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It's Over When It's Over

My Mind Was Telling Me Something Different To My Body

We watch the boys walk over to the car before getting in. My heart was racing a little as we head to mine so I could tell my parents I was staying at Maya's house tonight... I'd just have to leave the I'm going to a party tonight part

I turn to Maya and she smiles happily at me

"So what's the plan of action?" she says following me to my house

"Uh, I will need you to go along with whatever I say when we get to mine alright?" I ask and she looks at me puzzled but agrees anyway

We stand outside my house and I take in a deep breathe. Here goes nothing...

I push my door open to be greeted by my Kitty, fluffy. I pick her up and she nuzzles herself into my cheeks. I giggle before putting her down and letting Maya into my house

"You're house is much bigger in the inside" she gapes as we pass the living room into the kitchen, where my Mother and Father were both sitting sipping on some Coffee and Tea

"Hey sweetheart. How was school today?" my mother says placing a small kiss on my head

"Good thank you. I just wanted to say that I'll be staying at Maya's tonight. We have a school project to finish before next week" I lie

Well, that's the first proper lie i've ever told my parents. I hope they buy what I was telling them. I wasn't sure I was even good at the whole lying thing

My Father looks up from his paper and smiles softly at me

"Of course Darling. Don't stay up too late though, remember we have a meet up to go to tomorrow" he smiles and I nod

I didn't really wanna go to this meeting, but I was being forced to, like I always do. I wasn't very religious but my parents were, which made me feel as though I had to live up to their expectations. Being the only child made my life harder. I couldn't take a back seat and let my younger siblings take the brunt of their faith

"I know. I'll be back around noon" I say truthfully

"Okay Darling. So, you must be Maya?" My Father questions as he gets up and extends his hand to her. I let out a sigh of annoyance and apologize to her with my eyes. She seems to be alright as she takes his hand and smiles at him

"It's nice to meet you, Sir. I've heard such wonderful things about you" she lies. I've not told her anything about my home life at all. I hope she's good at making stuff up

"Please, call me Thomas" he smiles

"Thank you, Thomas" she smiles looking at my mum and smiling too. She was good at this

"So Honey, what subjects do you enjoy the most?" she asks

Oh dear help me. I hope Maya said the right things. They got funny about Artistic subjects. They were both majors in English and Maths. They didn't see Art as a part of an ecademic critieria

"Mine? I would probably say History" she said

"Ah, we have a historian in the house. How very nice to find someone with the same interests as our Lily here" smiles my Mother

I just want to hide in a hole somewhere right now. They were so embarrassing

"Yep. We talk about history all the time"

"Oh would you look at the time, we must be going. Don't want to loose time for our project" I say yanking her to my room and slamming my door shut

"I am so sorry" I say grabbing some clothes and shoving them into a bag. I grab some underwear and shove them in too

"You're fine. They are a bit intense" she giggles and I groan

"They're nice and all but., they can be a little too much sometimes" I sigh before yanking her back downstairs and waving my parents bye

The walk doesn't take long at all. Actually, it passed really quickly as we both talked about pointless things and boys... Maya talked, I just listened. I had no interest in any boys. I've never had a crush before to be honest. I don't know what having a crush even feels like

"So, would you date Ricky or Chris?" she asks and I look at her mouth wide

"No. Ew. Just no. Ricky is a nugget and Chris is my friend"

"And? I would. They're both fuckable" she coos opening up her front door letting us both in. I stop to take off my shoes and she just looks at me weirdly

"What are you doing?"

"Taking me shoes off?"


"Because it's polite?"

"Keep 'Em on, no need for all that shit" she waved at me before leading me to her room

I push the door open and look around me. Maya had posters of loads of different men on her walls. Some looked like woman to be perfectly honest. I don't understand how she could find these guys attractive. They had long hair, which was longer than hers. It was odd to look at. I sit on her bed and she then stands up and walks to her wordrobe

"So, what did you wanna wear? I have loads of outfits" she says digging through her wardrobe, throwing clothes my way. I pick some up and instantly put them back down. I was not wearing something too skimpy, I wanted to reserve my dignity at least a little bit

"How about this?" she says handing me a long black dress. I frown at it but try it on anyway. I look at myself in the mirror and shake my head. No. I look horrible. No offense to her but, I really don't suit black clothes at all

"No. I look awful" I say taking it off an neatly folding it onto a chair

"Fine" she huffs digging through her wardrobe some more. She then shouts something and dives further into her wardrobe

"How about this with these?" she says throwing a white dress my way with some heels. The dress I like, the heels not so much. I've never worn heels before. What if I fell over and made a fool of myself in front of everyone?

