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It's Over When It's Over

She's So Sensitive

Tonight was the night Little miss Perfect was going to loose all her purity... to me! She agreed so technically I am not an asshole, right? She wants some fun and I wasn't going to deny her the world of pleasure. What kind of gentleman would I be? Denying her a mind blowing orgasm she'll remember for the rest of her life

We stumble towards me door as I fumble in my pockets for me keys . I knew I had them here earlier, where the fuck where they?

Aha, here they are!

Now to find the damn key. I try to push it in but it just wouldn't go

"Fuck you. Come on, let me in you stupid fucking key! The tightness in my jeans is getting painful" I grumble finally shoving the key in the keyhole. I turn the lock and push the door open. Lily followed behind me giggling like an idiot

"You have a house" she mummers, slapping her hand across her mouth and giggling loudly

"Mhm. I also have a bed" I wink at her and she blushes at me slightly

"So naughty" she coos shutting the door behind her now

I throw my shoes into a cupboard and so does Lily. We both then removes out jackets and place them on the clothes hook adjacent to the living room. I grab Lily's wrist and pull her close to me. Our faces were now inches apart. I take a risk and gently push my lips onto hers. She hesitates for a moment before she kissed back. My hands slide down her hips to her ass, I give them a squeeze before pulling away from our somewhat heated kiss

"I can feel something against my thigh" she said looking down at my boner

"That my dear is a Boner" I smirk as she looks at me with a shocked expression

"Ricky, shut up" she blushes hitting my arm now

Blush all you want princess, I'm going to show you how good it feels

I motion for her to follow me up to my bedroom. I hopes to anything right now that Chris does not come back with Maya. I don't need him disturbing me and Miss Perfect right now. She hesitantly follows me up the stairs. I can probably guess she was nervous, like all girls were. Why do they get nervous anyway? It's only sex. I'll use a condom. I do not want a fucking child in my life, ever. I hate kids. They are bratty snotty and just annoying in general

"I-I'm not sure I want to do this now" she says as we stand inches away from my room now

"Look at me sweetie, it'll be good. Let go a little. We don't have to go all the way" I whisper easing her into it. I didn't want to scare her off before the fun even began

"Um... Ricky. Is it normal to feel... Uh... Weird down there" she asked shyly and I hold back a chuckle

She was literally too innocent it hurt

"It certainly is. It means you're turned on Lily" I say taking off my shirt, exposing my chest. She bites her lip before stepping into my room

"Now what" she says biting at her nails nervously

"Just go lay on the bed and I'll do the rest.... And Lily, how far are you willing to go? I don't wanna push my boundaries" I say not wanting to like do something that resembles rape or something... That my friends would be bad. It's a big no in my book

"Uh, we can see when we get started" she slurs laying down on my bed

I look at her as she nervously lays on the bed, shaking a little. I take this chance to really look at her body. Holy fuck was she beautiful. Perfect tits, nice legs, beautiful curves, which I can't wait to touch and tease with my nails and mouth

Shit, the thought was enough to make my boner twitch

"You relaxed enough to start?" I ask crawling up the bed between her legs

She nods up at me and lets out a sigh before relaxing into the sheets

I pull her up to sit so I can work her up with some heated making out. That always got anyone off. It was intimate and sensual

"I-I've never really kissed before" she breathes as I ghost my thumb over her quivering lips

"Just do as I do" I whisper in her ear, kissing up her jaw bone to her lips. I press mine to hers and start with a slow rhythm. Lilly follows my movements as she places her hands behind my head.

I ghost my tongue over her lips and she looks at me before opening her mouth. That's when I get rougher with the kiss. I explore her mouth, yanking on her hair slightly, which makes her moan into my lips. Holy fuck, her moan is beautiful. I want to hear more of that

"Lets get rid of this" I mumble disconnecting our lips for a second so I could remove her dress. I slide it off her body, revealing her lacy Bra and french knickers

My My My, someone isn't as innocent as she makes out to be. I smirk, sliding my hands down her body, savoring every moment of this as, she was probably going to kill me in the morning for this

"Ricky" she breathes out as I touch her hips with my finger tips ever so gently


"T-That feels nice" she mumbles as I push harder onto her hips. Lily lets out a moan as she bucks her hips slightly

"I think I found someones spot" I lightly chuckle before leaning down to place butterfly kisses on her left hip, before moving across her navel to press more kisses on the un-touched hip. Lily, was a moaning mess as I sank my teeth into her delicate skin, making me smirk as I place one more kiss onto it

