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My Dearest Kate,

You've found it, the box of our dreams! Our past and our plans for the future. I just want you to know that as i write my goodbye to you that i am crying. I know i told you to never cry for me Kate, but just let it out...cry. You know i love you girl; Your the passion in my eyes, the hopes of my best friend and you'll forever be my soul mate.
I knew you would find this letter, i didn't know when but i had a feeling sooner our later you would stumble upon it. I always knew that you were the one to carry my dream on.
I'm dead Kate, but please, please don't forget that i love you! Don't be angry at god for taking me, it was just my time. Sometimes the world cant handle people like us...people that are bound to do great things. I'm not scared anymore...just...sad, because i have to leave you. I remember when we first met so long ago as kids, you just moved in next door and i was watching you from my front window. I was trying to be sneaky and hide but when our eyes met you gave me the warmest smile and ran inside your house, i was curious so i stepped outside and you came running out with a basket over to me. You had brought chalk over and we sat outside coloring for hours till the street lamps came on and your mom called for you.
When i told you i was gay when we were 13 i though for sure you would hate me, but you stood by me and helped me through all the issues i was dealing with. You helped me come out and of course you scared many boys away and beat up my first boyfriend...and second...and third. I could literally tell you everything! You made me live the most when i wanted to die, when i wanted to give up Kate.
After we found out about the sickness, i always put a smile on my face...i always tried to be strong for you. I told you i wasn't angry, that i didn't hate what was happening to me that everything happens for a reason...but i lied to you Kate, i fucking hated this disease. But you made me feel like i wasn't dying, You truly were a gift from god. I believe it was gods will and fate that brought you to my neighborhood so many years ago. I miss you so much Kate, and i know you miss me baby girl but just remember i will be with you always. The last thing i ask you to do for me Kate, is Live. Please just live your life up! Always remember you've always got your Charlie close to your heart forever and always.

I love you Katelynn Mae Risinghour, And please forgive me for leaving you behind.
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