We Took the Fall

65: I’m Proud of You

“I still can’t quite believe that you have one of these, Cat” Esther teased as she peeked over at Catalina, her arms gently swaying Felix who stared up at her, a small pout on his face. It was a little odd, only a few months previous, Catalina had been single and had showed little sign of changing, but still Esther was happy for her, even if it was a little strange to have Felix around, she doubted that she had seen her friend happier in a long time.

Catalina, who was sat across from her friend reading a book, smiled a little. “It is a little strange” she commented gently “But it is a feeling you will know soon enough. You and Alex must be thinking of babies, no?” she teased.

Esther snorted. “He’s lucky I agreed to marry him when did” she quipped.

Catalina giggled. “I am sure you’d make a wonderful madre, Esther” she enthused “And just think, if you had a girl, we could set her and Felix up” she teased.

Esther rolled her eyes a little before Felix made a small noise, pulling his mother’s attention to him.

“I think someone would like his madre” Esther smiled, carefully pushing herself to her feet.

“He’s a little fussy” Catalina noted “You should have seen his face when Fernando’s father held him for the first time. I thought he was going to burst into tears” she mused as she carefully wrapped her arms around Felix, holding him gently.

Esther offered her a small quirked smile before she rested back in her seat, smiling a little at the sight of her friend and the little boy who sat in her arms. It was going to take a little getting used to, the idea that Catalina was a mother was going to be a little for a while, but Esther had no doubt that she would handle it. Catalina was easily the strongest and most resilient person she knew and she had little doubt that she would be a wonderful mother.

“Did you come over just to stare, Esther?” Catalina teased.

Esther rolled her eyes. “Excuse me for wanting to see how you’re doing” she quipped sarcastically.

Catalina offered her a slightly sarcastic smile.

“I figured you’d be bored with Blondie having headed back to training so I figured I could keep you company. I also bought you these” Esther mused as she leant towards her bag, collecting a few magazines that made Catalina roll her eyes. “You have to start some time” Esther grinned.

“I’ve only just given birth, Esther” Catalina quipped.

“I know” Esther noted “And I am not suggesting that we start making concrete plans, I’d hate to push you into it, but I don’t see the harm in discussing it. You and blondie do plan on getting married at some point, don’t you?” she quipped. She knew that Catalina had a point, she had only given birth a few days previous, but Esther knew it was something that Catalina was looking forwards to, even if she hadn’t said it. The idea of planning a wedding was one that Catalina had been looking forwards to for years.

“We do” Catalina noted, her fingertips gently smoothing out the few tufts of hair on Felix’s head “But it’s not something we’ve talked a lot about. We’ve been pretty focused on him” she added with a soft smile towards Felix.

Esther shook her head. “I can’t believe that you’re a madre, Cat” she teased softly “It seems like only yesterday that you were telling me that you weren’t in love with Blondie, and now the two of you…I’m so happy for you, Cat” she babbled softly.

“You’ve been a pretty big help, Esther” Catalina mused “I don’t know what I would have done without you” she added.

Esther smiled gently before the sound of the front door opening and closing caught her attention, causing her to smile as Fernando padded into the room. “Esther” he greeted “I am starting to think you’re here more than I am” he teased, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Esther scoffed. “My husband thinks the same thing of your fiancée” she teased.

Fernando smiled at her warmly before he padded towards Catalina, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. “Hola” he murmured softly.

“Hola” Catalina smiled “You’re back early” she added.

Fernando nodded. “I didn’t want to hang around” he mumbled “As silly as it sounds, I missed the two of you” he added gently.

Catalina offered him a soft smile before Felix stretched his little hand up, resting it gently against his mother’s chin. “I think someone wants a nap” she murmured softly.

“I can take him” Fernando noted.

“Are you sure?” Catalina posed.

Fernando smiled. “I’ve got this, Lina” he noted softly “Besides, I am starting to get the feeling that Esther wants to talk weddings and that’s more your area of expertise than mine” he teased with a look towards Esther.

“It wouldn’t hurt to get a time scale” the other woman teased.

Catalina rolled her eyes a little before she carefully settled Felix into Fernando’s arms, allowing him to pad away.

Esther watched Fernando pad away before she flicked her attention to Catalina, offering her a warm smile. “You’re a lucky woman” she enthused, earning a soft blush on Catalina’s cheeks.

“You don’t have to tell me” she mumbled softly.

Esther smiled warmly before she moved to collect the batch of magazines from the side, handing one to Catalina who eyed it, a small amused smile on her face. “I thought you hated wedding planning?” she teased.

“I hated planning my wedding” Esther quipped “But planning yours, it will be different. Besides, your wedding does not involve my mother” she added.

Catalina giggled. “She is a nightmare” she quipped.

Esther rolled her eyes. “You have no idea” she mused.

Catalina offered her a warm smile before she flicked her attention towards the magazine that sat in her lap, flicking through a few pages before she pulled it a little closer, scanning one of the pictures which was on the page.

Esther watched her for a moment before she smiled. It had taken a while, for as long as Esther had known Catalina, she had always been a little quiet and a little distant, but she was pleased to see her so happy and content, even if it had taken a long time to get there, Esther was proud of the way that things had panned out for Catalina.
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