We Took the Fall

55: You Mean It This Time?

“Catalina, you look so beautiful” Flori grinned as she greeted her son’s girlfriend, hugging the blonde girl tightly. She had always liked her, Catalina was the sweetest girl and was easily better for Fernando than the last girl he had bought home, and she was pleased that things were starting to pan out between them. Fernando deserved to be happy, to settle down and have the little family that he’d always made it clear he wanted, and Flori could see it starting with Catalina. He’d always been smitten with her, she could still remember the way that he had smiled when he’d asked her out for the very first time, and Flori was pleased that they’d wound up together. They were adorable together and Flori could only hope that they remained that way.

“Gracias, Mrs Torres” Catalina replied softly, her cheeks a light shade of pink “It’s nice to see you again” she added, shuffling out of the hall.

“She’s still as timid as she always was then” Flori mused as she turned to Fernando, hugging him softly.

Fernando smiled. “She’s never been any different” he mused, stepping away from his mother “But I think that’s one of the reasons that I like her so much. She needs someone to bring her out of her shell and I like to think that I could do a good job of it” he explained.

Flori shook her head. “You know that you do a good job with her, mi hijo, you always have” she enthused before she took his arm, leading him into the living room where his father sat, talking to his brother. It was impromptu, Fernando’s request to have a family dinner had come at the last minute, but Flori couldn’t help but get her hopes up a little. There were only 2 reasons that Fernando would insist upon an evening with his family and either one of them would have thrilled his mother who was desperate to see him start to forge a life for himself after Alicia.

“Nando” Israel grinned, moving to greet his little brother “How are you?” he posed.

Fernando smiled, his dark eyes peeking over at Catalina who had settled on the couch beside his sister. “I am remarkably good” he commented gently before he moved towards his girlfriend, pulling her softly into his side “And I am so good for one reason. A few weeks ago, Catalina and I found out something amazing and now that we’ve past the first point, we’d thought we’d let you all in on it” he enthused, his dark eyes peeking down at his girlfriend who had turned into his side, hiding her face shyly.

“Fernando, are you trying to tell us what I think you’re trying to tell us?” Flori commented, stepping a little deeper into the room in anticipation.

Fernando nodded his head. “You’re going to be an abuela, mama” he confirmed with a little grin.

“You got her pregnant?” Jose squeaked, stepping forwards.

Fernando nodded. “I did, papa” he commented softly “And I am very happy that I did” he added, kissing the top of Catalina’s head.

The other people in the room looked at one another for a moment before Flori clapped her hands together, progressing towards them so that she could hug the pair of them. Catalina startled a little, it had been a while since anyone but Fernando or Esther had hugged her, but she knew she couldn’t turn Flori’s hug away. She was excited to be a grandmother and Catalina liked that she was. Smiling, she hugged the older woman back tightly before Fernando tugged her back into his arms, his hands happily settling on their bump. “Are you OK?” he murmured softly, smiling as his father tried to calm his mother down.

Catalina nodded her head. “I’m OK” she confirmed gently.

“So, things are moving along nicely for you and Lina then, Nando” Jose commented as he stepped into the kitchen, his eyes landing on his youngest who stood at the sink, finishing up the last of the dishes. It had been a lovely night, everyone seemed to be excited about the prospect of a new baby, and Fernando felt a little relieved. Part of him still worried that people wouldn’t approve of him and Catalina.

Fernando, who had been wiping over another plate, nodded. “They’re moving along very nicely, papa” he replied softly “Where is she by the way?” he added.

“Your mother and sister took her through to the lounge after dinner. I’d suggest that they’re showing off your baby pictures again” Jose smiled.

Fernando rolled his eyes. “Why would they want to do that? Catalina’s already seen them” he added.

Jose shrugged. “I don’t know, but your madre seems intent on making that girlfriend of yours feel welcome again” he noted.

“It means a lot to me that she does, that you all do” Fernando replied, setting down the dish cloth “She’s going to be around for a long time papa, and I don’t want there to be a problem between you and her” he explained gently.

Jose shook his head. “There’s no problem as long as she makes you happy, Fernando” he replied “You thought the world of Alicia when you bought her here and that ended in tears. I’d hate the same to happen between you and Catalina, especially now that there is going to be a baby involved” he explained softly. He knew that Fernando loved the blonde, it was all over his face, but he wanted to offer a word of caution. He had thought he had been in love with Alicia before Catalina had come back into his life and he didn’t want his son getting hurt again, or hurting anyone else for that matter.

Fernando nodded his head. “I understand, papa, but this is nothing like me and Cia. I can’t describe to you the things I feel when I look at Catalina, it’s like things finally make sense, and now that I know she’s carrying my child, it only makes me more sure of the fact that I want to be with her. Papa…” he paused for a moment as he stepped towards the kitchen table, picking up his jacket which sat over the back of one of the chairs “Papa, I want to spend my life with her” he breathed as he pulled the small velvet box out of his pocket. He’d been carrying it for a while, even before he knew that Catalina was pregnant, and he was merely waiting for the right moment. He wanted her to be sure when he asked her.

Jose looked at the box in Fernando’s hand before he peeked back up at his son. “You mean it this time?” he posed “It’s not like Cia?” he added.

Fernando grinned. “I mean it, papa” he confirmed.
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