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It's Over When It's Over

Little Miss Perfect

School. How I love thee. Ha. Not. I hate it. Its so boring and pointless. I mean, why do we even need to go? I don't give a shit about the History of the world, or where Africa was. I don't need to know that shit, that's what pilots are for. They need to learn about it, not me

I groan getting myself out of bed and throwing my body off it. I hit the floor hard and groan. Too much force Ricky. I groan again getting up from the floor and making my way to my on suit bathroom. I flick the light on and peel off my boxers to have a shower. I needed to hurry up as Chris, Maya and little miss perfect were picking me up in half an hour. I let the water run down my body and before I lather some soap up and clean myself. I quickly wash it off before stepping out of the shower

I make my way to the wardrobe... More like floordrobe but yeah, you get the point. I randomly pick out a black shirt and some black ripped jeans before heading back to my bed. I slip on my boxers and put the rest of the my clothes on. I really did not want to go to school today. Today was the day where I had to work with Lily on a project. I knew she would beat my ass if I didn't contribute to the stupid fucking thing. I mean, why couldn't I just copy her work and just say I did it? She's way too serious sometimes. I wonder how she has any friends to begin with. She was such a fucking prude. I bet she's never had her first kiss? Ha. I'll be changing that if it's true. That girl needs some action in her life

I hear my phone buzzing in my pocket. I roll my eyes when I say Lily's name on my screen. I flip it up and answer her

"Hurry up. We're waiting" she snaps at me and I sigh

"I'll be down soon sweet-cheeks. Don't get your panties in a twist"

"Stop calling me that Ricky. You know I hate it"

"Whatever. I'll be there in a minute, so hold up for a second. I'm just adjusting my dick" I smirk knowing her face would be priceless right now

"Ricky!" she screams down the phone at me before hanging up

I place my phone in my pocket and let out a loud chuckle. She was too easy to wind up. I shut my door and head downstairs, waving my mother goodbye

"Have a good day today Richard" she says using my full name. I cringe but put on a sweet smile and wave her bye. I scurry out of the house and head towards the car. I slip in the back and get stuck next to Miss Perfect herself

"Mornin'!" chirps Maya, who was glancing at Chris every chance she got. I swear to god I've caught her undressing him with her eyes more times than I'd like to count

"Yeah Yeah" I say waving her off. I needed a spliff and I wasn't allowed to smoke in Chris' car, which meant I was going to be a grumpy shit till we got to the school for me to have one

I listened to Maya and Lily talk about dumb girl programmes that I didn't two shit about. So, I leaned my head against the window and let out an agitated sigh. Why did I get stuck up back with the girls. I knew I should have sat up front with Chris

"Do you two ever shut up?" I snap

"Someones grumpy this morning" Chuckled Chris looking back at me through his mirror

"You know why I'm grumpy" I moan

"Didn't get to wank this morning?" he teases and I just flip him off

"No. I woke up late and couldn't do anything. I couldn't wank, smoke or nothing" I moan pulling my beanie down so I couldn't see anything. I needed to get laid so badly

"Can we not talk about this please? It's making me uncomfortable"

We haven't even gotten into school yet and she was already winging at us both about our conversation

"Don't listen then" I snap at her and she crosses her arms across her chest

"You're just disgusting you know that. Both of you are"

"It's normal to have a wank Sweet-Cheeks. Just like blow jobs, fingering, licking out and sex is" I smirk as her cheeks go red and she looks at me in disbelief

"Just no. Stop" she begs and I pull my finger in front of my face and put them into a V shape, I then proceed to lick in between them

"What are you doing?" she asks with confusion in her voice

"You don't know?" chokes Maya as she took a sip of her water

"No, should I?" she asks going red from Embarrassment

"I'll tell you later" laughs Maya who looks at me and shakes her head laughing

"Do I want to know?"

