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It's Over When It's Over

I'm Fun, Right?

My phone alarm bleeped happily in my ear, waking me up from my slumber. I let it play out as it was playing one of my favorite tunes. Happy Song by Bring Me The Horizon. I loved school, it was a was a way of me getting together with a group of friends and being able to somewhat be myself without my parents having a problem with it

I decide to push the limits today and pick out a little more of a risque outfit in hopes that my parents didn't mind too much. I grab my vest top, which had a blink 182 logo on it, with a pair of high waist-ed jeans. I know what your thinking, how can someone like me, like music like this. Well, my friends are into this style of music and I am slowly getting into it, which my parents don't like at all. They think I should be into classical music because it doesn't swear. I roll my eyes and lightly chuckle to myself

I brush out my hair and turn on my curling irons. I wanted to look different than usual, as I felt like I needed a little bit of a change. So, I take small strands of hair and place them in the iron. I do this for half an hour before my locks are loosely curled. I hairspray the heck out of it and smile happily into the mirror. I check the time, 20 minutes before Chris and Maya come and pick me up. So, I had time to go downstairs, eat and read through my project I had to do with Ricky. I sigh. I honestly wish he would study instead of leaving me to do all the work. Was it really that hard to actually use that brain of his and think? Probably not, he's probably killed brain cells off due to the amount of weed he smokes

"Have a good day Darling, don't work too hard" says my Father kissing my head lightly before the car outside beeps, indicating that Chris and Maya were outside waiting for me. I wave them both goodbye before heading towards the car. I get in, sitting at the back with Maya so we could talk. We drive to Ricky's before we sit outside for 10 minutes. Yep, I knew he would be late

"Call him?" pouts Chris and I sigh

"Why me?"

"Cause you two need to learn to get along" he smiles and I sigh again

I reach into my pocket and dial his number

"Hurry up. We're waiting" I snap at him as he sighs down the phone

"Ill be down soon Sweet-Cheeks. Don't get your panties in a twist"

"Stop calling me that Ricky.You know I hate it" I shout at him

"Whatever. I'll be there in a minute, so hold up for a second. I'm just adjusting me dick" he says and I let my mouth gape open a little. Why did he have to say things like to me? I don't want to hear about them

"Ricky!" I scream down the phone at him before I hang up

I turn to Maya, who was looking at me in a confused manner

"Lets not talk about it" I say trying to pull the image out of my brain thanks to that nugget

Ricky slides into the car next to me and buckles up

"Mornin'!" chirps Maya, who was glancing at Chris every chance she got. I think Maya might have a thing for Chris? Does she even like him like that? I will ask her when we are alone, and not around Ricky. He'd just be horrid and tease her about it

"Yeah Yeah" he waves her off grumpily as he leans against the window. He's always so mood in the mornings...

Me and Maya can't take the silence anymore and start chatting about Tv programs such as Big Brother and the interviews that take place on kerrang and Scuzz

"Do you two ever shut up?" Snaps Ricky

"Someones grumpy this morning" Chuckled Chris looking back at Ricky through his mirror

"You know why I'm grumpy" He moans

"Didn't get to wank this morning?" he teases as Ricky gives him the middle finger

"No. I woke up late and couldn't do anything. I couldn't wank, smoke or nothing" he moan pulling my beanie down

"Can we not talk about this please? It's making me uncomfortable" I say, having a cringe attack. I don't want to hear of Ricky's sexual activities at all. I didn't really wanna hear about anything sexual period

"Don't listen then" Ricky snap at me and I cross my arms over my chest. I was so sick of his attitude. He was so inconsiderate sometimes and it really grated on my nerve s

"You're just disgusting you know that. Both of you are" I whine just wanting a hole to come and swallow me up right now. I could feel a blush forming on my face

"It's normal to have a wank Sweet-Cheeks. Just like blow jobs, fingering, licking out and sex is" he smirks at me and I give him a blushed shocked face

"Just no. Stop" I beg as he pulls his fingers into a V shape and licks in between them

"What are you doing?" I ask very confused right now

"You don't know?" chokes Maya as she took a sip of her water

"No, should I?" I ask going red from not knowing what was going on right now. Was it something dirty?

