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It's Over When It's Over

We Can Just Have A Little Fun

Ricky's POV:

I snort with laughter as we leave the girls to go get ready. Little Miss Perfect was going to have a shock when she turned up to the house party. Not only would there be Alcohol and Drugs, there would be people fucking and making out everywhere . This was going to be so much fun. Tonight I was going to taint that pretty little complexion of hers. Also, I think I will steal her first kiss too. All I had to do was get her drunk enough, which shouldn't be too hard coinsidering she's never drank before. Before you start about being an asshole, I'm just leading her into a more fun lifestyle. She honestly needs to lighten up a little

"Ready to go?" says Chris placing his hand on my shoulder

"Yeah" I say getting into the front of his car

We both buckle up. Chris puts on his mix-tape and presses play. We sit and listen to Slipknot as we drove home in utter silence. I don't think Chris knows what to say when things like this happens. I am greateful for that though, means he doesn't have an opinion on the situation

"Do you think she will turn up?" I wonder out loud


"Lily" I say turning the music down to be able to hear him

"Uh, that's a good question. In all honesty, I don't know what will happen. She seemed dead set on proving you wrong" he sighs in that way that sounds like he's a bit irritated

"See, I don't think she will. She's too innocent. Not a bad bone in her body" I say rolling my eyes

"Doesn't mean she doesn't want to open up to the idea. Maybe she's just scared"

"When did you start sticking up for her?" I snort

"I'm not. I was just pointing out the obvious" he chuckles

"Yeah Yeah" I wave him away

"You know. You might just need to coax her in slowly instead of putting a shit tone of pressure on the girl. She won't like the idea anymore if you pressure her" he says making me groan as I knew he was right

I hated it when Chris was right, it meant I had to admit I was wrong, which I never did. I hated being wrong. It really pissed me off. I'm stubborn and like being right all the time, that's just who I am. Can't change - Won't change

"Just shut up and drive" I mumble turning the music back up now to drown out his Sarcastic remark I knew he was going to make at me

We finally reach mine. Thank fuck. I get out and head towards my door. I unlock it to be greeted with a note on the counter in the kitchen

Hey Honey, be back Monday. We've gone to visit your sister so, don't trash the house if you have friends over okay?
I'll give you a call tomorrow around midday
There is some money in the pot, don't spend it all on takeaways please
Make sure the house is clean when I get home
Love you, Mum and Dad xx

I scrunch the note up and throw it into the bin. Thanks for that. It's not like I wanted to fucking see my sister anyway, assholes. Prefect, now I am in a bad mood. I think it's spliff O'Clock. I dig through my bag to find my little box that I stored my shit in to keep it from being squashed. I pull it out and open the lid when Chris enters the room. He sits in the counter and looks around the room

"Where's the parents?" he asks

"Visiting Rachel" I mumble lighting my baby up and inhaling some smoke

"Oh, i'm here -"

"I don't wanna talk about it alright? They obviously don't think I'd want to see my little sister" I let out a sad sigh

My parents always cared more for her anyway. I was the disappointment in the family. Oh well. I'm just gonna get fucked and fuck tonight. Fuck them. I don't fucking care anyway, wankers. At least they gave me some money, means I can buy some new shit tonight. I haven't done LSD in a while. I might give it another try. Last time I took much and sorta OD'd on the shit. That was not fun at all

"I get it. Just know I am here if you need to talk" smiles Chris

Why does he have to be so damn nice all the time? Ugh. It must get tiring being polite to everyone. I know I'd get bored very easily that's for sure

"Whatever. Do have your shit with you?" I ask refering to his clothes

"Backpack" he says throwing it onto the counter

"Cool. Uh, wanna stay this weekend? We can just like hang and stuff" I mumble

"That'll be great. Gives me a break from my parents" he chuckles and I do to. Mr and Mrs Cerulli are too nice. Like, seriously. One time I went over and didn't have enough for Baccy, so they offered me money to buy some. Who offers their kids friends money for Baccy? Only Chris' parents would. They even offered to pay for me to go on holiday with them last year so that Chris could have some company. I declined for obvious reasons. I wasn't going to let the pay for me to go on a holiday I wasn't really invited to. That would have been weird as fuck

