Sequel: Static Screams
Status: bloody

White Noise


Nothing in the world can ever prepare you for prying bloodied, crying people through a crowd of cannibal freaks. Nothing in the whole world can prepare you for the ammo you sacrifice, the weapons you break, just to save a few lives. I picked a hell of a day to start giving a damn.

The scene I drove into was a grizzly one, more Zoms and severed limbs than I’d prefer to think about. A scattered, petrified group of people climbing on top of dumpsters and hanging from a fire escape. I didn’t think, when I stopped my car a block over from the horde. I didn’t think when weaving through alleys and climbing over scattered cars and debris.

When I got closer, however, I started to think a little. The horde was so thick, so heavy, but I needed to act fast. Time was running out, and I could feel it in the air like the static before a lightning storm.

So what the hell did I do?

I blew up a fucking car.

It was a grand explosion, huge, and the car next to it also caught and blew high. It was loud and bright enough to draw the Zoms away from their prominent meal, and gave me an immediate path to the five shocked, shaking people standing within the mess of blood and gore.

“Jesus,” I muttered, sprinting towards them. “Come on! We gotta go!”

They were each a mess, bloodshot eyes and covered in blood. Three girls, two guys, and they all looked to the girl with the long, dirty blonde hair for their cue. But her green eyes were wide, and her lips were trembling, and it was clear nothing was going to get done that way.

“Guys, for fuck’s sake, come on!” I say a little louder, noting that the fleshbags were once again beginning to notice the live, human buffet behind them. I was impatient, high alert, ready to get the hell out of Dodge. So I grabbed the short, dark skinned girl by the wrist and started to run back to the van, praying to any and every god above that the rest were following.

I slid open the back door, shoving her in, and thankfully the rest followed closely behind. The blonde one, who I can only assume is the leader by the way their eyes follow her direction, stops before climbing in. She opens her mouth to say something, but there are too many of the nasty, rotten dead-dicks coming our way. So instead I just push her in, slamming the door and barely missing her foot in the process.

I climbed to the driver’s seat, and peeled out of there. My passengers were breathing heavily, shaking from panic and adrenaline. They couldn’t manage words, and neither could I. I was thankful for the silence, even though it serves as a reminder of the literal stupidity radiating from me like a musky body spray. Ryan may not give a shit, but Lila was about to flip out on me.

I drove on.

Lila was standing on the front porch, her red hair in a braid and her hand propped on her hip. I could tell by the scowl on her face that she was not at all happy.

“I can explain,” I start, jumping out of the driver’s seat.

“You…you motherfucking irresponsible dumbass bitch!” She shouted at me, and Ryan’s head popped up to the window. He had a smirk on his face and I could have punched him right in the face.

“Lila, listen…” I hold my hands up, and the van doors open.

“Who the fuck are they?” she screamed.

I lunged forward and covered her mouth, though she wasn’t really a fan of that. She fought against me, but I still spoke. “Listen, okay? I’ll tell you. I’ll explain it, kiss your feet, and wipe your ass ‘til the day I die. But you have got to stop yelling.”

With her being so small, she couldn’t really do much but follow as I pulled her into the house, our guests following close behind. The “leader” scoped out the area before following us inside, closing the door tightly behind her.

I released my grip on Lila, and Ryan bounced down the stairs. “Bro, what the hell is going on?”

I sighed, rubbing my face with my hands. Under my breath, I began to mumble. “Listen, okay, I know…”

“You know? You fucking know?! Listen, jackass,” Lila took me by the collar, and pulled me close with more strength than I thought she could manage. “You left without even telling us, you obviously put your life on the line for these people, and you don’t know if any of them are carrying this fucking disease! Did you even stop to think?”

“Lila, I was just—“

“And further,” she says, turning to eye the group, then facing me again. “They’re a total wreck. We can’t afford to spare any food or supplies. You don’t know these people, dude!”

“In my defense,” I stated sternly. “If the situation were reversed, I’d have wanted someone to save us.”

“At what cost, huh?” she spat, turning to the stairs.

“Wait,” the dirty blonde spoke. “Let me talk, please.”
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Okay. First off, I'm so sorry. I've been in a slump with this story; I always have a hard time with co-writes when it comes to incorporating others' characters into my chapters. ;~; So it's taken a while for me to get this out.

Also, I realise this chapter is kind of rubbish anyway. I really just wanted to get it out so that we could get this story rolling again. Autumn's up next, and her chapters are always longer and of higher quality than mine, so that's where we'll leave that.

Besides that, if any of you are the praying type, please send up a prayer for my cousin. Her cancer has come back full force, and that's really putting a lot of strain on us.

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