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It's Over When It's Over

Cuddles And Comfort

Lily's POV:

I couldn't get away, he was too strong. His rough hands pinned me against the wall as he cold eyes pierced into my soul, leaving me helpless and alone

"You whore, how dare you hang around with that creature after everything I've done for you!" he screams in my face, his hand colliding with my cheek, leaving a stinging sensation there

I look up at him teary eyed, hoping he would have mercy and leave me alone to live the life I chose. He scoffed as me and the next thing I knew I was pinned against the sofa, glass in his hand

Where had he gotten it from? Why did he even have glass in the first place? I look up at his angered eyes and try to plead with him with mine. It was no use though, he snarled at me and dug his nails into my flesh

"I've sacrificed everything for you and for what? For you to hang around with that disgusting guy who dresses like the devil himself? To sleep around with him and forget your loyalty to god himself? I am a well known man at our Church, and I will not let him drag it into the dirt by tainting you with his sins..." he says digging the glass into my flesh, letting the blood pour from my wound

"S-top Dad, it hurts. Please stop" I plead as the glass is scraped across my flesh

"I am draining the sins from your skin child, don't be afraid. soon, you'll be free of sin and you can start over"

"I'm innocent Daddy, please don't hurt me any more, Ricky is a wonderful guy, looks don't definr a person. Please stop, you're hurting me..." I sob

It's like he can't hear me though, like he's in a dream like state and he can't hear me or any one else...

"Lily, come on sweetheart, it's time to wake up. It's only a dream" says a distant voice

I can feel someone shaking me awake, but I can't seem to fight against this nightmare. I feel like i'm going to die and there was nothing I could do to stop this. My Father has gone mad and he was going to kill me for my 'sins'

With one last shake, I jolt awake, beads of sweat dripping from my body as I shakily look up at a familiar pair of blue eyes and take comfort in knowing that it was just a dream and I was safe for now

Ricky pulls me close to him and kisses my forehead, instantly making me calm down a little at his touch

"H-he was going to kill me Ricky" I sob a little now

"Shh, it's okay sweetheart, it was only a dream. You're safe now. You're at mine with me, nothing is going to harm you, not while I'm around anyway" he say cooing me into relaxation as he stroked my hair softly

My body eases up and relaxes against his chest, letting us to cuddle for a while as he kissed my head and stroked me hair until my breathing was normal and I could actually move without shaking

"Want to talk about it?" he smiles stroking my face softly

"I-I just had a nightmare... It seemed so real. He was going to kill me for being with you, hanging around you. He thought I was going to loose my virginity to you and do loads of bad things" I sob and Ricky comforts me

"Oh sweetheart. I think you're just so worried about everything that's happened, that it's just playing on your mind and making you think about the worst case scenarios" he say petting my hair and he placed gentle kisses on my nose and forehead

I rest myself against him and listen to him breathe as I try to think about anything but this dream that I just encountered. Cuddling into Ricky made me feel grounded, safe and not like I had to deal with this all alone

My father had always scared me, even as a child. He always took the rules of the bible to the extreme, putting bars against my windows and grounding me for even looking at anything other than a bible. When you're a child, you think that's normal. You grow up thinking that it's not okay to feel the way you do when you're older... Like, horniness. I was always told it was a sin and that I wasn't allowed. Talking to those who weren't spiritual was another big no in my Fathers eyes. I had to do my homework and go to bed, it was a very boring life... Then I met Ricky and his friends. I didn't want to admit it but, Ricky gave me this sense of freedom and acceptance, even if they did tease the heck out of me for being so closed about sex and anything to do with it

I didn't know it then, but I had slowly started to fall for him. The way he smiled at me when he was teasing me, the way his hair hang around his face, shaping it perfectly. Even his smell was enough to make me weak at the knees, and before I knew, he had me wrapped around his fingers... So, being here this close to him with his hand on my cheeks was surreal. I knew he didn't feel the same way as me, so I have to keep my feelings to myself, to not let myself feel this way for him

"Thank you Ricky. I wouldn't have known what to do or where to go if it wasn't for you" I smile up at him

"It's okay sweetheart, that's what I'm here for. I'll be there for you no matter what" he says kissing my hair softly

I smile and cuddle into him softly. I let out a content sigh and he nuzzles further into my hair, breathing softly into it

Just as we get comfortable there is hushed voices downstairs, making me give Ricky a confused look. I thought we were on our own today? His parents were out?

