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It's Over When It's Over


Ricky's POV:

Why was I so nervous? I wish my gut instinct would kindly fuck off and leave me alone

I was terrified. Her words kept replaying in my head

Did they abuse her or something? I fucking hope not! She doesn't deserve that shit at all... No one did. I watched my younger sister go through it with her Ex boyfriend, the bastard!

I push the door open

Here goes nothing

"Sweetie, is that you?" asks a very squeaky voice

That must be her mother?

A woman not much taller than me came out with a long black dress on, covering up her chest, arms and legs

"Hey" I shake shakily

Calm down Ricky, it's just her mother!

"Where have you been young lady? It's past midday!" her mother scolded me

I had to resist rolling my eyes and giving her the middle finger

"I was at Maya's" I say hoping that was the lie she told her mum

"Well, next time, come home earlier! You're father has been going insane with worry... Not to mentioned you missed prayer group this morning" she scolded

Prayer group? Lily was a believer? Hmm, interesting. It explains her virgin behavior

"I'm sorry" I say awkwardly

What do I do now?

I shuffle on my feet waiting for an indication of what I was supposed to do

"You need to go upstairs and study young lady. Your report card came home. You got an A- in your English test this month! You're grades are slipping! You're supposed to be getting A*. I won't waste my money on a school for you if you can't stay top of your class!" she snaps angrily

Woah, if this was her mum, I don't think I would want to met her Father.. I think I better walk away from this situation right now

"I'm sorry. I'll go study" I say lamely

She scowls at me and points in the direction of the stairs... I head up them and walk into a room

My eyes bulge out at the sight

I see a guy, buried inside a girl who was bent over a desk

I close the door shut and run into another room and slam it shut

Who the fuck was that? Oh fuck, I hope that was not her Dad and some girl, that was awkward

I look around to see that I must be in Lily's room. It was decorated with crosses and blank white walls. There were a few pictures scattered around of her and people I presume were friends or family?

I heard heavy footsteps coming towards the door. I literally leap onto the desk and pick out some paper and start to write down some bullshit

The door flings open to reveal the man I head saw earlier, he looked pissed off

"What have I told you about going into my study?" he snaps angrily at me

I let out a whimper as fuck he scared me

"Not to go in?" I answered hoping it was the right answer

"Exactly! Now, you're not going to tell your mother" he said grabbing me forcefully by the chin and making me look up at him

I was going to push him away but I remembered what Lily had said about doing as I was told

"Yes Father" I say and his hands collides so hard with my cheek that I am knocked off the chair

"That was for disobeying me. Do it again, and it'll be much worse! Now, get on with your work. I don't want to hear another peep from you!" he says storming out of the room and slamming the door as he left

Well aren't he family pleasant? I don't know how she deals with this kind of shit all the time, day in, day out... I would have packed and left by now if it were me

My cheek is still stinging from the slap. I think I bashed my head on the way down as I feel some blood trickling down my face

Just as I get up, my door opens revealing Maya

Ah shit, I forgot she was supposed to be coming over to see me... Lily, whoever the fuck I am right now

"What happened?" she gasps as the blood is near my eyes now

"Oh... I uh, tripped" I said not knowing if Lily knew how horrible her Dad was towards her

"Oh sweetie. Did he do this to you again? How many times have I told you not to take their bullshit. You deserve better. You can't go on living like this Lil, it's abuse!" she says helping me up

For once in my life, I have nothing to say. I am stunned, shocked and in aw at the same time

"I uh, so yeah. What did you want to see me for?" I said changing the subject completley

"Oh yeah, to talk about what happened between you and Ricky" she says wiggling her eyebrows

I cringe inside

I am Ricky dammit... Would she even tell her the truth or keep it to herself? Oh I don't fucking know, it's Lily we're talking about... I don't know a lot about her

I wish I was paying attention to her when she spoke, I might have gotten some hints along the way

"Come on Lils, you tell me every time you have a dream about him"

Woah, hold the fuck on, Little Miss Perfect dreams about me?

Well this was news to my ears... I want to know more now

"I know, I just don't remember everything I tell you... I've got a bad memory" I lie trying to act like her

"Lils, you tell me anything and everything! In way too much detail may I add" she giggles and I raise an eyebrow

"Not that much detail" I whisper looking all shy

"Are you kidding me right now! You told me about that time you masturbated and screamed Ricky's name!"


"I mean, you cried after telling me because you felt weird and dirty and didn't know what had came over you£

She snorts and I can't help but snort too

Good one Maya, good one

"Did you just laugh at a sexual joke? Gasp. I can't believe it. Perhaps Ricky is rubbing off on you, which reminds me... You and Ricky last night huh?" she winked at me

"We uh, kissed and stuff... I was sick all over him though" I cringe at the thought


"You puked over Ricky?" she said holding back a laugh

"Mhm.. Then we slept in the same bed" I say then add a nervous giggle just because that's something she'd probably do

"Well, I think he's making progression. Maybe he'll show you that sex isn't that scary. Besides, you're already in the masturbation stage" she chimes

So she Masturbates huh?

"Uh yeah. Can you not tell anyone about it?"

"Duh. I'm not going to walk up to Ricky and say hey, Lily Masturbates and thinks of you. What kind of a friend would I be? You know Lils, it's normal to do those kinda things, you don't need to be nervous about it. Ignore what you're fucking parents say! They're the ones filling your head with all that bullshit about how it's the devils advocate! Wait till marriage they say, but then when it comes to your wedding day, you won't have a fucking clue. It's best to try it now so you're ready" she says

Maya had a point but, I really understand why she is like this now. Her parents seem very controlling and bitter towards her. They are so pushy

"I know" I say

"Anyway. There is this party tomorrow and I think you should come with me and dress up nice"




"Well that was easy. No begging involved for once. Oh, you can also say you're staying at mine. my mum will even lie for you. She says we should be young and have fun" she smiles

Maya really did look out for Lily

All this information was overwhelming though

I had one question that was bothering me though

Did Lily have feelings for me?
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