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It's Over When It's Over

And Action!

Lily's POV:

Walking to school in my own body was bliss. I didn't have the fear of having a random erection for no apparent reason. I felt like I was finally free and I could finally be myself again

Me and Ricky have also decided to see what being friends will be like. He's agreed to not push me with sexual talk, as long as I promised not to make any snide comments about his arrogance... Which wasn't really there any more. In fact, I would say that Ricky and I are very different people compared to a few months back. I honestly feel like we both understand one another a little more

I stand at the school gates and wait for the guys to drive in. I told them I didn't want a lift as I wanted to just have some me time, which was nice. I did my hair and makeup and actually felt proud when my eyeliner actually flicked the right way

"Hey!" shouts Ricky who hops out of the car with Chris and Maya tailing behind them

"Hey guys. Isn't it a beautiful day today" I gush as the summer breeze pushes past my locks

"Where is Lily and what have you done with her" says Chris raising a confused eyebrow

"What do you mean?" I ask closing my eyes and taking in the coolness of the breeze

"You're Chipper for a Monday morning" he points out as we head into our first lessons

"Things have changed in me, things I can't explain. I've had some time to think things over and I've realized something"

"And what would that be?" ask Maya

"Life is too short to study all the time. You never know when your time is up, so why not live life to the full? I think we should go to the beach this weekend to get away from school and studying" I smile as both Maya and Chris look at me weirdly

Ricky smiles at me, and I feel my cheeks burning slightly

"Sounds good to me. I could use the break" yawns Ricky slamming his locker shut now

"You always need a break" laughs Maya picking up her History books

"And? I've been studying these past couple of months" he says truthfully

"You lie" she accuses playfully

I shake my head and laugh at them both

"He's actually been studying with me. I've been driving him crazy!" I wink

"I wouldn't say crazy, but you've been kicking my butt into gear that's for sure. I wouldn't be passing if It wasn't for Lilly" he says with a hint of a smirk on his lips as my face lights up like tomato

"I told you she was good for you" chuckles Chris

The bell rings before I could answer, indicating we had to head to class now before we were late. It was out 5 minute warning before we got sent to the principles office

"Catch you love birds later!" shouts Chris who pulls Maya with him

I open my mouth to speak before I am yanked by the arm by Ricky, who was shoving me into our Drama classroom

I take a seat in the back of the classroom like I always did. I hated being picked for demonstrations as I wasn't very good at acting. The last time I tried to act, I made a fool of myself. I fell flat on my face, as well as ruining the whole set... Not to mention I sounded like I was dying when I was supposed to be crying. It was awful, and I refused to do demonstrations ever again, which I am sure Miss Hayden was grateful for

To my surprise, Ricky sat down next to me and groaned when Miss Hayden walked into the classroom with scripts in her hand and a smirk plastered across her tiny lips

"Good Morning class. I was thinking that today we could split you both up into pairs and work on your relationship with your partner on stage. I will give you all an emotion or a scenario which I want you to either find a play on, or work on your own pieces for please. I will not have any moaning or groaning from any one. I have purposely put you with these people as I think it's important for you to work with people you either don't get on with, or rarely speak to because in the acting world, you will always work with people you don't like and sometimes, that's when the best scenes happen...." she says waffling on about other stuff I couldn't care less about

I roll my eyes and cringe internally when she starts listing off names and their genre/scenario..

"Ricky and Lily. You have the title/scenario of Love" she smiles handing us both a Romeo and Juliet script

My moth gapes open, not because I am with Ricky but, because I have to pretend that I love him! I can't do that!

Ricky smirks over at me as I shake my head in disbelief

It meant we had to be close

Oh my god. What if we had to kiss? Oh gee, that would be so embarrassing...

"I want you to really try, even if you're super shy. This should help with your confidence. Rely on your partner to help you through your struggles. Be each others strengths. I have also given you all a script that helps work with your scenario or emotion. I'll be here if you want help. Good Luck" she says and dismisses everyone

Ricky turns and looks me dead in the eyes as he hold back laugher

"It's not funny Ricky! I can't act... Oh god, this is going to be awful" I whine putting my head in my hands

"I'm not laughing at that" he smirks wiggling his eyebrows

"Then what!" I ask worried

"You're going to have to hold my hand and be somewhat intimate with me. It says so in our description on the piece of paper! I can't imagine it now, you trying to hold my hand and kiss me" he smirks at me

"Holding hands isn't intimate! Kissing is! I am not kissing you"

"But it says so, see" he smirks when I read and and let out a long frustrated groan

"I'm going to curl into a ball and die now" I whimper

Ricky laughs some more before leaning over to me and going near my ear. I feel his hot breathe on my skin before he whispers something to me

"So, when do rehearsals start" winks Ricky
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