"I'll tell you Sweet-Cheeks. It's what licking a girl out looks like. See, the V is her pussy and the tongue is between the folds" I smirks as she looks as white as a ghost. I then feel a sharp slap across my face

"You.are.vile Olson" she says shaking her hand from the impact of the slap. Ha. That hurt you more than me, Princess

"No. I am a horny male" I chuckle as we pull into our parking spot

I quickly unbuckle and head towards the top of the school, the one place the teachers didn't come to find us. I make my way up the ladders and plop down in my spot at the furthest corner of the roof. The other join me, apart from the Prude herself. I wasn't surprised though, she had never been up here before because it was breaking school rules. I look down to her and smirk

"Sorry Sweet-Cheeks. Looks like you're on your own for today" I smirk and she pouts at me

"I'm coming up" she declares and I swear I almost choked on my Spliff. Miss Goodey-Two-Shoes was breaking the rules? That's a first

"Oh fuck, she's actually breaking the rules Chris" I say dramatically

"Shut up. I can hear you, you know" she says making her way up the ladders, before I see her frightened face at the top

"Scared there Princess?" I laugh and she looks at me with anger

"No" she says hooking her leg over and rolling onto the roof. She literally clings to Maya when she sits up straight, looking over to the green that ran alongside the sports field

"Are you sure about that?" I smirk at her, edging towards her some more

"Yes. I am fine" she says nervously holding onto Maya still

"Oh really?" I say picking her up and throwing her over my shoulders

"Ricky, put me down. Oh damn, it's so high up here. RICKY! RICKY YOU NUGGET. PUT ME DOWN!" she says pounding my back screaming and kicking her feet at me

"Nugget? Haha. Did you really just call me a Nugget" I say putting her down onto Chris, who tangles his arms around her whilst I lay on he floor laughing

"God this girl is going to be the death of me" I laugh so hard it started to hurt

"You're so mean" she pouts cuddling into Chris who was shaking his head holding in laughter

"So, you guys going to this party that the Rich kids are having tonight?" pipes up Maya

"Fuck Yes! It means more girls for me to get laid with" I smirk stubbing out my spliff

"Chris?" she looks at him and he nods

"Sure why not. I've not been drink in a while"

That's what I loved about Chris, he was so easy going. Like he was always high. I think that's why we're friends really. Either that or he is using me to get to one of the girls, which wouldn't be hard. Maya was easy from what I had been told. So if Chris wanted a fuck, I am pretty sure she would just say yes... Plus, she was crushing on him hard anyway

"Lily?" she asked knowing that Lily would say no. Why did she even try anyway?

"Will there be Alcohol and Drugs?" she asks getting out of Chris' lap and sitting down next to him

"Duh. That's what parties are for you idiot. Drugs, Booze and sex" I say like she's stupid

She blushes hard at me before buring her head in Chris' shoulder

"You don't have to come" smiles Kayla "You probably won't have fun anyway"

"No. She'll be the party pooper in the corner having a panic attack at the amount of half naked Girls and Boys in the room. It'll the most of another persons body she's ever seen" I snicker

"I am not a party pooper" she pouts

"Are too"

"I can have fun!"

"Yeah right? What's your idea of fun?"

"Well, I had a cigarette once" she says seruously, which makes me burst out into another giggle fit.

"Big Whoop Sweet-Cheeks" I laugh

"What. It wasn't very nice though. I didn't like it"

"I bet you've never even drank before?"

She goes red again

"Thought not. Little Miss Perfect doesn't know how to taint her little perfect persona" I tease

"I can!"

"Prove it then. Come to this party and let loose" I smirk

I was surprised when she actually agreed to the idea

"Excellent. Wear something... Fitting" I purr at her

"Like what?"

"Ask Maya, she can help you" I smirk and I can't help but see Chris nodding in approval

I know I seem like an asshole but I'm not. She just needs to let loose and learn what real fun was. I was making sure I was the one to help her with that.... Things were going to get interesting now

I was going to take Little Miss Perfects Reckless Virginity
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