We Took the Fall

79: Then It Goes Wrong

“Remind me” Fernando mused from his spot on the bed “Why exactly do I have spend the night at Sergio’s?” he posed, his dark eyes settled on Catalina who sat a little away from him, pulling her hair up into a knot on the top of her head.

It had been coming for a while, with Fernando back playing for Atletico Madrid and Catalina preoccupied with putting their wedding plans in place, the day of their wedding had rather snuck up on them, and whilst he was mostly excited about the prospect of finally making it up the aisle, a small part of him simply wanted to get the last night out of the way as quickly as he could.

It had been a long time coming, the moment that he and Catalina finally became man and wife had been years in the making, and he was anxious to get it over with, even if he was confident that the day would go out with a hitch. The buildup had a knot twisting in the pit of his stomach.

Catalina, who’d moved to clip her hair in place, smirked a little at his question before she tilted her head, meeting his stare via the mirror which sat ahead of her. “You do know how weddings work, right?” she posed, her voice warm and amused.

Fernando nodded. “Of course” he noted “But I don’t understand why I can’t just stay here” he added, a frown pulling at the corner of his mouth.

Catalina admired the look on his face for a moment before she rolled her eyes, a slightly amused expression passing over her features. “Because it is bad luck” she replied “You’re not supposed to see me tomorrow until I am walking up the aisle” she added.

“I know” Fernando noted “But still...” he trailed off, offering her a small smile.

Catalina offered him another playful roll of her blue eyes via the mirror before she turned to look at him, her hands gently taking a hold of his. “Are you nervous yet?” she posed, playing with his fingers timidly.

Fernando admired the small movements of her fingers before he shrugged, offering her hand a gentle squeeze. “I don’t think I am that nervous” he noted “I mean, I have a pretty huge knot in my stomach, but I think it is more anxious anticipation. Why? Are you nervous?” he asked, his voice caught between teasing and warm. He knew that she was, for days, she had been quieter and more timid than normal, and he wanted to encourage her to talk about it, not wanting to run the risk of her getting cold feet.

Catalina smiled shyly at the tone of his voice before she peeked up at him, her blue eyes timidly meeting his darker ones. “Is it obvious?” she posed.

“I know you pretty well” Fernando countered impishly “And you’ve been quieter than normal. Are you nervous about tomorrow?” he asked, his voice softening slightly.

Catalina, who’d dropped her stare back down towards their hands, shrugged her shoulders once more before she shook her head, something which made Fernando chuckle before he leant forwards, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead. “You know” he mumbled against her head “If you’re nervous, I’d rather you just tell me. You never know, I might be able to help” he added as he leant back, offering her a tender smile.

Catalina offered him another hesitant look, briefly mulling his words over, before she let out a soft sigh, thoughtfully chewing on her lip. “I am excited” she murmured “I want you to know that” she added.

“I don’t doubt it” Fernando mused, squeezing her hand once more.

“But I also feel exceedingly nauseous and nervous and I don’t quite know how to get rid of it” Catalina added, her cheek turning a soft shade of pink “Don’t get me wrong, I am really excited about this, but every time I think about putting on that dress and walking up that aisle...I start to get really nervous and worried. What if something goes wrong?” she asked, looking up at him shyly.

“Then something goes wrong” Fernando answered.

Catalina blinked. “Nando...”

“There can be hiccups, Lina” Fernando interrupted “You can tear your dress, I can lose my tie, whatever, but I don’t care about that, and neither should you” he added, messing with her fingers shyly.


“You’re going to be my wife, Catalina” Fernando cut in once more “And that means a lot more to me than the prospect of a perfect day. I don’t care if you show up tomorrow in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I want to marry you, Lina, and that’s all that matters to me” he insisted warmly. He knew that it worried her, for as long as he had known Catalina, she had been a perfectionist, but he wanted to assure her that it didn’t matter to him. As long as the following day ended with her being Mrs Fernando Torres, he didn’t care about how they got there.

Catalina blinked a couple of times, surprised by his second interruption before she ducked her head, her cheeks a soft shade of red. “It’s the important thing to me too” she murmured “But still...” she trailed off, chewing her lip.

Fernando watched her for a second before he quirked a soft smile. “You really think that Esther is going to let anything go wrong?” he posed “Nena, she’s been waiting for this more than we have. It’s under control, and I am sure that it will live up to your standards. I don’t think anyone will settle for anything less” he added, gently brushing his thumb over the back of her hand.

Catalina watched the soft movement of his thumb for a moment before she lifted her head, offering him a timid smile. “I’m pretty excited too” she mused “I mean, this time tomorrow, we’re going to be married and that...that’s pretty exciting” she babbled.

“It’s been a long time coming” Fernando quipped in agreement.

Catalina nodded her head before she shuffled a little closer to him, something which made Fernando smile before he leant into her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Catalina smiled at the soft contact, kissing him back happily for a few moments, before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached her ears, causing her to pull away, her blue eyes settling on Sergio who stood in the doorway, a slightly amused smirk playing at the corner of his mouth. “I hate to interrupt” he noted “But I was thinking that we could get moving in the near future, Fernando. I’d like to make it home at some point tonight” he added jovially.

Fernando offered him a small look, just about biting back the comment that had been itching to fall out of his mouth, before he nodded his head. “You’re right” he noted “We should get going. Lina...”

“I’ll see you in the morning, Fernando” Catalina interjected softly.

Fernando blinked, surprised by her interruption, before he nodded his head. “Enjoy your last night as Miss De Marcos” he quipped.

Catalina lifted an eyebrow. “Who says I am taking your name?” she retorted, her expression hard to read.

Fernando tilted his head. “I thought you were” he quipped “I mean, when we talked about it, you seemed pretty keen on taking my name. Did you change your mind?” he fussed.

Catalina feigned thought for a moment before she let out a small giggle, something which made Sergio, who was still stood in the doorway, laugh before he stepped towards Fernando, patting his shoulder gently. “She’s a good one, Nando” he enthused brightly.

Fernando, who’d moved to offer Catalina a playful glare, smiled a little at Sergio’s words before he nodded. “She is” he mused “And I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’ll see you then, Lina” he mused warmly before he stepped towards her, pressing a couple of quick kisses against her lips.

Catalina smiled into the contact, holding onto him a few seconds longer than he had intended before she took a pace back. “I’ll see you then, Nando” she mused.

Fernando flashed her another quick grin over his shoulder before he followed Sergio out of the room, already wishing away the last few hours.