idea of moving on, but she knew it was the right call. 8 years was a long time, too long, and now she had met Jonathan, she was more aware that she should have given up years before. She had wasted a lot of time on a man she was probably never getting back together with.
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