We Took the Fall

16: It Was Just A Cough

“You know, you look pretty spectacular right now” Jonathan mumbled as he padded up behind Catalina, his arms securely wrapping around her petite waist. It had been a couple of weeks, Alicia and Fernando’s wedding sat almost 3 weeks away, but it was the last thing on Catalina’s mind. It was still a strange idea, all that her family could talk about was the wedding, but Catalina had learned to ignore it, instead focusing on her budding relationship with Jonathan. It was moving quickly, after their first date, Catalina had held little hesitation about agreeing to be in a relationship with him, and she was pleased that she had. The two weeks that they had been dating for had been wonderful and she was thrilled with how it was going.

“I don’t quite think so” Catalina replied.

“I wasn’t saying it for debate” Jonathan replied, placing a tender kiss against her shoulder “You look really beautiful” he added, kissing the same spot again.

Catalina giggled. “For a man who is about to attend his first dinner with my parents, you’re oddly calm” she mumbled, snuggling happily into his arms.

“Why wouldn’t I be calm?” Jonathan replied softly “Your parents aren’t going to decide whether or not we stay together, that’s on you” he added, pressing a kiss against her neck.

Catalina giggled. “Well, if that’s the case, you’ll be around for a while” she teased.

“I hope so” Jonathan smiled before he dropped one last kiss against her skin. He was slightly nervous, the thought of meeting Catalina’s parents so soon was a little daunting, but he was more concerned about meeting Fernando who he knew would be in attendance. He knew about the other man, Catalina had been quick to explain the situation to him, and it made him somewhat wary. He could see the little spark in his girlfriend’s eyes when she spoke about her ex-boyfriend and he hoped the other man didn’t pose a threat. He liked where he and Catalina were.

“You ready to go, Jon?” Catalina posed as she moved away from him a little, pulling on her shoes.

Jonathan smiled. “Ready” he mused.

Catalina returned his grin and placed her arms around his neck, pulling him into a warm kiss that he was more than happy to return. “They’ll love you” she smiled before she took her his hand and moved to lead him out of the room. Jonathan followed her happily, hoping that she was right.

“You must be Jonathan” Santiago mused as he pulled the door open, his eyes studying his youngest daughter closely. He couldn’t deny it, Catalina did look happier than she had done in a while, but he still couldn’t rule out to possibility of her and Fernando changing their minds. As stubborn as they were, there was only so much pretending they could muster.

“That would be me. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr De Marcos” Jonathan smiled politely.

“Santiago” the older man replied, shaking Jonathan’s hand firmly “You two should come through. Cia and Fernando are already here and I know that your mother, Lina, is very excited to meet this one” he added with a look towards Catalina who smiled fondly at her boyfriend.

“I can’t wait to meet her either” Jonathan replied “It would be lovely to see where your daughter got the other half of her looks from” he added smoothly.

Santiago smiled. “Lina did mention that you happened to have a way with words, Jonathan” he quipped, guiding the couple into the living room.

“How else would I have gotten such a wonderful girlfriend, sir” Jonathan smiled politely “And it’s Jon, I’ve never much liked being called Jonathan” he added before he stepped ahead of Catalina and her father, his blue eyes scanning the living room. Santiago watched him for a second before he turned, offering a look to Catalina which served to inform her that he liked the younger man.

Catalina blushed gently before she stepped up to her boyfriend’s side, taking his hand. “Mama, this is Jonathan, the man I told you about” she noted, leading him a little closer to Marisol who grinned at the mere sight of him “Jon, this is my mother, Marisol, my older sister, Alicia, and…”

“Her fiancé Fernando” Jonathan finished, his eyes narrowed on the footballer who stared up at him from his spot on the couch.

Fernando frowned. He didn’t like the tone in Jonathan’s voice.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Jonathan” Marisol enthused as she stepped ahead of the younger man, taking his attention away from Fernando who shyly looked up at Catalina, his heart aching in the strange way it always did when they were in the same room together. Catalina caught his stare and ducked her head, something which made him sigh. Part of him hated that they had progressed to the point where they could barely look at one another anymore.

“So, Jon, what is it that you do for a living?” Marisol smiled as she placed a plate of food ahead of him.

“I work in a coffee shop, I’m a barista, but it’s only a temporary thing. I have a degree in business and am looking for something a little more permanent” Jonathan replied politely.

Fernando snorted a little, something which caused Alicia to nudge him in the ribs.

“Do you have an issue with that, Fernando?” Jonathan posed, his eyes narrowed on the striker.

Fernando shook his head. “It was just a cough, Jonathan” he replied, his tone just as biting at the other man’s.

“Fernando” Catalina muttered, her face a little upset.

“I was honestly coughing. I am sure that Jonathan will find a position in business somewhere” the striker returned, trying to sound earnest.

Catalina shook her head. “I knew this was a mistake” she muttered, pushing herself quietly to her feet. “Gracias, mama, papa, but I think me and Jon should go now. We will catch up soon?” she posed.

“Catalina, stay” Santiago mused “I am sure that Fernando was just coughing” he added, trying to smooth over the situation.

Catalina offered the striker a look, noting the rather blank expression he sported, before shook her head. “We will go out, me and Jon, you and mama. It will be very nice” she insisted, taking the dark haired man’s hand.

“Lina” Fernando protested gently.

“I will see you at your hen party next week, Cia” Catalina mused, not looking at the striker.

“Catalina” Fernando repeated.

“Adios” Catalina mused before she pulled Jonathan out of the room.

Alicia scoffed. “Always such a drama queen” she muttered.

“Alicia” Santiago scolded.

“What? The man coughed and she freaks out? Isn’t that the slightest bit dramatic?” she replied.

Santiago sighed before he offered a look to Fernando who had sunk back into his chair a little, a hurt expression on his face that Alicia had failed to notice. Santiago studied it for a second before he lightly shook his head, offering Fernando a small somber smile.

The striker noted it before he dropped his head, knowing that he had probably taken it a little too far.
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