We Took the Fall

68: The Best Thing For You

“Are you sure that you don’t mind watching him?” Catalina quipped as she moved to collect her jacket, her eyes peeking at Esther who sat on the couch, cooing softly to Felix who rested in her arms, his blue eyes blinking sleepily. It had been a little while, after her father’s visit, almost a month had past, and after a few phone calls and the odd meeting for coffee, she had agreed to head out to dinner with him, wanting to meet the woman he was so smitten by.

It was an odd notion, even though she and her mother weren’t on the best of terms, it was a little strange to think about her father dating another woman, but she knew it meant a lot to him, that Julia meant a lot to him. Whenever the topic of his girlfriend arose in conversation, he lit up and Catalina had to admit that it was sweet, even if it was a little unfamiliar.

“You’re going to be gone for what, two hours?” Esther posed “I think we can handle that, can’t we, Felix?” she cooed.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “You know you how to get a hold of us?” she posed, pulling her jacket around her shoulders.

“I do” Esther confirmed “But I am sure that we’ll be fine” she added, sparing her friend a soft smile.

Catalina offered her a slightly uncertain look before Fernando padded into the room, his car keys in his hand. “Are we ready to go?” he posed.

Catalina nodded before she padded towards Esther, pressing a kiss to the top of Felix’s head. “Buenos noches, little one” she murmured softly “I love you” she added, carefully smoothing out the tufts of blonde hair which had started to appear on his head.

Esther offered her a soft smile before Fernando stepped up beside her, placing his hand in hers. “We need to get going” he noted gently.

“We do” Catalina agreed “Esther…”

“If I need you, I will call” Esther smiled “But you should enjoy the couple of hours off. This is the first time you two have gone out as a couple since he came along, no?” she quipped.

“It is” Catalina confirmed.

“Then enjoy it” Esther mused.

Catalina offered her a slight eye roll before Fernando tugged on her hand, signaling that they needed to get moving.

“Have fun” Esther teased.

“You’re late” Santiago teased as he pushed himself up out of his seat, moving to greet his daughter with a hug.

“That was Lina’s fault” Fernando quipped, earning a small glare from his girlfriend which made him smirk to himself.

“I am just glad the two of you are here” Santiago smiled “Julia is very excited to meet you” he added as he moved to sit down.

“I am excited to meet her” Catalina smiled.

Santiago offered her a slightly bashful grin before he turned his head, watching as a pretty brunette padded towards the table, greeting him with a soft kiss on the cheek. “Catalina, Fernando, this is Julia” Santiago beamed as he placed an arm around her “Julia, this is my youngest daughter, Catalina, and her fiancé, Fernando” he added.

Julia smiled softly. “Your padre talks about you a lot, Catalina” she mused “It is nice to put a face to the name” she added.

Catalina nodded. “Likewise” she quipped “My padre has told me some wonderful things about you” she added warmly.

Julia’s cheeks turned a soft shade of pink, something which made Catalina smile a little. She could already see why her father was so smitten with the woman who sat beside him.

“So, you two are engaged?” Julia mused as she swirled the last of her drink around in her glass, her eyes peeking towards Catalina and Fernando who were talking quietly amongst themselves. It had been a pleasant evening, even despite the few reservations that Catalina had had about meeting her father’s new girlfriend, and she was pleased by how well it had gone. Julia seemed like a wonderful woman and Catalina was glad that her father had found someone who could make him happy.

“We are” Fernando confirmed.

“My daughter got married a few months ago” Julia mused “She and her husband had quite a large day, but it was beautiful, even if it did take a lot of work to perfect. Have you two come up with much?” she posed softly.

Catalina shook her head. “Not yet” she quipped “We’ve not even come up with a date yet” she quipped with a small look towards Fernando. It wasn’t something they’d talked a lot about, even after Esther’s attempt to start making plans, they’d barely discussed it, but Catalina was sure that they’d get around to it, even if it did take them a little while, she was sure they’d come up with something eventually.

“We’d like to have something small” Fernando enthused “Only a few guests, direct family, close friends” he added.

“It sounds lovely” Julia enthused softly “I am sure you will come up with the best thing for the two of you” she added before Santiago padded towards them, Julia’s jacket in his hands.

“We’re going to head home” he noted “I am glad that we did this, Cat” he enthused softly.

“I am too, papa” Catalina smiled “It was nice to meet you, Julia” she added.

“It was nice to meet the two of you too” the older woman replied before she took Santiago’s hand, leading him away from the table.

“She was nice” Fernando quipped as he stood up, wrapping Catalina’s jacket around her shoulders.

“She was” Catalina confirmed “And my padre seems happy, which is nice to see” she added.

Fernando nodded his head before he took her hand. “You ready to get out of here?” he posed gently.

Catalina nodded her head. “As nice as this was, I do want to get home” she noted as he led her towards the exit, directing her towards his car.

Fernando nodded. “I noticed you kept checking phone” he teased, moving to pull her a little closer.

Catalina rolled her eyes a little before she leant up, pressing a soft kiss against his lips, one he was more than happy to return. “The season is over pretty soon” he mumbled as he pulled back slightly, leaning his forehead on hers “We could make a start on planning then” he added.

“That sounds like a plan” Catalina mused softly.

Fernando offered her a small smile before he gently moved to pull away, unlocking the car. They weren’t in a hurry, not particularly, but Fernando did want to start making plans, even if was a slow process. He wanted to take the next step forwards with Catalina.
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