We Took the Fall

75: Wedding Dress Shopping

“Are you sure that you don’t mind watching him for a while?” Catalina posed as she carefully moved to place Felix into Fernando’s arms, her eyes peeking towards the forward slightly. It had been a while, after they’d visited her mother, almost a month had past, and with the days passing quickly, Catalina had arranged to spend the afternoon with Esther and Fernando’s mother, wanting to start looking at wedding dresses. It was coming together, with Flori and Ester determined to help out, the plans for their wedding were coming together, and Catalina was pleased, even if the rejection of an invite from her mother did sting, she was determined to ensure that their day was a good one.

“Catalina, he’s my son” Fernando teased, adjusting the little boy in his lap “I’ve taken care of him more than once before” he added, sparing her an impish smile.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean” she quipped “If you want me to, I can take him with me” she added as she moved to collect her jacket.

Fernando shook his head. “We’ll be fine, Lina” he fussed softly “Me and Felix, we’re going to be fine and you don’t need to worry. You’ve got a pretty big day ahead of you” he mused softly. He knew that she was a little hurt, for a few days after their visit to Marisol, she had been a little quiet and upset, but he was pleased to see her moving forwards with their wedding plans. A small part of him had worried that her mother’s words would have gotten to her a little more and caused her to have a few second thoughts about marrying him.

“It’s not that big a deal” Catalina mused as she pulled her jacket around her shoulders “Besides, I might not even find one today” she added softly.

“I am sure that you will” Fernando mused as he carefully moved to settle Felix down in his seat “And when you do, I am sure it will be perfect” he added as he moved to stand behind her, pressing a soft kiss against his neck as his arms settled around her waist.

“You don’t know that” Catalina quipped, a soft smile on her face.

Fernando smiled against her skin. “I do” he confirmed softly “It’s going to be you wearing it and that’s what will make it beautiful” he mused, pressing another soft kiss against her skin.

Catalina blushed softly at his words before the sound of her phone echoed, causing her to pull away from him a little. “You’ll call if you need me?” she posed softly.

“I will” Fernando confirmed “But I doubt that we’re going to need you. Me and Felix, we’ll be fine” he insisted brightly.

Catalina offered him a soft look before she pushed herself up onto her toes, pressing a soft kiss against his lips.

Fernando held onto her for a second before he gently nudged her back, offering her a small smile. “You should go” he quipped “My mother and Esther will show up here otherwise” he teased.

Catalina spared him a soft smile before she moved to collect her bag, slightly excited by the prospect of wedding dress shopping.

“I still cannot quite believe that this is your wedding day that we’re planning, Cat” Esther teased as she moved to sit down, her eyes glancing towards Catalina who stood a little away from her, flicking through a rack of wedding dresses. It felt a little strange, despite the fact that Catalina and Fernando had been together for a while, it was still a little odd to Esther that they were planning Catalina’s wedding, but she was thrilled for her friend. Catalina deserved to be happy and, despite the hiccups that their relationship had been through, it seemed that that was what Fernando made her.

Catalina, who was flicking through a rack of dresses, shook her head. “You didn’t think it would happen?” she quipped.

“I figured you’d get there eventually” Esther teased “But I am glad that it is blondie. You two are adorable together” she enthused.

Flori, who’d been flicking through another rack, smiled a little. “They’re very sweet” she agreed gently “And I am very happy for the two of you” she added as she offered a smile towards Catalina.

Catalina’s cheeks warmed a little, something which made Esther grin. “Look at that smile” she teased “Someone’s all smitten” she added.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “I thought you were here to help me pick a wedding dress?” she quipped as she moved to place another dress into the growing ‘maybe’ pile.

Esther nodded. “Of course that’s what I am here for” she grinned as she pushed herself to her feet “So why don’t you go and try one on and I will tell you what I think” she grinned as she placed one of the dresses into Catalina’s hands.

Catalina offered her a look before she nodded her head, padding away towards the dressing room.

Esther watched her go for a moment before she flicked her attention towards the dress in her hand, sparing a slightly amused smile. She had a feeling that it was going to take more than one attempt to find a dress that Catalina loved.

“Are you sure that you want to keep going after lunch?” Flori posed as she sat down beside Catalina, offering her a soft look. It had been a long morning, with Catalina not sure of the sort of thing she was looking for, she had tried on several different styles of dress, and still they hadn’t found anything that she liked, something which had left her a little frustrated.

Catalina, who was sipping on her glass of water, nodded. “I’d like to have one last look” she noted softly “But I don’t want to spend much longer looking around today. I’d like to get back to Nando and Felix” she enthused softly.

“I am sure that you’ll find the right one eventually” Flori smiled warmly.

Catalina returned her smile gently before she flicked her attention towards the menu, perusing it.


Catalina, who’d been preoccupied with reading the menu, lifted her head, her eyes snapping towards the voice which had called her name. Swallowing a little, she blinked a couple of times before she smiled weakly. “Alicia” she breathed softly.
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