We Took the Fall

64: The Three of Us

Blinking slightly, Fernando tossed onto his side, his eyes peeking groggily at the clock which sat on the end table. He knew that it was late, after her and Catalina had gotten home, they’d spent hours with his parents who’d insisted on cooing over the new addition before they’d departed, allowing them to retire to bed, but he wasn’t surprised to be awake again, not with Felix around. It still felt a little strange, the idea that he and Catalina now had a son, but he was confident that it was something he could grow used to. He already adored Felix and the little boy was only a few hours old.

Pushing a hand through his hair, he spared a yawn into the other hand before he pushed himself to sit up, his dark eyes peeking at Catalina who was contently curled up against her pillow. Sparing a small smile, he pressed a kiss to her head before he carefully pushed himself to his feet, quietly padding into the nursery which he had spent his time creating. Ensuring that he closed the door quietly behind him, he carefully padded towards the crib, smiling a little at the sight of Felix who whimpered softly. “Hola, little one” he murmured softly “It’s OK. Papa is here” he added gently as he leant down, carefully wrapping him in the blanket that Catalina had left draped over the edge of the crib.

Felix whimpered a little before he let out a small cry, something which made Fernando shush him softly. “It’s alright, Felix” he murmured.

“He’s probably hungry”

Fernando, who’d been murmuring to Felix softly, lifted his head, his dark eyes peeking up at Catalina who rested in the door way, a sleepy smile on her face. “I thought you’d still be in bed” he noted gently “You did give birth less than 24 hours ago” he added with a half-smile.

“I did” Catalina confirmed “But I could hear him over the monitor and I wanted to make sure that he’s OK” she added as she stepped into the room a little more, taking a seat in the chair which had been placed beside the crib.

Fernando watched her for a moment before he padded towards her, carefully settling the newborn into her arms before he moved to sit down ahead of her.

“You can go back to bed if you want to” Catalina murmured softly as she moved to feed Felix “I should be back pretty soon” she added.

“I’m OK” Fernando mused.

Catalina offered him a slightly dubious look before she flicked her attention to Felix, smiling at him softly.

“Have I had the chance to thank you yet?” Fernando posed after a few seconds of quiet.

“Thank me?” Catalina quipped “You’re as responsible for him being here as I am. You have absolutely nothing to thank me for” she insisted.

“You’ve given up a lot for this” Fernando countered softly, his hand pushing back through his blonde hair.

“And I have gotten a lot from it too” Catalina noted gently, a small smile on her face “Nando, I am happy and right now, that’s all I want to focus on” she added gently. She knew what he was getting at, with his parents around, they’d not had a chance to really discuss what her mother having visited meant, but she didn’t want to talk about it. For a little while, she merely wanted to focus on them and on the fact that they were new parents.

Fernando offered her a slightly dubious look before Felix let out a small sound, pulling his parents’ attention back to him. “I can’t quite believe we have one of these” Fernando mused softly, a small smile playing on his face.

“It does seem a little odd” Catalina agreed gently “But he’s so…”

“Perfect” Fernando finished for her, offering her a wide smile.

Catalina nodded gently before she ducked down, pressing a soft kiss to the top of Felix’s head as he snuggled into her arms.

Fernando watched the two of them for a second before he carefully pushed himself to his feet, moving to collect Felix before he carefully patted his back, preparing to place him back in his crib once more.

“Buenos noches, Felix” Catalina mumbled as she padded up beside Fernando.

“Dulces sueños” Fernando contributed softly before he ducked down, pressing a kiss to the top of the baby’s head.

Felix stirred a little before he settled down, cooing softly in his sleep.

“We should get out of here” Fernando noted softly “You look like you’re dead on your feet” he added, his hand taking Catalina’s.

“I could easily sleep for 2 days” Catalina quipped as she followed after him.

Fernando smiled a little as he guided her into their bedroom, helping her to settle into their bed before he padded to his own side, his arm wrapping tentatively around her waist. “You did amazingly well today” he mumbled as he pressed a soft kiss to her shoulder blade “I am sorry I wasn’t there to help you” he added gently.

“It doesn’t matter” Catalina countered, her voice muffled by a soft yawn “He’s here, and he’s fine, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?” she posed, peeking over her shoulder at him.

Fernando nodded softly. “It is” he confirmed gently.

Catalina offered him a soft smile before she turned over, pressing a light kiss against his lips. “Buenos noches, mi amor” she mused gently before moved gingerly onto her side, cuddling a little closer to her pillow.

Fernando watched her for a moment, admiring her, before he offered her a soft and tentative squeeze. He knew that it wasn’t going to be straight forwards, chances were that Marisol would appear again, as well as Catalina’s sister or father who would like cause a problem for the two of them, but he didn’t want to worry just then about something he couldn’t predict. For a little while, he wanted to focus on him and Catalina and their newborn son. He knew that it would take a little getting used to, having Felix around was going to be a little odd for a little while, but he wanted to enjoy it. he wanted to enjoy the idea that his small family had just gotten a little bigger.