We Took the Fall

58: No Damage Done

“Lina?” Fernando’s voice was timid as he stepped carefully into their bedroom, his brown eyes landing on the blonde who was curled up on her side of the bed, the covers hanging loosely over her. He’d given her time, after she had stormed away from him at the reception, he had opted to give her a couple of hours to calm down, but he knew that they needed to talk. To his mind, his actions had been justified, Jonathan had been saying thing which were completely unjustified and Fernando had needed to make him stop talking, but he doubted that Catalina would see it the same way he did.

Catalina shifted a little beneath the covers, but didn’t roll over, causing her fiancé to sigh. “Lina, I am sorry” he protested gently “I tried to be the bigger the man, I really did, but he started…”

“I don’t care what he started” Catalina mumbled, cutting him off “I don’t care what he said about me, you promised me that you could keep it under wraps” she added, still not turning to look at him. She didn’t want to yell at him, she knew he was only doing what he thought had been right, but she was still mortified. He had promised that he would let it go, that he could be the bigger man, and throwing a punch at Jonathan had made her look like a fool.

Fernando sighed gently and sat down on the side of bed. “I am sorry, Lina” he mused gently “He just got to me” he admitted gently.

Catalina scoffed, moving to lay on her back. “What could he possibly have said to you, Nando?” she posed softly “What horrid sentence did he use that made you lash out like that? Do you have any idea how much you embarrassed me?” she squeaked, a few tears appearing in her blue eyes.

Fernando shook his head. “It was never my intention, amor” he insisted gently.

“Whether it was your intention or not, Fernando, you still punched the guy on my best friend’s wedding day, upstaging Esther and Alex and putting me under a spotlight I hoped to avoid for a little while. I don’t know what he said, Nando, but I assure you, whatever it was was designed purely to get under your skin. He wanted to antagonize you, Nando, he wanted you to lash out and you fell for it. You did exactly what he wanted you to do” she explained gently, shaking her head.

She hadn’t spoken to Jonathan, since Esther had told her that Jonathan was going to be Alex’s best man, she had made sure to steer clear of the other man, but she couldn’t pretend to be surprised. Jonathan had never struck her as spiteful, but she wasn’t entirely surprised by the idea that he had wanted to get under Fernando’s skin. Their breakup had hardly been amicable and Jonathan probably wasn’t the biggest fan of the fact that his ex-girlfriend had moved on and was seemingly going from strength to strength with her new boyfriend.

Fernando sighed as he moved to lay down, his dark eyes staring up at the ceiling. “He said that I was only marrying you because you’re pregnant” he mumbled.

Catalina shook her head. “He wanted to rile you up, Nando” she repeated gently.

“I know he did” he admitted gently “And I hate that I let him get the best of me. When the dust settles, I will do my best to make it up to Esther and Alex and apologize for causing a scene” he mused.

Catalina nodded her head softly. “I’d appreciate that” she mused softly.

“I will make it up to you too” Fernando commented as he turned onto his side.

Catalina shook her head. “You don’t have to make it up to me” she murmured, her fingertips gently brushing the ginger-blonde hair away from his forehead “In a way, you were protecting me” she added.

“And in another way, I was an embarrassing idiot” Fernando added, quirking a weak smile.

“Well, yeah” Catalina teased softly “But you’re my embarrassing idiot. The father of my baby, the man I want to marry” she enthused, her hand resting on his cheek gently. She was mad at him, what he had done at the reception was embarrassing and had drawn attention to them on a day that was supposed to be about Alex and Esther, but underneath it all, he had been sticking up for her. He didn’t like what Jonathan had said and although his reaction had perhaps been excessive, the sentiment behind it was one that Catalina couldn’t help but be little swayed by.

“You still want to marry me?” Fernando posed as he placed a hand on her hip, pulling her a little closer.

Catalina smiled. “You made a mistake, Nando” she murmured.

“I embarrassed you” he returned.

Catalina shrugged. “Esther’s not all that surprised and Alex had money riding on the fact you’d punch him. It will blow over in a few days and it will be fine. No major damage done” she insisted as she placed a kiss on his forehead.

Fernando let out a small breath of relief before he snuggled closer to her, his hand gently resting on her bump. “I really am sorry, Lina” he murmured softly “I let him best me and I am sorry” he added.

Catalina smiled softly and kissed his head again, mumbling that it was alright. She knew that he didn’t mean it, Jonathan had gone out of his way to wind the striker up to illicit the reaction from him, and whilst she was slightly mad, she was pretty sure she would get over it. What they had going on between them was a good thing and she didn’t want to mess it up on the basis of a fight that she was pretty confident that Jonathan had started. Brushing her fingertips through his hair and lowered her face and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I know you’re sorry” she murmured gently “And I accept your apology” she mumbled between light kisses.

“I still want to make it up to you” Fernando protested.

Catalina shook her head and pressed another kiss to his lips, insisting that it wasn’t necessary.
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