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It's Over When It's Over

Piece Of Shit

Lily's POV:

I hear shouting down the stairs and wonder what was going on

Ricky's parents didn't seem like the kind of people to shout, ever. So, being a little bit nosey I walk into the little hallway on the landing and listen to what being said

"he has to come some time. We can't leave him here every time we visit her, that is his little sister" says his mother in a very upset voice

"He hasn't bothered with her till now! Richard is selfish and only thinks about himself. I don't think he actually cares about anyone but him!" snaps his Father

"That's not true and you know it. Richard is a teenager who has his own life now, we can't expect him to stay in and baby sit all the time. You know it's not fair"

"We've done so much for him and he doesn't even thank us Willow. He's a fucking waste of space"

Then I hear a slap and it echoes the house before It falls into silence

"Richard is not a waste of space. He is our child! Perhaps if you spend more time with him he'd want to be around us! You don't show him any love whatsoever. Ever since he started to dress the way he does you've acted cold towards him

"He's not the son I wanted" says the Dad in a flat voice

My heart is racing pretty fast right now. I feel like I shouldn't be listening but I can't help it, it's like i'm caught in the web of conversation and I can't move no matter how hard I tried

"Just be grateful you'll have a fucking son! Your daughter is fucking lying in hospital dying!" screams the mother

Wait what

Ricky's sister is in hospital?


"You know what. Get out! Get the fuck out of my house you horrible piece of shit. I will not have you reside here any longer with that attitude of yours! You need to learn to accept people for they are and stop thinking this is all about what you want. Guess what, it's not what Richard Olson wants (Note: Ricky is actually Richard Allen Olson III) no, it's about what we need as a family. I have put up with your shit for far too long and now, I am finally loosing my shit with you" she snaps

How long has this been going on for I wonder? Poor Ricky though, he's loosing his family and gets treated like shit by his Father

"You can't just kick me out of our home" he snorts with a laugh

"Want a bet?" she says storming up the stairs and going into a room. I hide in the bathroom, my heart still beating faster and faster as I hear another pair of footsteps heading towards that same room

"You can't do this! Just because I don't love Richard as much as Rachel. Rachel isn't the spawn of the devil. She doesn't listen to that screaming shit and get into trouble like he does! Parents love one more kid than the others all the time! I'm just being truthful about it. Richard is just a little weird kid" his Dad muses

That makes me feel angry deep down. Ricky is not weird, he is his own indavidual character who is goign through some serious shit. Now I know why he drinks and smokes so much. His Dad is just as much as asshole as mine

"Here" she screams

"I'm not going" he chuckles

"I'll chuck your shit out of the fucking window if I have to!" she snaps

Then I hear her walking towards something. It screches and then I hear multiple bumping sounds

I think she just threw his stuff out of the window?

"You bitch!" he screams before running down the stairs

I stay cuddled into myself on the floor wishin Ricky was here right now

I pull the phone out and Dial my number. It rings a few times before Ricky answers

"Now is not a good time" he hisses down the phone

"I really have to talk to you Rick" I whisper so his mother doesn't hear us talking and think I'm going crazy

"Can't right now. Maya is here and we're doing girly stuff and I can't get out of it. It'll look super weird if I just left her for me/you. She thinks we are the same people and you would not voluntarily come over to mine to talk" he whispers

He had a good point but I really had to talk to him, like now!

"I'm coming over. It's very important" I say before hanging up on him so he couldn't protest

I quickly search around the room for a pair of keys that Ricky had left me before he left for my home. I know I put them in here somewhere. I pull the room apart before I find them next to the sketch pad. I sigh, picking them up with the pad. I quickly flick it to the page where he drew that picture of me and my mind becomes confused. I really don't get Ricky anymore. He's so much more complicated than I expected him to be. I need a seriously long talk with him because, I am starting to like him as a person knowing everything I know

I put the pad in my backpack that I found and I slowly sneak out of the house. I dressed casually without makeup and my Father wouldn't let Ricky in the house looking like this. I tried to do something with his hair so it looked somewhat neater then it usually did

I was so nervous as I reached the front porch to my own house. I needed to think of an excuse to tell my Family before I knocked. My lying skills were being put the test right now. I was terrified my voice would crack and expose me

I knock firmly, feeling odd knocking on my own door

My mother answers and I am relived. She's not as scary as my Father

"Can I help you?" she asks sweetly

This was all an act, which I am sure Ricky has seen through by now

"Oh yes, hello Mam, my name is Richard and I was hoping I could come in and see Lily. She's been assigned as my helper as I am new at the school. She's going to be catching me up with some school work as the Teachers say she's the smartest in the school" I say half lying, which honestly made me feel a hell of a lot better

"Oh of course! Lily didn't tell me she was helping a new student" she beamed down at me

"I asked her to keep it a secret as I didn't want people to tease me" I insisted

"Come on in hun. Put your shoes there and her room is on the left" she smiled down at me

I nod and thank her politely and make my way towards my room

I open the door to see Ricky and Maya on the bed watching our favourite chick flick! I must say, I have to giggle as Ricky looks so bored to death. He looks like he wants to kill someone right now

"Ricky?" says Maya as I walk in awkwardly and wave at them both

Ricky shoots me a thank you stare as I stand there awkwardly

Now I am here, I don't really know how to get rid of Maya

Think, think think!

Ah! I've got it

"I've come over to do that project we have to hand in tomorrow! I say unscientifically as Ricky would sound

"I didn't think you cared?" said Maya raising an eyebrow up at me

"Well, I don't want to fucking fail" I say adding in a curse word for good measure

I see Ricky trying to hold back laughter as he snorts on the bed giving me a wiggle of his eyebrows

" Right. I suppose you want me to leave then Olson?" she smirks down at Lily and then back to me

"Duh" I say with as much Ricky sass as Ricky would give

"Okay, well you two have fun!" winks Maya leaving the room

"First off, wipe that grin off your face and second, what the heck was that about?" I say giving him a frown which ends up a chuckle as he smiles and laughs

"Oh... She knows we made out at mine and well, she told me some very interesting things" he smirks up at me

I gulp knowing she's probably told him some embarassing secrets thinking it was me

"LL-Like what?" he said cornering me in my room

"Like how you masterbate over me" he whispers in my ear

"Fuck" I curse then slap my hand over my mouth

I cursed on purpose, oh heck, that's not good

"You're so naughty Lils" he whispers in my ear, which sends shivers down my body. Even with my voice, his tone is chilling and kind of sexy

What, wait no. I did not just say that! Nu-uh

"Shut up" I say pushing him off of me

"You're blushing" he teases

"I actually came here for a reason, Ricky. It's really serious. I have to tell you something" I say in a very serious tone

"Shit, that serious huh?"

I just nod and bite my lip

"I'm so sorry" I whisper and he looks at me confused as to why I was sorry

"What's happened?"

"Um... Your parents were arguing and well, your mum kicked your Dad out of the house"

I look up at Ricky and see an unreadable expression on his face
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Guess who's back, back again, I am back, tell a friend! Okay, sorry....

So, we know what Ricky's little secret is not though. His sister is dying and he's not really allowed to see her because his Dad is a dickwad!

Do we think Ricky and Lily will end up together in the end? Do we like their relationship so far? You guys are so quiet! xD