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It's Over When It's Over

I'm Even More Confused Now

Lily's POV:

Ricky's left me alone, in his house... What am I going to do now? We don't have school today, so I can't even go there and do something

What can I do?

I fall back onto Ricky's bed and let out an agitated sigh

I am so bored

I have in idea, I might as well get to know Ricky whilst i'm here. I have to act like him so, what's the harm in snooping around his room for some clues of who he actually is?

I start by the bedside table. I pull out the first drawer and wish I hadn't

There lays a bottle of lube, condoms and some magazines. I feel my face blush as I quickly shut it and try to calm myself down. Well, that was gross!

I open the next drawer and am I sighted with some more magazines. I can't see what's on them so, being the curious person I am, I pick it up and have a look

My mouth gapes open as I am greeted by a busty woman, with her finger in her mouth... Is this a ... Yuck!

I throw it towards the floor and slam that drawer shut

Does he have anything that isn't related to sexual things? I mean come on, you must have other interests other than sex

I feel a little gross right now though, I just touched things he's probably did naughty things with

Great, now my cheeks are blushing

I get off the bed and shuffle around the floor, finding it hard to actually move around. Why does he feel the need to have a floordrobe? He has a perfectly good wardrobe directly in front of his bed

I sigh and start to tidy up his room. I pick up the big pile that I stood on and stuff it into what looks like a was bin. Then I turn back round and start to collect various other items. I stuff them into the bin, when I notice a black pair of briefs on the floor. I pick them up and inspect them, they had a massive white stain near the front of them. I wonder what that was?

I scrape it with my nail and then realization hits me... This was dry ...

I shove them into the Bin and cringe

Why can't he just put his stuff into the wash bin and be a clean today human being?

I think that's enough cleaning for one day

I head over to his music player and scan his Cd collection

I flick through and sigh as I don't know any of these bands at all. I pick out one Cd and place it into the music player. I press play and let the music seep through the speakers

I am a bit taken back at how light this band was, compared to the stuff I've heard Ricky and Chris listening to due in school

I turn the Case round and read the Artists name : H.I.M

Is that seriously there name? Each to their own really

Apparently the song I chose was called Funeral Of Hearts

It's quite good actually. I really like the sound of the lead singers voice. It's so chilling and deep

I lay on the floor and let the music take over my body

It's been ages since I've actually just sat back and listened to music. The lyrics are so, sad?

I can feel his voice touching a part me of me that hasn't be touched in a while

Ricky really does have some taste in music. I would never have heard of this before now. Thank you Ricky. I flick through more songs before deciding I liked them and would be purchasing their albums when I get some money

Flicking through his collection, I find a notebook stuffed inside of it

I pull it out and open the first page

I am amazed at what I see. There are very detailed pictures drawn in here, with shade, tone and texture added to it. To saw I was amazed would be an understatement, I am frozen in awe. The detail is on point and beautifully done. Ricky really had a talent

I flick through the notepad, to see he ha drawn pictures of people who must be his family. I then stumble across one of me. My heart stops a little

Why was he drawing me?

This was a picture that was taken not too long ago, when we went to the beach and Chris had just shoved an ice cream in my face before throwing me into the sea. This was a picture of my wavy sea hair after I had started to dry off a little

Where did he get this picture to draw from it? Only Chris had this picture and he didn't print them all off

If I wasn't cinfused enough as it was, i'm even more confused now

Why was Ricky drawing me?