"I feel so hot" she whimpers wriggling a little on the bed not knowing what to do with herself right now. This was such a beautiful sight, I was enjoying every moment of it

"How about we remove this then?" I smirk looking at her bra. I reach round and unhook it with one hand before letting go. The straps slide down her shoulders a little

"W-Want me to take it off?" she blushes and I nod

Lily stands up and slowly slides the straps down her arms before letting the bra drop to the floor

"Such a sexy sight" I purr standing in front of her, letting my hand slide up her thigh towards her breasts. Her breathing hitches as I ghost my thumb over her nipple, earning a whispered moan from her

She's so sensitive

I smirk before letting my thumb gentle massage her nipple, making the bud harder under my touch

"Wow" she gasps as I pinch it gently between my thumb and finger


"Mhm" she moans as she knits her hand into my hair, crashing her lips onto mine. Lily walks me back to the bed and falls on top of me

"W-What do I do now? I didn't mean to push you onto the bed" she blushed and I just smirk up at her

"You can straddle me and undo my belt if you'd like to?" I say letting her do some of the work

"S-Sure" she mumbles as she straddles me on the bed and slowly reaches for my belt. Shakily, she unbuckles me and pulls the belt from my loops. She tosses it aside and then looks down at me with such lust in her eyes

"Want to feel good yet?" I mumble as she grinds her body onto mine. I let out a small moan and she looks at me confused

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you? I was trying to get comfortable" she worries and I shake my head

"No, the friction kinda feels good" I say thrusting my hips up to meet her and she lets out a moan this time

"More" she whispers as she starts to move her hips back an forth, finding pleasure in the friction between our bodies

"You're so naughty Princess" I wink as I dig my nails into her hips and she lets out a massive moan

"Oh fuck" she swears and I chuckle

Guess sex makes her more prone to swearing?

"It'll feel better if you take off my jeans" I smirk using my charm on her

She doesn't hesitate this time in undoing my jeans and sliding them down enough to feel my boner against her thin material

"Oh fuck" she moans as she adds pressure when she grinds harder onto my now throbbing cock

This shit was teasing but, I liked that

"Oh yeah, fuck" I say as this feels much better without my jeans on

"I-I can feel your boner on my parts" she moans putting her hand on my chest as she continuously, unintentionally teases the fuck out of me

"C-Can I try something?" I ask her and she looks at me with confusion

"W-What?" she said holding her hand over her mouth

"You'll see" I smirk up at her now

Then it happen....

She puked all over me, the bed and herself

She couldn't get off me quick enough and now I was paying the price for letting her drink too much


I have a fucking raging boner right now and... Ugh

"I don't feel well" she whispers, getting off me now and crying on the floor, in her sick covered body

"My fucking bed!" I scream as fucking hell, I need to fucking sleep here tonight and it was covered in her fucking sick

"I-I'm sorry" she hiccuped and sobbed into her hands

"Just... go take a shower" I say trying to calm myself down a little

It wasn't her fault after all, I gave her alcohol

"Okay" she whispers getting up and looking round

"Um, where is the shower?" She asks and I point to the door in my room

I sigh as I start to take off all the sheets on my bed and throw them into the wash basket. I knew I shouldn't have let her down that fucking bottle of wine, now I have the contents of her stomach on me and my fucking bed

Once everything was done, Lily returned in just a towel. It took everything in me not to rip that towel off of her body right now

"I don't have clothes" she says as I just stare at her absentmindedly

"Hello, Ricky" she says shaking me a little

"Uh, oh yeah, clothes" I say shuffling through my drawers, giving her some of my briefs and shirts

"Thank you" she blushes before I leave the room to shower

The shower doesn't take long as, I was starting to get that hang over feeling now. I needed sleep

I walk into the bedroom in just a towel as Lily sits on the bed patiently waiting for me to return. I pull on some briefs and remove the towel

"Where should I sleep?" she asks biting her lip

"My bed. Too lazy to put shit on the sofa" I groan sliding into bed and letting Lily get in

The next day I wake up feeling like shit. Holy hell my head hurts. I groan sitting up in my bed. The first thing I notice is that I wasn't on my side of the bed

What happened? How did I end up on Lily's side...

I shake the feeling and slide my legs off the bed. That's when I notice my legs had no hair on them... Strange

I make my way to the bathroom and push the door open

That's when I see my reflection

I let out a high pitched scream

Why did I look like Lily? What the fuck is going on!