"You're on the pull out bed tonight. There is no way in hell I will ever be sharing a bed with you again! You take up the whole thing... And you spoon. Not cool man" I chuckle as he pouts playfully. I'm pretty sure Chris was gay, or Bisexual at least. No one flirts with guys like Chris and can say they are straight

"Awh, there's me thinking we could spoon all night" he pouts some more as I roll my eyes and stub out the spliff

"Shut up you big gay" I tease and he laughs it off

"So, we should probably get ready to go meet the girls?" he asks and I nod

-Several Hours Later. Party Time-

I decided that because it was a Rich kids party, I would throw in some colour to my look. So, I wore a red tie. Yep, that's as colourful as you're getting me. I don't do colour. Ask Chris, he's the same. I settled on a black shirt with ripped black Skinny jeans, were as Chris put on a blazer, Tee-shirt and some black jeans. I look at Chris as he belts up his very long New Rocks. I didn't understand how the fuck he could talk in those kinda things. Me, I stuck to my Creepers. They are just cool as fuck, and suit me to a T

"We look so goth" he chuckles looking at himself in my mirror. I just laugh at him before digging in my pocket for my phone. I check the time. 10pm. I suppose it's late enough to head over to the house now. I text Kaya to let her know we were on our way and to meet us outside the house

Kayla: She looks so fucking hot tonight. Don't get too hard when you see her ;]
Ricky: She's actually coming? :O
Kayla: You bet your ass she is. If I way gay ;]
Ricky: I'll believe it when I see it....
Kayla: When you do, don't say I didn't warn you. Little Miss Perfect looks sexy
Ricky: Whatever. In a bit. Wait outside... Look out for Chris, as he's the taller one
Kayla: Chou x

"Apparently Little Miss is actually going to turn up" I chuckle still not belieing Kayla. She was usually very over dramatic when it came to these kinda things. The amount of girls she's set me up with that she said were hot and well, weren't. I don't believe that Lilly could even look hot. She was too... Innocent? Yeah, innocent. She didn't know what looking sexy meant

I let out a laugh at that thought

"You're laughing out a loud again" Chris pokes my cheeks as he says that "At least give her some credit for not running away for once" he smiles and we head out. I grab my phone, Baccy and keys. Don't want to be locked out like last time. I ended up sitting on Chris's shoulders trying to break into my own home, drunk. I had a black eye the next day from falling into the wall as Chris stumbled forward. It hurt like a motherfucker

"One brownie point for her. Loads of points to me for convincing her" I smirk

"You practically forced her Ricky. You knew she would wanna prove you wrong, that's why you said those things" he sighed

"I didn't make her say yes. I just pointed out the obvious" I chuckled as he turned down the road in the direction of the house

"I don't get you two. Why can't you just get along again?"

"We just can't Chris. She annoys me with this little innocent act she has going on. I don't think she's innocent at all"

"And how do you know that?"

"I just feel as though she isn't innocent. Something screams that she's not" I mumble as we appear outside of the house

I sniff and take in the scent of Booze, sex and drugs. My favorite kind of smell. I look round to see Kayla and a girl walking with her. I look closely and I swear to god my draw dropped hard (Lily's Outfit)

The girl I see next to her is none other than Lilly goody two shoes striding next to her in a short skin tight dress, hugging her hips ever so nicely. Who even know she had curves like that? Shit. I think I might actually get a boner from the sight. She worse simple black eyeliner, which complimented her face so well. It stood out with the tone of her skin reflecting from the light. Kayla did a fucking job with her. I must thank her for the sigh sometime tonight. Right now, I had to control my boner that was slowly happening. The dress was , which was accompanied with white shoes. Hot damn this girl looked so fuckable right now

