We Took the Fall

63: Congratulations

“I still can’t quite believe you have one of these” Esther grinned as she rocked Felix slowly in her arms, smiling a little at the baby boy slowly closed his eyes, drifting off quietly. It had been quick, Catalina’s labour had only lasted a few hours before Felix had arrived, but Esther still couldn’t quite wrap her head around the idea that her best friend was a mother. To her mind, Catalina was still the timid girl she had been before Fernando had breezed back into her life and it felt quite odd that Felix was with them.

Catalina, who had been packing her bag, smiled. “I can’t either” she confessed gently.

Esther smiled softly at her best friend before she turned her eyes down to Felix, admiring him for a second. “He looks like his papa” she mused “I mean, he’s still in that crinkly phase, but I bet when he grows up, he’ll look like blondie” she grinned.

“He’s two hours old” Catalina smiled, wrapping her jacket around her shoulders “How could you possibly know what he’s going to look like?” she added.

“If I were in your shoes, I’d want him to look like his papa” Esther teased “I mean, you’re very pretty, but blondie…”

“You’re a married woman, Esther” Catalina interrupted, offering her friend a wide grin.

Esther shrugged a little before Felix let out a small whimper, causing Catalina to lean down, wrapping the tiny baby up in his blanket. “Someone wants his nappy changed, doesn’t he?” she murmured, her hand gently rubbing the crying baby’s back.

Esther watched her closely and smiled, a little proud of her friend. It had been a long shot, Catalina had spent years waiting on Fernando when there was little to no chance of him making his way back to Madrid, but as Esther watched her best friend, she couldn’t help but be a little amazed. Fernando had done wonders for her, culminating in the birth of their beautiful baby son, and Esther was thrilled. Catalina deserved to be happy. “You’re a natural” she enthused softly.

Catalina shrugged. “I think I have a way to go, but at least he doesn’t scream when I hold him” she enthused, smiling down at Felix.

Esther smiled at her friend before she noticed the door to her room opening, allowing Fernando to step back inside. “I’m going to head off” Esther mused “But I will be over at yours first thing tomorrow. I am going to spend a whole load of time with my beautiful new godson” she grinned.

Catalina nodded. “I wouldn’t have it any other way” she enthused “Esther, thank you” she added.

Esther waved a hand before she pulled Catalina into a hug. “Congrats, Cat” she grinned before she excused herself from the room, allowing Fernando to step towards her.

“My parents are back home” he mused as he perched on the end of the bed, watching as Catalina moved to place Felix into his car seat.

“I bet they can’t wait” Catalina mused “I’m a little surprised that they haven’t stormed the door here” she added softly.

“They thought about it, but when I told them that Esther and Alex were here, they didn’t want to overwhelm you. You’ve had quite the day” he smiled gently.

Catalina nodded. “My madre visited our home earlier” she mused, peeking up at him shyly. It wasn’t relevant, Marisol’s visit was likely to have been a one off, but still Catalina wanted to tell him about it. The last thing she wanted was for her mother to confront him about her refusal to give her what she wanted.

“She did?” Fernando posed as he lifted Felix’s car seat, settling it beside him.

“She wanted money. Apparently, it is my fault that my father left her and that Alicia’s boyfriend thinks she’s nothing more than a money grabbing witch” Catalina mumbled.

Fernando sighed and reached his hand out, catching hers. “Querida” he murmured.

“I know” Catalina mumbled “I know I shouldn’t let her get at me, but I just wonder what it is that made her dislike me so much” she noted.

Fernando gently pushed himself to his feet and placed his arms around her, hugging her gently. “You didn’t do a thing” he assured her, his hand gently brushing up and down her back “You were always the same, sweet, loving, kind, and if your mama can’t see that, then more fool her. She’s going to miss out on a wedding, on seeing her little girl get married, but most of all, she’s going to miss out on an adorable little grandson. She’s not worth getting upset about, Catalina” he murmured, kissing her cheek gently.

Catalina leant into his embrace, her eyes squeezed closed.

Fernando offered her a tight squeeze before Felix let out a small noise, causing him to turn back to the baby, cooing at him gently.

Catalina smiled. “You’re amazing with him” she mused, moving to lift her bag up from the floor.

Fernando shrugged. “Practice I guess. Sergio let me look after Junior all by myself” he enthused teasingly.

Catalina giggled. “Can you quite believe we have him?” she murmured, her blue eyes peeking down at Felix who had quietly fallen back to sleep.

“No” Fernando replied “But a year ago, I didn’t quiet think I would have you either, so I figure I can probably get used to it” he noted.

Catalina shook her head. “So cheesy” she mumbled before she lifted Felix’s car seat into her hand.

“You still love me for it” Fernando enthused, taking her bag off of her shoulder.

Catalina nodded her head. “I do” she enthused.

Fernando smiled at her and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Congratulations on becoming a madre, Lina” he murmured softly.

“Congrats to you too” Catalina replied.

Fernando offered her a fond smile before he looked down at their son. It had been a good day, Felix’s arrival had made both of his parents more than happy, but Fernando couldn’t shake the notion that there were more bumps in the road ahead of them, most namely Catalina’s mother who Fernando doubted would give up without a fight.