Slow Dancing in the Darkness

21: I Know What I’m Doing

Pushing a hand back through her hair, Gabriela took a little breath, her eyes studying her own reflection in the mirror ahead of her. She was nervous, the idea of marrying a man she’d barely known for two months unsettled her, but she knew that in the long run it was probably the best thing to do. She didn’t want to follow Elliot, her former husband had already forced her into too many moves, and the only way to stop it was to marry Lionel, something which excited her as well as terrified her. She did love him, she had done for a little while, but she was still terrified. The last thing she needed was another failed marriage on her hands. Ensuring that she looked alright, Gabriela took another breath before she turned on her heel, making her way out into the living room where Lionel sat, Noah perched on his lap.

“Antonella and Joseph are meeting us there” Lionel commented, not looking up from the game that he and Noah were playing on his phone “I’ve already sorted out my agent and an announcement. All that remains is to…wow” he trailed off as he turned his head, his eyes peeking up at his girlfriend.

Gabriela smiled. “I don’t look awful then” she mused, her hands tugging at the bottom of the dress she wore.

Lionel shook his head and placed Noah down onto the couch, making his way over to her. “You look amazing” he enthused.

“I thought cream might be better than white” Gabriela babbled, gesturing to her dress.

Lionel spared it an appreciative look before he looked back up at her face, offering her a smile. “You look fantastic, Gabby” he enthused softly.

Gabriela nodded her head gently, something which made him take her hand. “Gabriela, if you really don’t want to do this, you don’t have to. I know what I’ve said, but I am not going to force you into something you don’t want to do” he insisted, dropping a small kiss on the back of each of her hands.

Gabriela smiled. “You’ve convinced me” she murmured “I want to do this” she assured him gently.

Lionel studied her expression, looking for any sign that she wasn’t sure, before he nodded his head. “Alright” he confirmed gently “Let’s go and do this” he smiled.

Gabriela returned it gently and pecked his lips before she padded over to Noah, pulling a cardigan around the little boy’s shoulders. “Mama, why are we so dressed up?” Noah mumbled, fiddling with the buttons on his shirt.

“Because Mama and Leo are having a special party and you’re going to come with us” Gabriela explained gently.

Noah nodded. “Will I get cake?” he posed.

Lionel chuckled and nodded his head. “Of course you will, Noah” he smiled.

Noah grinned and hugged into his mother’s arms, affording Gabriela the chance to peek over at her fiancé, mouthing a small ‘thank you’. Lionel merely grinned in return and took her hand, squeezing it gently in comfort.

“You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?” Antonella posed as she looked at her ex-husband, her hands fixing the collar of the shirt he wore. She had been surprised, Lionel’s request to have her and Joseph play witness to his wedding had nearly knocked the wind out of her, but just one look at his face told her that he was serious, something she knew meant she wasn’t going to change his mind.

“I am” Lionel confirmed, his hands nervously fiddling ahead of him.

“You’re rushing” Antonella noted.

“For good reason” Lionel replied “I’ll tell you the whole story later, but I know what I am doing, Anto” he mused.

Antonella sighed. “I don’t want you to get hurt, Leo” she protested gently.

Lionel smiled gently. “I appreciate the concern, Antonella, but I know what I am doing. I love her, I know it already and I want to do this” he assured her gently.

Antonella offered him a slightly dubious look before Noah ran towards him, showing off the lolly that Gabriela had given to him. “Leo, look” he grinned, waving the red and white lolly around. Lionel grinned and crouched down to the little boy’s height, chatting with him excitedly. Antonella watched the pair interact before she stepped towards Gabriela, distracting her from the conversation she had been having with Joseph.

Excusing herself, Gabriela stepped towards the other woman, greeting her with a tentative smile. “Hola” she squeaked.

Antonella smiled. She had always liked Gabriela. “I just wanted to have a quick word before this whole thing gets underway” she commented gently.

Gabriela sighed. “I know what you’re going to say” she murmured gently “That it’s too fast and that we’re rushing, and I don’t blame you for being concerned, but I promise you, I won’t hurt him” she insisted softly. She knew what was coming, Antonella, despite being his ex, tended to be protective of Lionel, and Gabriela wanted to assure her that she knew all about her concerns. They were concerns that Gabriela had herself.

Antonella nodded her head. “He deserves a happy ending, Gabriela” she murmured gently “I hope he gets that with you” she added.

Gabriela nodded. “I hope so too” she mused before Lionel appeared beside her, his arm wrapping gently around her waist.

“You ready to do this?” he posed softly, pressing a small kiss to her cheek.

Gabriela nodded her head. “I think so” she murmured “You’re sure?” she posed.

Lionel smiled. “Certain” he enthused before he laced their fingers together, pulling her towards the small room where the ceremony would take place. She was nervous, the threat of a second failed marriage stuck in her throat, but the idea of doing it with Lionel relaxed her slightly. He was what she had imagined she would end up with, sweet, caring, and funny, and doing it with him made the prospect a little less scary. Fast or not, a little part of her could see it working out with him.
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