"Uh, I can try it on" I say pulling it over my head, placing my hands through the holes and letting it hug my body slightly. I make my way back over to the mirror and gasp at the girl in front of me. This was not the girl who walked into the room an hour ago. She looked, grown up and beautiful. The dress wasn't too short, which I loved. It didn't show too much flesh, which meant I could preserve my dignity

"Wow! You look Sexy as fuck" she squeals happily at me as she throws on her clothes for the night

"Um, thank you?" I say awkwardly. I've never been called sexy by anyone... let alone a girl. It was an odd experience

"Omg, you need to wear those heels, they would just add to the look" she squealed and I sighed. Maybe I would look alright and be alright in them? I pick them up and place them both on. I stand up and look in the mirror. She was right, I looked good in these shoes, with the dress of course. I turn round to see Maya had opened a bottle of wine and was pouring herself a glass

I had never drank alcohol before, like ever. I wonder what it tastes like? My Father said I shouldn't drink. It's not good for your body or soul. One sip couldn't hurt right? I wouldn't get drunk?

"Want some?" she asks and I bite my lip

Do I want some? Maybe?

"Can I try a little bit please?" I ask and she nods handing me the glass. I take a sip and pull a face. It was bitter. but the after taste was pleasant, so I took one more sip

"Good?" she smiled pouring out another glass, which she takes a gulp out of

"Yeah. I'll just have this one though, I don't want to get drunk" I add

"Okay, well lets do our makeup and leave" she says texting someone on her phone. she's been texting them for half an hour now. I wonder who it was? Chris?

"Right, the boys are leaving now. We should head out" she says as I down the rest of my wine. Which tastes so good by the way. I like wine, a lot

We walk towards the party, which only made the sick feeling in my stomach worse. I was more than nervous, I was terrified. I've never been to a party before. What if people didn't like me? What If I got hit on by someone? I wouldn't know how to react. I try to calm myself down by humming a little tune. It seemed to work because when I looked up, I saw Ricky staring at me

"What's wrong Ricky?" I ask making sure the dress would stay down

"Uh. Nothing" He says stuttering

Ricky was stuttering, that's a new one

"Is this suitable?" I say meaning my outfit. He said I had to wear something suitable to the party

All he did was nod at me and then reach for his crotch. I instantly look up at Chris

"You look beautiful" says Chris

"Thank you" I blush looking down at the ground nervously

"Shall we?" he says holding his arm out for me to take, which I do. I don't look back though, scared to look at Ricky

"Why is Ricky acting weird?" I ask

"I think you proved the shithead wrong. You do honestly looked stunning" he said which sent my cheeks flaming

"Thank you. I wasn't sure on whether it was too short or something" I say stumbling up the steps because of my heels

"Easy there" he says helping me back up

"S-Sorry" I blush as our eyes met

"It's alright doll. Right, i'll be back in a minute, stay here" he says leaving me in the middle of a room full of people. I start to panic when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Maya standing there with a goofy grin on her face

"Where's Chris" she shouts over the loud music. I point towards the table full of booze and she thanks me with her eyes. I stand there awkwardly as she moves towards him. I make my way over too, not really wanting to stand alone at all

"Wine?" offers Kayla and I take it off her. This stuffs seems to be helping my nerves a little bit now

"Hey Chris, wanna dance?" she smirks and Chris nods at her. Kayla pulls him up to dance and there I was again, left to stand alone in a party I knew know one

I then spot Ricky sitting on the sofa, so I stumble towards him, feeling a little bit hazy as I do. Was this the Alcohol? I hope so, I kinda liked this feeling. I feel like I want to drink more. I'll make it a point to get a drink in a minute, when I felt I could stand still for five seconds

"Fancy seeing you here" He smirks and I feel my cheeks blush

"Mmm. I feel funny" I say leaning into his shoulder to shake this feeling away

"Want another drink?" he asks and I smile

"Please" I giggle involuntarily

I think that wine really had done something to me. I feel giggly and dizzy. but in a good way

"Wine?" He offers as I bite my lip and nod

Why was I biting my lip for?

He comes back with a bottle of wine, which I open and starts to down. Damn, I was thirsty

"Woah, slow down there" He chukcles

"Why? You wanted me to loosen up a bit Ricky. Here I am, loose and ready for fun" I shout at him a little and he smirks at me slyly

"I do but, drinking yourself silly will only make you sick" Ricky chuckle as s#I stand up, wobbling side to side. I grab his hands and yank him towards me

"I want to dance. Dance with me?" I ask placing my hands on his shoulders. I wanted to let loose a little and have some fun. No biggie

He flips us round so that but butt is touching his parts. I feel a little naughty right now and I kinda liked it

"I'm doing naughty things" I giggles once again as Ricky tugs at my dress to make me come nearer to to him

"You know. We can more naught things if you like?" Ricky says kissing down my r neck gently

"I don't know" I mumble letting out a moan from my lips

Did I really just do that?

"We can just have a little fun. Don't need to go all the way" He purrs down my ear, sending waves of shivers throughout my body

"What kind of fun?" I question kind of knowing what he meant

Does alcohol make you loose all in inhibition? Because I was relaxed and not thinking like myself right now

"Come to mine and I'll show you" Ricky says grabbing my butt

"Okay" I whisper biting my lip at him

"Good girl" he smiles dragging me out of the house

My heart raced as we approached his house

Did I really want this?

Ricky then answered me by shoving me against a wall and attaching his lips to mine, making me moan

My mind was telling me something different to my body...

For my sake, I hope I make the right choice tonight
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