We Took the Fall

72: It’s Their Loss

“So, how was your vacation?” Esther grinned as she slipped into the seat opposite Catalina, her eyes fixed on the blonde who messed with the spoon which stuck out of her mug of tea. It had been a while, with Fernando having been on vacation for a few weeks, Catalina had been preoccupied with spending time with him and Felix, but thanks to the forward’s insistence that he and Felix needed a little time to themselves, Catalina had opted to call Esther, something the other woman was more than happy about.

She was happy for her friend, since Felix had made his first appearance, she and Fernando had appeared more loved up than ever, but she was glad to hear from her. Just because they were both in serious relationships didn’t mean that they couldn’t make time for one another.

“It was lovely” Catalina mused, a soft smile on her face “I spent a week in the sun with my two favourite guys, I can’t think of anything more wonderful” she enthused brightly.

Esther admired the grin on her friend’s face before she shook her head. “You’re really into this guy, aren’t you?” she teased.

Catalina offered her an impish smile before she shrugged. “Just a little bit” she played along.

Esther shook her head. “I’m happy for you, Cat” she enthused “After all you went through with your madre and your sister, you deserve to be happy and I am glad that you and blondie are doing so well, even if you are taking an age when it comes to wedding planning” she teased.

It was a running theme, whenever Esther and Catalina were alone together, Esther would tease Catalina about wedding planning, but if she was honest, she was almost glad that she was taking her time. Things were good, since Felix had come along, both Fernando and Catalina had looked more loved up and happy, and Esther merely wanted to see it last, even if it did mean holding off on wedding planning, she simply wanted her friend to be happy for as long as she could be.

Catalina quirked an amused smile. “I actually have a little news on that front” she quipped softly.

Esther lifted an eyebrow. “You do?” she posed.

“I do” Catalina confirmed “Whilst me and Fernando were away, we did a little talking and…”

“You eloped didn’t you?” Esther interjected, a slightly pained expression on her face. She knew that it wasn’t a big deal, as long as Fernando and Catalina ended up together, the how wasn’t important, but still the idea that her friend could have gotten married without her stung. They were close, for as long as Esther could remember, she and Catalina had been friends, and she didn’t like the idea of not being there when Catalina got married, especially after Catalina had helped her to plan her own day.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “You really think I could do that to you?” she quipped.

“I wouldn’t put it past you” Esther noted.

Catalina shook her head. “We didn’t elope, Esther” she noted softly “Though, Fernando did suggest it” she quipped, a teasing smile on her face.

Esther offered her a mock glare, something which made Catalina giggle a little. “Esther, I want you there” she insisted softly “I want you, Alex, my papa and Fernando’s family there. We talked about eloping, but only to say that we couldn’t do it” she added.

Esther offered her a slightly dubious look before she nodded. “You have news?” she posed.

“I do” Catalina smiled “We kind of picked a date” she revealed.

“You did?” she pressed.

“December 31st this year” Catalina mused with a small grin. It felt a little surreal, the idea that she and Fernando had selected a wedding date, but it was a good feeling. With a date picked out, the idea that she was getting married felt a little more real and it was something which excited Catalina, even if it did make her a little nervous that something could go wrong, she was looking forwards to the day that she and Fernando got married.

Esther blinked. “As in five months from now?” she posed.

Catalina nodded. “I was sort of hoping that you’d want to be my maid of honor” she mused.

Esther offered her a smirk. “You have other options?” she teased.

“I am sure that I can find someone else if you’re busy” Catalina shrugged “But I guess it would be kind of great if it was you” she grinned playfully.

Esther rolled her eyes before she nodded, flashing Catalina a warm grin. “I’d love to be your maid of honor, Cat” she mused brightly “And I can guarantee that my husband will not hit anyone at your wedding like your boyfriend did at mine” she grinned.

Catalina shook her head, but smiled nevertheless, glad that Esther was going to help out.

“How was coffee with Esther?”

Catalina, who’d just pushed the front door closed, startled a little, her blue eyes peeking towards Fernando who stood in the door way, Felix in his arms. “It was fine” she noted “It was nice to catch up with her. How was your day with Felix?” she posed as she stepped towards him, pressing a kiss to the top of the infant’s head.

Fernando smiled. “We had a good time” he enthused “We went for a walk in the park before he took a nap and now I’m just getting him ready to have something to eat” he mused, gently shifting the little boy.

“I’d hate to intrude” Catalina mused, gently brushing her fingertips through Felix’s hair.

“I don’t think we’d mind” Fernando smiled “If anything, he’s been a little fussy without you around” he added.

Catalina offered him a small smile before she followed him back towards the living room, gently collecting Felix from his arms. “How did Esther take the news that we’d picked a date?” Fernando posed as he sat beside her, gently placing Felix’s bottle into her hand.

“She was excited” Catalina mused, her eyes not moving away from Felix who happily suckled on the bottle “She was worried for a moment that we’d eloped, but after I had explained that it wasn’t on our radar, she calmed down. She’s remarkably excited about the prospect of wedding planning with me and your madre” she mused.

Fernando, who was contently watching Catalina and Felix, nodded. “Are you Ok with that? With my madre helping instead of…” he trailed off, a soft expression on his face. He knew that it was a sore point, despite the fact that they didn’t talk about it, he knew that the idea that her own mother and her sister were likely to avoid their wedding stung, and he wanted to ensure that she was alright. The last thing he wanted was for her to go along with something just because she felt as though she had to.

Catalina thought for a second, mulling over his words, before she nodded, sparing him a small smile. “It’s their loss” she noted softly “If my mama and sister can’t bring themselves to be happy for me, for us, then I don’t want them around. I’ve got my papa and his girlfriend, I’ve got Esther and your parents, and that’s all I need. I don’t want this to become about her, Nando” she murmured gently.

Fernando offered her a slightly uncertain look before he nodded, quirking a soft smile. “I am going to make our day as special as I can, you know that?” he posed gently.

Catalina nodded. “I do” she mused “And already, I can’t wait” she enthused before she ducked forwards, kissing him gently.

Fernando held her close for a second, enjoying the kiss before he ducked back, offering her a little smile. He knew that she wouldn’t want him meddling, after the way things had transpired between her and her mother and sister, the last person they would have wanted to see was him, but part of him wanted to at least try to build bridges. If things went their way, then Catalina was only going to get one wedding day and he wanted to at least attempt to ensure that she shared it with all of her friends and family.
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