We Took the Fall

74: Better Off Without You

Staring at the house which stood a little away from them, Catalina took in a breath, her stomach turning a little at the thought of seeing her mother again. It had been a while, since Marisol had visited just before Felix had arrived, Catalina hadn’t seen or heard from her mother, but she knew that Fernando had a point, even if the idea of speaking to her mother did unsettle her, it beat knowing that she hadn’t even tried to make amends before she and Fernando got married.

She knew that it wasn’t likely to be pleasant, from what Santiago had told her, Marisol had only gotten bitterer since their divorce had been finalized, but still Catalina wanted to make an attempt, even if it was likely to be futile. She wanted to be able to say that she had at least tried.

“You’re still OK to do this?” Fernando posed as he moved to stand beside Catalina, his hand gently taking hers.

Catalina nodded. “You were right the other day” she mused softly “If all goes to plan, I am only going to get one wedding day and I want to at least try and convince my mother to be there, even if she does turn us down. I don’t want to be accused of being petty or selfish” she insisted.

Fernando shook his head softly before he moved to press a kiss to her temple. “You’re neither of those things” he mumbled reassuringly “You’re sweet and kind, and if you madre has a problem with that then we can go. I just want to know that we tried” he added gently.

Catalina flashed him a small smile before she tugged on his hand, carefully leading him up the path towards her childhood home. Swallowing a little, she eyed the door for a moment before she tapped on it, waiting a few seconds before Marisol pulled it open, her eyes widening a little at the sight of her youngest daughter. “Catalina” she breathed.

“Hola, mama” Catalina breathed softly.

“What are…why are you two here?” Marisol posed, her eyes offering a small glance towards Fernando who stood beside his girlfriend.

“We came to talk to you, mama” Catalina quipped, pulling her mother’s attention back towards her “Do you think we could come inside?” she added, a slightly hopeful look on her face.

Marisol eyed the couple for a moment before she nodded, carefully edging out of the doorway.

Catalina offered her a small smile before she led Fernando into the house, padding towards the living room where the two of them sat down, watching as Marisol sat opposite them. It felt tense, from the second she had seen her mother, a lump had formed in Catalina’s throat, but she knew that it was something she had to do, even if it was likely to be a waste of time. She wanted to at least try. “How are you, mama?” she posed softly.

Marisol shook her head. “Don’t bother with the pleasantries, Catalina” she quipped.

Catalina sighed. “Mama” she complained gently “I just want to talk to you. I’d like for you and I to make some kind of amends” she added.

Marisol snorted, something which made Fernando shake his head. “Mrs De Marcos…”

“That’s not my name anymore” Marisol cut in, a sharp expression on her face “Since my husband decided to leave me, I am now Ms. Lopes” she added.

“Ms. Lopes” Fernando corrected softly “Your daughter and I are in the midst of planning a wedding and I know it would mean a lot to Catalina if you…”

“You think I want anything to do with your wedding day?” Marisol cut in.

“I was hoping you’d at least consider it” Catalina noted “Mama, I am going to be married in a few months and it would mean a lot to me if you were there when the day comes. If things go right, then Fernando and I are…”

“I will not be going, Catalina” Marisol interjected, cutting off Catalina who’s face fell a little.


“I don’t like him, Catalina” Marisol noted, her eyes glancing briefly towards Fernando “I don’t like the way he treated your sister or the way he jumped straight into bed with you as soon as he and Alicia broke up and I am not going to watch you marry him, Catalina. I have no interest in it” she added, her tone even and calm.

Catalina, who was listening to her mother, blinked a couple of times, trying to stave off the tears which had appeared. “Mama” she murmured softly “This is my wedding day we are talking about” she added softly.

“I am aware of that” Marisol quipped “But I am not going to be in attendance if this is the man you’re marrying” she added, her nose wrinkling slightly.

“Ms. Lopes” Fernando protested “This is your daughter’s wedding day. Are you really going to skip out on it just because of me?” he noted.

“You did a lot of damage, Fernando” Marisol quipped.

Fernando scoffed. “Your eldest daughter was the one who cheated on me” he spat.

“Fernando” Catalina warned.

Marisol shook her head. “You’re the worst thing that has happened to my family, Fernando” she spat “If not for you, things would have stayed the same. Catalina would have found someone else, Alicia too, and my husband and I would still be married. You showing up here is the worst thing that could have happened and I am not interested in making amends with Catalina whilst she insists upon dating you” she hissed.

Fernando mulled over her words for a moment before he shook his head. “I really thought that you would want to make amends” he noted as he pushed himself to his feet “I know that I messed up, I did hurt Alicia even if she hurt me too, and I am sorry for that, but I am not going to make apologies for being in love with Catalina. Your daughter is the best thing that has happened to me and I am sorry that you can’t see that” he insisted softly, his eyes glancing towards Catalina who spared him a watery smile.

Marisol shook her head. “You two deserve one another” she muttered.

Catalina, who’d moved to stand beside Fernando, shook her head. “I know I am not likely to change your mind, mama” she noted softly “But if you do, I’d love it if you could put aside your feelings and be there for me when the day comes. You’re my madre, no matter what, and I’d love it if you could, for one day at least, be there for me” she insisted softly before she moved to take Fernando’s hand, tugging him out of the room.

Marisol watched the couple go before she shook her head, sparing a quiet sigh to herself. She knew that it was a big step, skipping out on Catalina’s wedding day wasn’t something she could take back, but she wanted to shy away, even if it was a little petty.