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It's Over When It's Over


Ricky's POV:

So she finally cracked. My parents are finally over. I'm not sure what to think about the situation. One part of me is happy they aren't really together at the moment but the other worries about how my Mother will cope without my Father being there

I pace up and down the room in frustration. This is why I hated feelings, they just got in the way of everything

lil reaches he's out to me and stops me pacing

"You alright?" She says giving me a weak smile

"I guess" I sigh flopping onto the bed

I don't know why this is effecting me so badly, but it is

Lily sits on the bed and pulls me close towards her. She wraps her hands around me and gives me a gently reassuring squeeze

"It's okay to cry you know Rick. It doesn't mean you're weak, it means you care." She smiles and I sigh pulling back and staring up at the ceiling for comfort

Truth was, I was scared. I didn't want to admit it but I was. My Dad has been known to be violent before... What will he do now that mums finally lost her rag... I'm scared he'll hurt her or, she'll hurt herself after she realises that she won't have him around anymore...

Why hey did my life have to be so complicated?

"Thank you" I whisper softly

"For what?" She whispers back

"For letting me know" I say

I really wish I was in my own body right now. It means I could go punch the shit out of everything to make myself feel much better

"Hey, why don't we do something to occupy ourselves for a while?" Suggests Lily who picks up her guitar and hands it to me

I give her a raised eyebrow look

"I know you play" she says smiling at me

"Sometimes" I say taking it and tuning her until she sounds perfect

I strum a few notes until I am satisfied with her sound

"The wall that I have built to keep you out is starting to rust
Because everything around me just reminds me of us.

I am an addict for dramatic, black hair and pale skin. Yet I'm still collecting bones, but that's why closets are for skeletons

Undress your body, hold it over my head Because you know that if you knock then I'll always let you in

I've been numb for so long that I forgot how to feel So I don't care if it will break my heart, Just fuck me till we disappear

You said you'd never hurt me Now this is all that we have left
You were supposed to save me From myself

The wall that I have built to keep you out has crumbled to dust And I hope that everything you see reminds you of us I've been gone for so long that I forgot what is real So I don't care if I will miss you, please just fuck me till we disappear

You never said you'd hurt me Now this is all that we have left You were supposed to save me From myself

You said you'd never love me But look how hard someone can fall I was supposed to save you From yourself

Now the sky is on fire and we lie wide awake There is no other way than to make this mistake

We can't control who we hurt so we fuck the pain away

So put all of your pride, all your guilt into me And suck the breath from my lungs and I'll swallow your hate We can't control how we hurt so we fuck the pain away

I sing the last note and I can feel the tears slipping down my face... I haven't sang that song since my Ex girlfriend broke me into pieces

"What's wrong?" Says Lily concerned now

"it's nothing. Just forget about it please. I need a walk" I say getting up and packing my things

"Please don't shut me out. Believe it or not, I actually care!" She said sounding agitated and caring

"I'm not good at this whole thing. I don't really like talking about how I feel... It only leads to hurt" I sigh

"Try for me. I promise I won't judge you Riicky"

I sigh and look back at her pleading eyes

Something about them tells me I can trust her...

What if I let her in and she leaves like everyone else?
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