"Shut up you fool, he'll hear us" giggled a girl

Maya? What was she doing here?

"No, you shut up. You're loud ass mouth is enough to wake the dead!"

That was definitely Chris' voice. I wasn't aware he had plans with the guys today? He didn't say anything about it?

I shuffle down the covers and bury myself into Ricky further, hiding my tear stained face as he wraps himself around me and cuddles into my head, nuzzling it with his hand softly

The door swings open, crashing against the wall as they both stumble into the room grinning like cheshire cats. Where they both drunk? How? It's like, what 12? I look at the clock to see that it was in fact 2 in the afternoon

"We are here Olson! My body is ready for you" giggles Chris with a bottle of Jack in his hand

I try not to giggle but, his stance made me laugh at him, causing him to stumble towards us both, plopping himself on the bed with a thud

"Oh, you have company. A girl?" he says raising his half drawn on eyebrow at Ricky

Ricky shakes his head and laughs at them both. At this point, Maya put her ass on Chris' lap, sipping from the bottle of Jack that he held

"You're trashed already? It's 2 in the afternoon!" laughed Ricky, sitting up, revealing me snuggled against his chest

I see Chris look down at me and give me that smirk that made my cheeks blush. I knew exactly what he thought that happened, and it made me feel embarrassed to the bone

"We haven't stopped drinking Rick! We went to this rad party last night and have been drinking since then! Me and Maya threw up a couple of time and carried on drinking" he declares with a grin on his face before he looks down at me

"It's not what you're thinking Cerulli, so don't get any ideas okay?" sighed Ricky holding me protectivly against his chest

"Then what is it like?" piped up Maya, winking at me like she thought we has slept together

I mean, we have, but not in the way that they thought we have. It didn't look good when my bra was on the floor with my underwear and clothes, and I was in a pair of Ricky's shorts and a band Tee

"She needed a friend and I was there for her. She stayed the night and we watched stuff and fell asleep" he said with a matter of fact tone to his voice

I smile up and Ricky and he smiles back down, thanking him for the fact he didn't tell them why I was here in the first place. As much as I disliked my Father, I didn't need any one else knowing what had happened to me, letting them judge him for his actions

"I bet she needed a friend" smirks Chris, who earns a punch from Ricky in the arm

"Shut up fucktard" scowls Ricky

Before Chris could argue, the door bell rings and we all look at each other. Who could that be?

Ricky gets up from his position and walks down the stairs, leaving me Chris and Maya in the room together. I shuffle uncomfortably as Chris scoots closer me and smiles softly

"You love him don't you?" he says and I choke on my own spit

Where the fuck did that come from?

"What, where did that come from?" I say feeling my cheeks burn red

"Oh come on, don't bullshit me Lils, I can see it in your eyes. The way you look at him. You practically get giddy when he's around" he says as I feel my cheeks flush a little bit more

Was I seriously that obvious with how I felt about Ricky? Damn, I needed to hide it better if so

"Lily, come down here sweetheart, your mum is at the door" shouts Ricky

My heart sinks and I sigh, making my way downstairs, throwing on Ricky's black dressing gown as I pass it

I look down to see my Mother with tears in her eyes. She wraps herself around me and smothers me in her tears and embrace

"I can't breathe Mum, please let go" I say and she lets go

"Sweetie I-"

"Please don't I'll come home tomorrow, I just need time to think about what happened. Just give me that please?" I beg and she sighs

"uh... Okay fine. We can discuss this all tomorrow over dinner" she says kissing my cheek

"Thank you Mum"

"I love you sweetie. Be safe" she says and waves Ricky goodbye

The door shuts and he engulfs me in a hug and pulls me into the kitchen

"How about we go to a party tonight? My friends are flying in from Scranton and they have their own place just down the road. It'll take your mind off of everything" he says pecking my nose

"I would love that" I smile looking into his beautiful blue orbs

"Okay, it's settled. Tonight, we party!"