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It's Over When It's Over

That's What Friends Are For

Waking up with a Boner was the most annoying thing on the planet, it meant had to get myself off and then clean up after and right now, I had no motivation for it at all

Perhaps I should give myself motivation?

Fuck it, why not

I take my phone off of the side and pull up a picture of Lilly...

Lets just keep this between us though, okay? She doesn't need to know about my little secret... This doesn't meant I like her though, she's just hot as fuck and I would love to bang her... HARD

Keeping the image in mind, I shove my hand into my briefs and let the magic begin. I think of her wet tongue running down the underside of my aching cock whilst her other hand plays with the tip of it, making me knit my fingers into her hair and look down at her beautiful features as she takes me fully into her mouth "Fuck, oh god" I moan as my pace quickens to thought of her blowing with such skill that I could blow my load there and then

I am pulled out of my lustful daze when I hear the door knocking loudly. I groan loudly to myself and throw my legs off the bed and put my briefs back on and head down the stairs. If they were going to rudely knock at my door and interrupt me wanking, I was going to answer the door half naked

I say that's a fair deal really

To my surprise, I did not expect to see Lily standing there, weeping into her hands harshly as she avoided my eye contact. I instantly pulled her into a tight hug as she rest her head on my shoulder, holding me for dear life

"R-ricky" she sobbed shaking like a leaf

"Hey, what's wrong sweetheart?" I say using my thumb to take away her tears

"H-He" she couldn't speak though as she was cut off with her own sob

"Shh, it's okay. Lets go upstairs into my bed, that way we can be comfortable" I say scooping her into my arms and carrying her into my bed room

I place Lily into my bed and crawl in next to her, letting her instantly wrap her shaking body into mine. She buried herself into the crook of my neck and let out a heavy sob

I pull her as close as I could, making sure she knew I was there for her

I look down and I could feel my heart breaking at the sight of someone so bright and happy having a break down in my arms. Lily was never the sort of girl who cried in front of people unless it was bad, and especially someone like me, the guy who took the piss out of her constantly for her prudish ways. So, to say I was surprised she had came to me was an understatement

"What happened sweetheart? Hmm, you know you can talk to me" I say pressing my lips to her forehead and letting mine rest on top of it

Lily just shook and sobbed, a little hiccup escaping every noun again, making me jump in the process

"H-How could he? W-Why would he" she sobbed harder into my chest, clinging to my chest

"Who did what?" I say lifting her chin to look into my worried gaze

"M-My Father... He...He hit me Ricky... Full on hit me" she croaked looking up at me with her tear stained eyes

My jaw clenched at those words, as well as my fist. That prick, I knew he was an asshole, but to do that, to his own child!

"Okay sweetheart, I need you to calm down though, or you'll have a panic attack okay? Can do you do that for me? I say trying to be as calming as I could with how angry I was right now

"I-I can't" she chokes on her own words

"Oh Lily, I am sorry that had to happen to you" I say kissing her lips softly once

She blinks at me with her eyes so sad and broken, making me not want to ever let her go. This girl was so innocent in every way and it hurt to see that she was broken from one simple action. I don't care if he did it once, you should never hit your children, ever...

"H-he came back drunk and started shouting at me for hanging around with you, to which I tried to reason with him. He wouldn't listen to me though, so he started shouting at me, calling me a whore and a slut because I was hanging around with you... I tried to walk away b-but... T-That's when he raised his hand to me... He smacked me so hard that I fell into our fireplace. M-My mother never did anything,sh-she just stood there and let him assault me... I-I was so scared and I came here. H-he's never hurt me before Ricky... I-I thought he loved me" she sobbed

"I know, no parent should ever hit their child, ever. He doesn't deserve to have such a wonderful daughter like you. You're not going back there, I don't care if he just did it once, once is enough

"H-He promised me he would never lay a hand on me... b-but h-he lied to me Ricky. W-Why would he do that?" she asked so confused

"I-I thought parents were supposed to love you" she whimpered looking into my eyes

I close mine and bite back the anger and sadness I held towards my Father for all the sadness he brought to into my life. How he abandoned his love for me years ago, leaving me a broken mess with no hope for mankind

"They are sweetheart. But, some people don't deserve the precious children they create. People like us don't deserve the sadness that is caused by our selfish parents. But, you know what you do have?"


"Me, you always have me princess. I won't leave, no matter what happens. Friends are like the family that you can choose. We'll always be here to pick you up when you're not strong enough to do it" I smile softly at her

"I-I'm scared Ricky. What if he does it again?"

"He won't, because I won't let him. You're not going home tonight, you're going to stay the night and we'll figure this all out in the morning" I whisper nuzzling her face with my thumb

"B-But wh-"

"No arguing. We're going to cuddle in bed all day and then eat some junk food and watch a shit tone of things on netflix" I grin down at her

"Okay..." she sighs resting herself back on my chest

I pull her towards her and tighten my grip around her small frame and let out a content sigh. I could get used to her body pressed against mine, it was so comforting. She made me so relaxed, made me forget about all the worries that kept me up most of the night


"Yes sweetheart"

"Thank you" she whispers with a soft smile

"No need. That's what friends are for"

She grins at me and puts Netflix on and picks a movie, leaving me to bite back the pain that was creeping up inside me

A friend, that is all I was to her, and for some reason, that sadden me more than It should have ....
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