We Took the Fall

49: Committed To Us

“You really didn’t have to drive me here” Catalina mused as they made the walk towards her classroom. It had gone quickly, the summer break, and whilst she was a little thrilled to be back at work, she was pretty sure she was going to miss the way things were. With 2 jobs and Fernando’s somewhat erratic training schedule, there were going to be days where they didn’t see one another and it was a slight concern for the blonde. The last time they’d drifted apart Fernando had attempt to propose and Catalina didn’t want to get back to that point again. Things were settled, they were comfortable, and Catalina didn’t see the need to change it.

“You always say that” Fernando chuckled, moving to sit on her desk.

“Well, you don’t have to do it” Catalina replied, hanging her jacket up beside the door “I can use the bus you know” she added.

“I know” Fernando replied “But I like driving you. Besides, I would be a pretty terrible boyfriend if I just left you to get the bus” he reasoned.

“I’d be fine with it” Catalina commented.

Fernando rolled his eyes and placed his hands against her hips, pulling her against him. “I like driving you” he murmured, dropping a kiss on her cheek “I like walking you in” he added, kissing the other cheek “And I like kissing you goodbye” he added before he placed a light kiss against her lips, teasing her a little before he pulled back, resting his forehead on hers. Catalina smiled softly, enjoying their embrace.

“I’m going to miss lazy mornings with you” she mumbled, closing her eyes.

“It’s not forever, Lina” Fernando pointed out “Don’t you get two weeks off or something at Christmas?” he posed.

Catalina hummed in response.

Fernando smiled gently. “As wonderful as standing here with you is, Lina, I have a couple of things to do before I go to training and I ought to get on with it. I will see you at the end of the day?” he posed, kissing her nose gently.

Catalina nodded. “If you must” she teased, offering him a small smile.

Fernando shook his head and pressed another kiss against her lips before he made his way out of the classroom, leaving Catalina to get on with her first day back at work.

“You’re running behind” Fernando teased as he rested against his car, his brown eyes amusedly watching his girlfriend. It was only a few minutes, she normally left at 4 and it was nearing quarter past, but he was still pleased to see her. As silly as it was, he had grown rather accustomed to having her around all of the time and had found it rather odd coming home to a completely empty apartment.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “I’m here, aren’t I?” she posed, adjusting her bag on her shoulder.

Fernando smiled and ducked down, gifting her a kiss. “I’m going to be really soppy right now, but I missed you today” he murmured, pecking her nose and forehead.

Catalina smiled. “I missed you too, but with Esther chirping on and a class full of kids, I didn’t have time to think about it” she noted.

Fernando returned her smile gently before he gifted her another kiss, something which made Catalina giggle. “You know, I work 5 days a week here and 4 days at the restaurant, how on earth do you plan to cope?” she teased. She found it sweet, just how attached he was to her, and she had to admit that it was the happiest she had been in a while. She adored Fernando and loved the way that he always seemed to be happy to be around her.

“I have a plan” Fernando noted, his hands gliding to her hips “But first, I want to show you something” he added.

Catalina quirked an eyebrow. “What have you done?” she posed.

Fernando smiled gently and peeled his sleeve up, showing off the dark ink that had been recently added. Catalina studied it for a second before she peeked back up at him, her jaw a little slack. “You actually did it” she whispered.

Fernando nodded his head. “I did” he murmured.

Catalina reached her hand out gently and brushed it over the film which covered the lettering. “Fernando” she whispered “You didn’t have to” she murmured, tracing the ‘t’ of her name which was now written across his arm.

Fernando smiled. “I know” he murmured “But seeing as our future is still a little way off, I thought this could be my way of showing you that I am committed to us” he enthused.

“I know that you’re committed to us” Catalina quipped.

“Well, now everyone will know it” Fernando replied.

Catalina shook her head softly before she pecked his lips, mumbling a small ‘thank you’ before she climbed into the car. Fernando followed her and grinned to himself. He had another surprise up his sleeve and he hoped Catalina appreciated it. It was his way of affirming their commitment towards one another without the formalities of marriage or children.

“Fernando, why did you take my keys?” Catalina posed, watching her boyfriend as he moved to unlock the door.

“Because it wouldn’t be a surprise if you just marched in there and I wasn’t there to see your face” the striker returned, quickly pushing the door to their apartment open.

Catalina sighed. “What’s with all the surprises?” she posed, setting her bag down.

Fernando shrugged. “I just want to make sure that we’re alright. We drifted before, and we both know how we fixed that, but I want to make it clear that just because you’re back teaching, we’re still going to be alright” he mused, reaching out for her hand.

“Fernando, I didn’t doubt that” Catalina replied, smiling at him lightly.

“I know” Fernando noted “But I just wanted to make sure. I love you, Lina, and even though we’re probably not going to see a lot of one another for a little while, I wanted to show you” he explained.

Catalina smiled and kissed his cheek. “You’re an adorable boyfriend, Nando” she mused gently before a series of small yaps made her pull away, her eyebrow cocked. “What is that?” she posed.

“That’s Gizmo” Fernando replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

“Gizmo?” Catalina posed.

“Our new dog, Gizmo” he repeated, taking her hand and leading her into the living room where, at the foot of the couch, a small Yorkshire terrier sat, his big eyes peeking up at Catalina and Fernando. “Lina, this is Gizmo” he smiled.

Catalina blinked before she knelt down, her hand rubbing the dog behind the ears. “He’s ours?” she squeaked, smiling as the small dog licked her hand.

“Absolutely” Fernando smiled “He should tide us over until we decide to have a baby” he added.

Catalina giggled and patted the dog a couple more times before she stood up, kissing her boyfriend gently. “Gracias” she whispered.

Fernando smiled and kissed her gently once more, hugging her close. He wasn’t letting go, even if they weren’t getting married, and he wanted her to know it. They were for keeps and even if they were moving along slowly, he wasn’t about to let them fall apart.
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