"What's wrong Ricky?" asks Lily tugging at the dress so it would stay down

"Uh. Nothing" I say stuttering

What the fuck Ricky. You never stutter. Pull your shit together

"Is this suitable?" she said refering to her outfit

All I could do was nod and stare at her. Just Fuck. Wow. Uh, yep. I have a boner right now

"You look beautiful" says Chris, saving my ass right now. I needed to also thank him later to

"Thank you" she blushes looking down at the ground nervously

"Shall we?" he says holding out his arm for her to take it. He walks her in as Kayla grabs my arm and smirks at me whilst I watch her hips sway from side to side, making her butt look even more tempting to slap

"I did good right?" she smirks slapping me out of my stare on Lily's ass

"More than good. This is perfect" I say practically drooling at the sight of her

"Thank you. Now, she's had a glass of wine already, so she should be relaxed enough to enjoy herself" she says proudly

"How did you manage that?" I say shocked that she even drank the Alcohol

"She wanted to try some, so I gave it to her. She liked it and I poured some out . So, just letting you know she is a wine girl" she giggles as we enter the house

"Ugh, Wine" I shudder from another memory that happened with it. I drank so much wine that I was puking everywhere. All over my bed, the sink, bathtub... I even puked over myself. I couldn't control it. Projectile vomit is not fun to deal with at all

"You don't need to drink it Ricky. Anyway, I am off to find Chris" she sings happily leaving me alone in the middle of the room by myself. Well thanks for that Kayla. Now I look like a fucking looser who turned up on his own

I make my way through the sea of people and head towards the kitchen. That's where most people kept all the booze.- and I was right. I spot a bottle of Rum. I snag it, open the top and take a swig. Ah, it burns so good. I lean against the counter and watch as the sluts walk in with their tits hanging out, trying to get some action. I know I liked to fuck but, even I had standards. I liked a girl who showed enough flesh. but still looked classy. So I scan the room and pick a girl to flirt with - and hopefully bed

When I scan the room, I find nothing. No one decent. I let out an annoying groan before downing some more Rum. There had to be at least one fucking classy girl in this damn house. I walk out of the room and head into the living room to see if there was anyone there. Nope, no one. Brilliant. Just what I need. I'm horny as fuck and I need to get laid.. Bad

I make my way to the sofa and sit down on it. I down the rest of the bottle and lean back. I watch as Chris and Kayla make out in the middle of the room. Why is Chris getting some and I am not? This is torture right now. I feel the sofa beneath me move, so I turn round to see Lily sitting there with worry plastered all over her face

"Fancy seeing you here" I smirk at her and she blushes

"Mmm. I feel funny" she says leaning into my shoulder

"Want another drink?" I ask and she looks at me

"Please" she then giggles

I think that one glass of wine has gone to her head already. Ha. This is a rare sight. Miss Lily Rose drunk at a Rich kids house party

"Wine?" I offer and she bites her lip and nods

Minutes later I come back with a whole bottle of wine, hand it to her and sit back down. I watch as she downs the whole thing

"Woah, slow down there" I say knowing she'll probably throw up if she doesn't slow down

"Why? You wanted me to loosen up a bit Ricky. Here I am, loose and ready for fun" she shouts and I can't contain my smirk. Did she even realize what she just said?

"I do but, drinking yourself silly will only make you sick" I chuckle as she stands up, wobbling side to side. She grabs my hand and yanks me up to her

"I want to dance. Dance with me?" she asks placing her hands on my shoulders

Not like this we aren't. So I flip her round so her ass was on my crotch

"I'm doing naughty things" she giggles as I tug at her dress, making her come closer towards me

"You know. We can more naught things if you like?" I say kissing down her neck gently

"I don't know" she mumbles, letting out a small moan from her lips

"We can just have a little fun. Don't need to go all the way" I purr

"What kind of fun?"

"Come to mine and I'll show you" I say grabbing her ass gently

"Okay" she whispers turning round looking at me biting her lip gently

"Good girl" I smile dragging her out of the house

This was going to be a fun night, I could tell

I like drunk Lily, a lot. She was so much fun
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