"I'll tell you later" laughs Maya who looks at me and shakes her head laughing

"Do I want to know?" I say warily

"I'll tell you Sweet-Cheeks. It's what licking a girl out looks like. See, the V is her pussy and the tongue is between the folds" Ricky smirks at me before I go pale. I pull my hand up and slap him harshly across the face. He's.. He's such a word I can't even say right now

"You.are.vile Olson" I say as I realize that the slap really hurt my hand. I shake it and Ricky smirks, knowing it hurt me more than him

"No. I am a horny male" He says as we approach the car park

Ricky literally hops out of the car and makes his way to the roof. So much for doing our project,. huh? Looks like i'm spending my day alone, again. I really didn't fancy having people poking fun at me for sitting in the library and studying alone, so I follow them. I watch as Chris and Maya follow Ricky up the ladders. I stare up at them and sigh.

"Sorry Sweet-Cheeks. Looks like you're on your own for today" He smirks and I pout up at them

"I'm coming up" I say, really not wanting to be alone for the third day in a row. Maybe I could get him to do some work whilst up here? Ha. Probably not. I hear Ricky choke as I start to climb the ladders. I hope to everything that no one caught us up here though

"Oh fuck, she's actually breaking the rules Chris" Coos Ricky dramatically

"Shut up. I can hear you, you know" I snap, nearly at the top of the ladders now. I look down and gulp. Yep, this was pretty high. Why did I climb up the stupid ladders again? I hated heights!

"Scared there Princess?" Laughs Ricky, which makes me send him a death glare

"No" I say, clinging to Maya, who lets me.

"Are you sure about that?" he smirks, edging towards me. I don't like this one bit, what was he doing to do? I don't trust Ricky at all

"Yes. I am fine" I say nervously, hoping he wouldn't see that I was nervous. I was still clinging to Maya for dear life

"Oh really?" He says, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder

"Ricky, put me down. Oh damn, it's so high up here. RICKY! RICKY YOU NUGGET. PUT ME DOWN!" I scream, seeing how high we were now that I was over his shoulders. I kick and punch him to let me go. I think I was going to cry if he didn't put me down soon

"Nugget? Haha. Did you really just call me a Nugget" he say putting me down onto Chris, who tangles his arms around me whilst Ricky lays on he floor laughing

"God this girl is going to be the death of me" Ricky laughs so hard he looked in pain

"You're so mean" I pout cuddling into Chris

"So, you guys going to this party that the Rich kids are having tonight?" pipes up Maya

"Fuck Yes! It means more girls for me to get laid with" he smirks stubbing out the stick he calls a spliff

"Chris?" she looks at him and he nods

"Sure why not. I've not been drink in a while"

I don't get them all. why would you want to drink yourself into an early grave? Drink can do so much damage to your liver, and your whole body. Why would you want to make stupid mistakes and then regret them the next day? That's how kids get pregnant and end up a teenage mum. I think Chris just went with the flow of things though. Chris is way too laid back sometimes, it's kinda scary

"Lily?" she asked me and I felt put on the spot. She was asking me? I always say no. I ponder for a moment before asking them some questions

"Will there be Alcohol and Drugs?" I say getting off Chris' lap and sitting next to him now. I could feel his um, yeah. It wasn't pleasant

"Duh. That's what parties are for you idiot. Drugs, Booze and sex" He says to me like I was stupid - Which I am not!

I blush burying my head into Chris' shoulder. I hated when Ricky spoke like that in front of me

"You don't have to come" smiles Kayla "You probably won't have fun anyway"

"No. She'll be the party pooper in the corner having a panic attack at the amount of half naked Girls and Boys in the room. It'll the most of another persons body she's ever seen" Ricky snickers at me

"I am not a party pooper" I pout

Was I really a party pooper?

"Are too"

"I can have fun!" I squeal angrily

"Yeah right? What's your idea of fun?"

"Well, I had a cigarette once" I say seriously, which only makes Ricky laugh harder than earlier. I don't see what's so funny?

"Big Whoop Sweet-Cheeks"

"What. It wasn't very nice though. I didn't like it"

"I bet you've never even drank before?"

I go red again. Feeling like an idiot not for not even drinking a single sip of Alcohol

"Thought not. Little Miss Perfect doesn't know how to taint her little perfect persona" He teases

"I can!" I shout

"Prove it then. Come to this party and let loose" Ricky smirks

I huff before agreeing to go. I didn't want to be the party pooper. I didn't even realize I was seen as one. I wanted to prove to them I could have fun... One drink never killed anyone, right?

"Excellent. Wear something... Fitting" Ricky practically purr at me

"Like what?" I say not sure what he meant

"Ask Maya, she can help you" Ricky says and Chris nods at his comment

I nod and then look at Maya. I let out a long sigh

I didn't like the way Ricky was looking at me right now. It sent chills down my spine

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
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The next chapter will be when things start to get interesting ^_^