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It's Over When It's Over

Flashbacks And A Whole Lot Of Joy

Ricky's POV:

It's been 2 months since I confessed about my past to Lily, which in all honesty terrified me because, fuck, I spilled my guts to her and let her see me at my most vulnerable. Things started to change from then really. We both sat with each other at lunch times and Chris and Maya both questioned us on it, to which we both just shrugged and made the excuse up of being lab partners, which was total bullshit. We had gotten closer and it felt really nice. Lily, is actually a very decent woman who has a vibrant personality

My Mother has finally moved on and is starting to Date again, which is so nice. She deserves to be happy, which is nice. Lily's Father still hasn't told his wife he was fucking some other woman, which I know bothers Lily, even if she doesn't say anything about it to me. I've come to notice the little things about her, like how she twists her hair when she was nervous, or she blushes when she's thinking about naughty things

Lily has opened up a lot about a lot of things, me and her talk about sex and how good it feels for guys and girls... Being a guy, I totally got off in her body I mean, come on, you would have done it too!

One thing I won't miss about being a girl are.. Periods... Oh god, I remember the first time I 'Came on'

~Flashback ~

It was a weekend and yet again sleep had avoided me in Lily's uncomfortable bed. She seriously needed to get a new mattress, the springs were poking me in the fucking ass for crying out loud!

I woke up with a huge pain in my belly, which made me think perhaps the food I ate last night didn't agree with me, so I go into the bathroom to you know... When I notice there was blood. Forgetting I was a girl, I freaked out and called Lily

"What's wrong now Ricky, I'm sleeping" she yawned

"Uh.. Fuck. You're body is bleeding! I swear to god I didn't do anything to it! It's just there" I hissed worried

Lily just laughed at me down the phone and I was confused as to what might be so fucking hilarious at a serious time like this

"Oh gosh, you're too much Ricky"

"I'm being serious, I'm freaking out here" I say trying not to panic

"It's fine Ricky, honestly. Does your belly hurt?" she asks still laughing at me

"Uh yes? What's that got to - Oh fuck, I'm on my period!" I shouted a bit too loudly

I slapped my hand over my mouth, hoping no one one heard me scream my head off

"This is too funny" she chuckled amused

"Uh... What do I do now?" I asked clueless

"There should be tampons on the floor, or some pads. Pick one up and I'll guide you on how to use it" she muses

I pick one thing that looked like a stick up, and one that looked like a square

"Uh, now what" I say staring at them both

"Okay, the one that looks like a stick, that goes inside the entrance" she chuckles and I feel the blood drain from my face

This, goes up where! Hell no, I will not shove this there, not while it's gushing with fucking dirty blood!

"Not happening, next" I say and she just howls louder at me

"Seriously, are you going to help me or not!" I snap and she lets out one chuckle before taking a deep breathe

"Okay, you need to take the other one out of the packet and then place it in the underwear. They should have wings, they fold over the sides. Make sure it's high enough, otherwise it'll be uncomfortable" she instructs me now

I place the phone by my ear and do as she says, getting so confused as to which way the bloody thing went! Fuck, I am so glad I am not a girl for life, fuck this shit every damn month!

"Done" I declare and she chuckles

"Good! Now have fun with the belly aches. I've gotta go, got studying to do. Bye!" she says hanging up on me

I groan in frustration and stand up... How do girls wear these things? Holy shit it's riding up my butt crack...

~End Of Flashback~

Yeah, that week was painful and I will never ever tell a girl to man up when she has a period pain because shit, that shit is painful...

So anyway, we both came back to mine and I think we crashed out because ,I don't know how long it's been but I wake up with a crook in my neck and a body pressed against me. I look down and see Lily lying next to me, curled into a cute little ball

I smile down at her and then blink a few times

"LILS!" I scream at her shaking her tiny little body

"What, go away Ricky, I'm tired" she moans, snuggling closer to my body

I huff and shake her harder this time, making sure her eyes actually flicker open

"Mm, I was sleeping" she says yawing and sitting up and rubbing her eyes softly

"Come with me" I say and drag her out of bed and into the bathroom, where my Mother insisted on putting a full length mirror

"Ricky" she whined as I made her stop in front of the mirror and look at her own reflection

"" she gasps seeing that the person in front of her was her own reflection

"I know!" I shout, hugging her in happiness

I have my own body back! Goodbye periods and moods swings, hello horniness and boners

"I'm back, I'm really back. But-But how?" she said as shocked as I was

"I don't know, and I honestly don't care!" I cheer

"So, what now? Do we go back to our normal lives? The ones before the change?" she said biting her lips nervously

"No. Lets be friends okay? Like we have been... You're okay for a prude" I tease and she giggles punching me slightly

"You're alright for a horny guy" she winks in my direction