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It's Over When It's Over

What We Going To Do?

Ricky's POV:

Fuck Fuck Fuck

Of all times for my parents to actually be home on time, it had to be fucking today!
This was going to be an issue. She couldn't pretend to be me... I was different at home to when I was around my friends at school

"Hey" I say pulling her back softly

"What?" she scoffs

"Just, don't say too much please okay?" I say and she looks at me confused

"Uh, alright then..." she says and walks out of my room and down the stairs

I walk around the bedroom pulling at my/her hair

Fuck me, her hair is so annoying. She needs a damn hair cut! I mean, mine is long but this, this is ridiculous. I pick up at her and look at myself in the mirror

"This is going to end so badly" I whine throwing myself into my bed now

What if she finds out?

Oh God

I can't let her find out, it'll change things forever if she does

So I do something stupid and run down the stairs and see her laughing with my parents

My parents are... laughing

"Hello sweetie. And who might you be?" asks my Father to me

I couldn't help but frown before remembering I was in Lily's body

"I'm Lily, Sir. Ricky's friend" I say going to shake his hand

He grips mine and I grip his. I give him a firm handshake

"Well, never thought i'd meet a girl with a firmer handshake than me" he chuckles and I smile at him

"Rick, should we continue with our uh, assignment?" I say and then giggle like all girls do

"Yeah... Lets go. See you later!" she says waving towards my parents

I drag her up the stairs and slam the door shut, sighing in relief when I hear them both leaving the house

"Why did you do that for?" she squeaks

"I got worried. Now, lets talk about what we're going to do!" I sigh running my fingers through her hair

"Yeah yeah" she sighs, sitting down next to me now

"We'll have to play a part in each others lives for now, and talk to people who might know about this" she sighs and I do to

This is ridiculous right now

"Right... Fuck, my belly really hurts" I say as I feel a horrible pain there

It kinda feels like someone is ripping my insides, out

Lily sniggers at me and I glare in her direction

"What!" I snap

"I'm due on soon" she snickers at me and I frown

Ew, I don't want to deal with blood and all that horrible girly stuff

"Great!" I growl

Then I see her shuffle uncomfortably on the bed. I let out a laugh and she blushes

"It's uncomfortable" she whines and I sigh, getting up and yanking her up towards me. I start to undo her buttons - well my buttons but still

"Woah, wait, what are you doing?" she squeals slapping my hand away

"Helping you" I chuckle at her reaction

"No. It's fine. I don't want you too me naked!"

That's when I laugh harder than before

"1. Iv'e seen you naked already and 2. I've seen my own dick... It's still my body remember, so come here and let me fucking help" I say shoving my hand down the boxers to help adjust my dick into a more comfortable position

When my hand touches it, I hear a lot breathy moan

"Feel good?" I smirk, wrapping my hand around it and slowly moving my hand up and down, just the way I like it

Her reaction is priceless right now

"Oh my" she gasps as I rub my thumb over the slit, making her cup her mouth as she lets out a loud whimper

Just as I go to move more, my bedroom door opens revealing my mother standing there with a pile of clean clothes in her arms

Her face was a mix of shock and mortification

"Oh Shit" I say taking my hand out her/my boxers and waiting for Lily to say something

"Mum... I Uh..." her voice trails off

"I'll just go" she says shutting my bedroom door

I turn to Lily before we both burst out laughing at each other

My poor mother just saw something she shouldn't have seen, completley out of context too

My phone starts to vibrate in my back pocket - Well Lily's does

I look at the ID to see it's Chris


"Chris is calling" I hiss and she reaches for the phone

"lets ignore him" I say not wanting to pretend to be her right now

"No! I never ignore him! Answer it and see what he wants"

I sigh and flick the screen to answer

"Hey. I realised you went missing last night and thought I'd check to see if you got home safely" he says in yawn like voice

"Oh yeah, I am so fine. I got home safe Chris. Don't worry about me"

"You sure? I saw you walk out with Ricky. Did he fuck you?"

I choke on my own spit at his words

What a way to be subtle Chris

"No. Can we change the subject?"

"Maya wanted to come over and see you, is that alright. Her phone died and she begged me to call you"

Maya. That girl gets on my nerves

"Yeah. Just give me half an hour to shower and get dressed" I say then add a giggle for good measure

"Alright" he says before saying goodbye and hanging up


"Yeah, he wants to know if I fucked you yet" I smirk when she blushes and blocks her ears from the conversation

"Is that all?"

"Uh no... I have to go to your place and go see Maya. she wants to see you" I sigh and her eyes widen

"You can't go there...." she said looking frightened now


"You just can't. Call Maya up and tell her i'm sick or something" she panics

"I told her i'd be half an hour" I point out and she hisses


"Did you just swear?" I smirk and she glares at me

"Just, be me, please?"

"Uh, okay?" I say not sure what she meant

"Don't talk back and do as your told at mine please..."

"Okay. I will" I say, picking up her phone and keys

There was a pleading tone in my voice that had me worried about her parents... Did they hurt or something? Cause she made it sound like they were the devils children just by the way she spoke to me

As I walk to her house, I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach

I didn't like this feeling at all