Slow Dancing in the Darkness

37: I’m Not Him

Stepping quietly back into their home, Gabriela closed the door behind her, her blue eyes peeking down at the plastic bag which was held in her hands. It had been a rushed trip, after the match, Gabriela had left Noah with Lionel who had been more than happy to introduce to the 5 year-old to his friends and she had rushed to the nearest pharmacy, insisting that she would meet them at home. It had played on her mind, after Shakira had mistakenly assumed she was pregnant, it had been all Gabriela could think about and she needed to know. It would only play on her mind until she knew one way or the other.

“Gabriela?” Lionel noted “I was starting to think you’d run off” he teased.

Gabriela spared him a little smile before she stepped a little deeper into the room, drawing his eyes towards the carrier bag she held in her hand. “You went to a pharmacy” he noted.

Gabriela nodded. “I did” she noted.

“You feeling OK?” he posed softly.

Gabriela swallowed a little. “I am fine” she noted gently “But I do need to talk to you about something” she added.

Lionel frowned. The tone in her voice didn’t seem particularly cheerful and it concerned him a little. “Gabby” he coaxed gently “Querida, you know you can tell me anything” he insisted softly.

Gabriela nodded. “I do” she smiled “But I am just a little concerned about this, OK?” she posed

Lionel nodded his head and shuffled up a little, offering her the spot on the couch beside him.

“I met Shakira at the match” Gabriela explained softly “She and her boys came and sat with me and Noah and when I complimented one of her sons, she noted that I must be excited about ours” she explained softly.

“But you’re not pregnant” Lionel replied “Are you?” he posed, his forehead furrowed a little.

Gabriela placed the carrier bag in his lap. “I was hoping I could find out” she commented softly.

Lionel stared down at the bag for a moment, trying to wrap his head around the notion of her carrying their child, before he looked back up at her, noting the apprehensive expression she wore. “Gabby…”

“I know what you’re going to say” Gabriela murmured, chewing on her lip shyly “It’s too much too soon” she added.


“It’s Ok” Gabriela assured him “If you don’t want to do it, then I can do it by myself. I did raise Noah mostly on my own” she rambled.


“I’ll even give you…” Lionel cut her off by placing a kiss against her lips.

“Are you going to let me speak now?” he posed as he leant away from her.

Gabriela peeked at him shyly, but nodded her head, affording him the chance to speak.

“Firstly, I don’t want to end things” he insisted gently “Having just settled into this, I am pretty content to keep you around” he joked.

“Leo” Gabriela warned.

“And secondly, I don’t think there’s anything that would make me happier right now than the idea of you and I having a baby. You’re right, it is soon, but everything about us has been quick and I see no reason why this ought to be different. It’s probably not going to be the easiest thing to do, especially since, in a way, we’re still getting to know one another, but I think we could handle it. We’ve handled anything else and I know I had a moment, but I have faith in us and I hope you do too” he mused gently. He was under no illusions, having a child after just 5 months of being together wasn’t going to be a bed of roses, but he was confident in them. They had a good relationship, both of them were experienced when it came to a child, and he was sure that they could do a good job of it.

Gabriela shifted a little. “You mean that?” she posed, fiddling with the bottom of her sweater.

Lionel smiled. “I do” he confirmed gently “You’ve got me, Gabby” he enthused.

Gabriela smiled gently. “I should go and take these then. Chances are it’s just me getting in my own head” she commented gently as she moved to her feet, taking the bag from his lap as she placed a kiss on his cheek, thanking him gently.

“So?” Lionel noted as Gabriela stepped into their bedroom, three pregnancy tests clutched in her hand.

“I haven’t looked yet” Gabriela admitted “I’m a little scared” she added.

Lionel stood up and stepped towards her, placing his hands on her waist. “Scared?” he posed gently.

“It’s stupid” she murmured gently “I guess I am just worried that if I have a baby, it will be the beginning of the end like it was before. After Noah was born, Elliot really stopped paying attention to me. He started working longer hours, which I later found out meant spending more and more time with Elena, and I guess I just worry that if I am pregnant, then you might go the same way. It’s a stupid thought” she muttered, shaking her head.

Lionel smiled gently and lifted his hand, brushing some of her dark hair away from her face. “I am not him” he murmured gently “If these tests say that you are, then I am with you, no matter what. Gabriela, Elliot was a one off, and I am not going to make the same mistakes he did. I promise you that” he insisted gently.

Gabriela swallowed softly and nodded, smiling at him weakly.

Lionel stretched a hand out and slipped the tests from her hands, allowing his dark eyes to peek down at them.

“Well?” Gabriela posed.

Lionel looked down at the tests for a second longer before he lifted his eyes, meeting Gabriela’s blues which stared at him concernedly. “We’re going to need a bigger place to live” he mused gently.

“Positive?” Gabriela murmured.

“All three” he confirmed “Congrats, you’re going to be a mama again” he mused, a smile on his face.

Gabriela blinked a little before she stepped forwards, wrapping him in a tight hug which he was more than happy to return, wordlessly noting that he wouldn’t make the mistakes that Elliot had made when it came to Gabriela and her pregnancy.
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