We Took the Fall

83: It’s Not Wearing Off Anytime Soon

Twisting a strand of her blonde hair around her finger, Catalina smiled to herself, her blue eyes watching the scenery which passed by the car window that she was looking out of. It had been a while, after she had arrived at the venue that she and Fernando had chosen, a couple of hours had passed, and whilst the knot that she had had since her mother had arrived at her door that morning hadn’t shifted from her stomach, she had grown to ignore it, instead focusing on the slightly dizzying notion that she was newly married.

It was a strange thought, the idea that she and Fernando were married was one which was going to take a while to settle in, but it didn’t stop her grinning every time it passed through her head, something she doubted would pass very quickly.

Chewing on her lip, she fiddled with her hair for a moment before she felt a hand take a hold of her other one, causing her to turn, her blue eyes settling on Fernando who sat beside her, a grin filling his face. “You doing alright?” he posed, lightly skimming his thumb over the back of her hand.

Catalina tilted her head, cocking her eyebrow playfully. “What do you think?” she quipped.

Fernando marveled at the playful look on her face before he shook his head, placing a soft kiss against the back of her hand. “I am glad that you’re excited about that” he mused “But I was actually asking about how you were doing after your madre showed up this morning. I wanted to make sure that you’re doing alright” he added, his voice softening slightly.

He knew that it was a sore subject, whenever they’d started a conversation about her mother in the past, Catalina had tried to shy away from it, but he wanted to ask, even if she was likely to attempt to shut him down. He wanted to make sure that it hadn’t ruined a day that was supposed to be special to her.

Catalina, who’d been watching the small movements of his thumb over her hand, shook her head. “Fernando” she warned softly.

“I know that you don’t want to talk about it” Fernando mused “And I know that right now, all you want to do is focus on this being our day, but I am just checking in with you, Lina. Your mother showing up is a big deal and I want to know what’s going on up here” he added, gently prodding the side of her head.

Catalina spared him a soft look, briefly contemplating changing the subject, before she let out a light sigh. “I was surprised” she admitted “I mean, her being outside of my door this morning caught me more than slightly off guard, but I don’t want to worry about it right now, Nando. She can do what she wants, but it’s not going to take away from the fact that we’ married now. She and Alicia...that’s all in the past, and I don’t want to waste today thinking and worrying about it” she insisted, messing with his fingers shyly.

She knew that he had been itching to ask, from the moment that she had met him at the end of the aisle, she’d seen the curiosity on his face, but she didn’t want to talk about it. It was supposed to be their day, a day which was about celebrating their relationship, and she didn’t want to waste it focusing on her mother or sister.

Fernando watched the small hesitant movements of her fingers before he let out a soft sigh, moving to press another soft kiss against the back of her hand. “You’re really OK?” he posed.

Catalina smiled at the tender action before she nodded her head. “I’m fine” she noted “I mean, it was a surprise, and it threw me a little, but I don’t want to spend the rest of the day fretting about my mother. I’d much rather spend it fussing about the fact that you’re my husband now” she added, her voice warm and teasing.

Fernando’s face lit up with a grin at the sound of the word ‘husband’ before he sheepishly ducked his head, something which made Catalina giggle before she leant over, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. “You’re my husband” she repeated, scattering a few soft kisses over his cheek.

Fernando smiled at the soft feel of her lips against his skin before he turned his head slightly, allowing her to press a soft kiss against his lips. Grinning, he kissed her happily for a few seconds before he pulled away from her, his fingertips lightly pushing a strand of blonde hair which had escaped from its place behind her ear. “I could get used to you saying that” he murmured, nudging their noses together.

“You probably should” Catalina replied “I mean, I don’t think the novelty of saying it is going to wear off any time soon” she added impishly.

Fernando breathed out a soft laugh before he shook his head. “You’re sure that we have to show up to the reception?” he posed as he leant back into his seat slightly, his fingers twisting Catalina’s wedding band around her finger.

Catalina watched him play with the ring before she nodded, an impish smile on her face. “Pretty sure” she mused “I mean, our friends and families are waiting on us, not to mention Felix. We should probably at least show our faces” she added.

Fernando wrinkled his nose. “That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun” he quipped, a playful pout on his face.

Catalina admired the expression on his face before she shook her head, playfully nudging him in the ribs. “It’s not going to be that bad” she noted.

Fernando merely offered her a dubious look, something which made Catalina giggle before she leant into him, pressing a couple of quick kisses against his lips. “I love you” she murmured, disturbing the silence which had settled over the two of them.

Fernando smiled against her lips, allowing the words to hang in the air for a few seconds, before he ducked back. “I love you too, Lina” he mused. It had taken them a long time, between their breakup and all that had transpired between them and Alicia, Fernando had been almost convinced that they’d not make it to that moment, but he was thrilled that they had, even if there was still a slight bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was thrilled that they’d made it as far as they had.
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