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It's Over When It's Over

The Kid Was Enjoying Every Moment Of This

Lily's POV:

I can feel something moving next to me. Who in the world was in my bed. I let out a sigh before ignoring them, I was feeling awful this morning and didn't want to deal with whoever it was. I feel them get out of the bed and head towards a door, which creaked when they opened it up

I jumped when I heard a high pitched squeal. I fall out of bed and hit my head on the floor. I rub the spot with my hand to feel that my hair was slightly shorter and black

Why the world was my hair black!?

I look up and find myself not in my own room

What was going on here?

I search desperatley for an answer when I see me walk out from the bathroom

Why did this girl look exactly like me? My head hurts, what's going on right now?

I get up from the floor and look up her horrified expression

"Lily what the fuck did you do! Why the fuck am I in your body!" she screams at me and I look at her confused

My body?

I cock my head to the side and look at her confused

Why did I go back to a girls house? I'm straight and a virgin for that matter

They come over and drag me towards the bathroom and shove me in front of the mirror

"Why do I look like Ricky!" I squeal but it came out more lower than anitcipated

"That's what I said when I looked into the mirror to see you standing there!" she squeals

Then it clicks, this is Ricky. He's in my body and I am in his.... But how?

"Please tell me this a dream?" I squeal/growl

"Sorry to say it princess but, this is very real. It hurts when I pinch my/your skin"

"H-How" I gasp covering my mouth with my hands

"How in the world should I know?" he frowns at me

Is that seriously what I look like when I frown?

"Don't make that face, your making me look constipated"

"Don't frown, you can see my wrinkles!"

Ricky frowns even more



I sigh leaving the bathroom and flopping onto the bed. This guy was hopeless. Of all people to stuck with, it had to be him!

"What are we going to do? I have an exam in two days! I'm going to fail and then I'll never get into the college of my choice" I groan when I feel the bed dip beside me

"I'll take the exam for you princess" he winks and I cringe

I look so horrible with that sexual demeanor about me

"No you won't! I can't fail that! It's my only hope of getting out of this town" I whine and then I start to cry

The tears fall down my cheeks and I cry

"Don't cry Lily. I can't have you ruining my face with puffy eyes" he scold and I look up at him angrily

"Why are you being so damn calm about this Ricky. We are stuck in each other bodies and we don't even know why!"

"It means I can look at tits and not get in trouble for it!" he says with a chirp

I go over and slap him, hard

"Don't you dare look at my body like that Ricky. I mean it"

I was self concious and didn't want him to see all my flaws

"Hate to break it you princess but, I am going to have to see it when I get changed and shower" he winks and I frown

"Just don't look"

He chuckles before sititng back onto the bed

"I wonder what kind of underwear you wear" he smirks and I blush

I didn't want him looking in my underwear drawer, that was for my eyes only... And mums when she washed the underwear in there

"Shut up!"

Then it hits me. Why was I even at Ricky's in the first place? I don't remember what happened last night at all. Come to think of it, my head really hurt

"Why am I here?" I blurt out and Ricky looks at me with a smirk

"Lets just say your very willing when you're drunk"

Oh lord, I didn't sleep with him did I? I hope not

"We didn't you know?"

"Fuck? No. We were about to until you decided to Puke all over us both" he cringed

"You took advantaged of me! How could you!"

"No. I asked you for persmission sweetheart and you said yes. Don't get drink if you can't handle it" he says and I sigh

Ricky was right. This is why I didn't drink in the first place... My lower region feels a bit weird... I don't want to look but it's really uncomfortable right now

Ricky looks over to me and lets out a massive chuckle

"What's so funny?" I groan at the weird feeling I was having

"Boner alert!" he cried with laughter

I look down to see a tent in the boxers I was wearing. I quickly look away not sure on how to deal with the situation right now

"Ricky. What do I do?"

"Uh, just ignore it, it should go away... If not, you could always wank?" he suggests and I blush at the word

I think I might just let it go away on it's own. That way I didn't have to see or touch it just yet

"No thanks. I'll just ignore it" I say pulling a pillow over it to keep it from my view

"No point hiding it Lils, I've seen my own dick before you know" he grins

The kid was enjoying every moment of this wasn't he! I hoped I had my period soon, then he'd regret taking the mick out of me

"Wait till I come on, then you'll feel true pain!" I shout back at him sticking my tongue out

"Shit. I forget woman bleed from down there... That is just gross" he frowns at the thought

The door slam shut and we hear chattering downstairs

"Richard, we're home!" shouts a female voice

"Shit, my mother" he whispers at me

I think my hear stopped beating at this point as I realized, I had to pretened to be Ricky at this moment in time