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It's Over When It's Over

The Beauty In Black

Ricky's POV:

Picking up my phone, I call the guys to confirm that I could bring Lily over with me

"Motionless residence, how I can help?" chuckles Balz down the other end of the phone

"It's me Joshua" I say and roll my eyes at the other end of the phone

"Don't roll your eyes Olson. What do you want? You aren't going to bail on us tonight are you?"

"No. The opposite, I was just double checking if I could bring a friend along? Her name is Lily and she could use the cheering up" I state and I hear Balz choke on the other end of the phone and call the other guys

I hear muffled voices and then another voice at the end of the phone

"Ricky, you're bringing a girl... As in, like, an actual girl?" gasps Dev down the phone now

"Yes Dev, I am bringing an actual girl. She's a friend and could use cheering up. It's nothing more then that! Now, can I or not?" I sigh wishing I would have just brought her instead of being interrogated on the phone by them all

"Of course you can man. If you're going to bang her, take it to the spare room yeah?" he said with a muffled laugh

"1, I'm not going to bang her and 2, she's just a friend Dev. So, don't even prod the poor girl. She's a virgin to these kind of things and I want you to take it easy on her" I warn

"Yeah yeah, sure thing Olson" they all chuckle before hanging up on me

I shake my head and look at both Maya and Chris asleep on my bed, cuddling into each other. I wish they both would admit they liked each other already, it was getting painful to watch them both flirt and act like a couple around each other

Lily walks in with just my shirt on and nothing else. I feel the blood rush to my dick and I have to hold in a groan at the sight of her. Holy fuck she looks hot in my clothes. They were so big and showed her perfect legs and figure in them. I shake the feeling off and walk towards her smiling

I can't like her like this... I can't

"You nervous for tonight sweetheart?" I say cuddling her gently

"A little. I'm more nervous about meeting your friends is all. The Alcohol I am kinda looking forward to. Just... could you do me a favour please Ricky?" she says looking up at me with her beautiful eyes

"Sure thing sweetheart. Anything" I say meaning that

"Could you look after me if I drink too much? Make sure nothing bad happens to me?"

"Of course. I would have done that anyway. But, you have nothing to worry about okay? I only have people we trust at our parties" I smile softly as she blushes a bit

After a while of silence, I hear both Maya and Chris groan, waking up with a hangover I presume. They look at both me and Lily and smirk. I instantly pull away and blush deeply. I curse myself for having such pale skin

"Morning" giggled Lily, handing them some water that she had in her hands earlier

"Mmm, My head hurts" groans Maya

"Well, you did get drunk in the middle of the afternoon" she laughs

Chris sends me a wiggle of the eyebrows before shifting out of bed, in just his boxers. I look down and cover my eyes

"Uh, you have a party in your boxers Chris. Please sort it out" I say shielding my eyes from his little problem

Chris chuckles and Maya blushes, as does Lily. I can't help but giggle at both their reactions. Lily, because she's not use to seeing a boner before and Maya is because she has a massive thing for Chris, and she wants to help with his little downstairs party

"So, shall we get ready for the party?" I suggest to the girls

"Hell yeah! No offence Lils, but you can't go dressed in... In that Misfits tee" she giggled

Lily looked down and realised she was half naked and shoved on my dressing gown, blushing profusely. It was kinda cute the way she blushed

"I don't have anything else to wear!" she gasped

"Good job I brought some extra clothes huh?" she said throwing a plastic bag in my direction and laughing

"Thanks Babe" she says walking off into the bathroom, leaving me and Chris alone in my room to change

Chris and I change into similar outfits. Black skinny jeans and a band top. I put on a leather jacket and Chris wears his long trench coat. We give each other the thumbs up as we await the girls to come back

"So, you and Maya" I smirk when I see his cheeks flare up

"What about us?"

"When are you going to ask her out Man? She likes you, a lot. Any idiot can see that one! Who else puts up with your ugly face" I smirk when he fakes hurt

"Fuck off you little runt. There is nothing wrong my face at all! Also, I am not going to ask her out, it's not that simple. I don't want to ruin the friendship that we have"

Before we can continue the girls walk and I swear the wing got knocked out of me when I saw how stunning and different Lily looked in Maya's clothes. She wore a sexy as hell Black Crop Top and Skirt topped with a bat necklace and some little Wedged Shoes

"Wow" I say without thinking, looking at Lily with a goldfish expression

Chris pushes my mouth together so I stop gawking at her now. Maya was dressed in a nice off the shoulder red and black dress, which suited her nicely. I catch Chris giving a cheeky glance over

I clear my throat and look up at everyone

"We all ready?" I ask

They all nod and cheer

Tonight was going to be fun!
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