Slow Dancing in the Darkness

38: Keep Calm

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to make the trip with you?” Lionel posed from his spot leant against the back of the couch, his dark eyes watching as Gabriela placed her bag onto her shoulder. It was an impromptu decision, after they’d visited a midwife who had confirmed that Gabriela was 11 weeks into her pregnancy, she had made the call to visit her father, something which unsettled him slightly. He wasn’t an idiot, Luca was never going to fully come around on the idea that his little girl had gotten married for the second time, and the last thing he needed was the older man planting thoughts in Gabriela’s head. She was still apprehensive, despite insisting that she wanted to have the baby, Lionel could sense her hesitation and he wanted to work on assuring her that it was the right decision, something which Luca was likely to ruin.

“You have a game to play” Gabriela commented “And Noah’s with Elliot for the weekend. It’s just one night, Leo. I’ll be home before you are” she added with a small smile.

“I know” he murmured “But you know your padre isn’t my biggest fan. I don’t want you getting upset” he added gently.

Gabriela sighed. “He doesn’t hate you” she mused.

“He doesn’t love me” Lionel replied “And he was hardly thrilled about the idea of us being together. I can only imagine how well he is going to take the idea that you’re having my baby” he noted.

Gabriela nodded her head. “You’re right, he’s not going to be a fan, but I’d still like to tell him. His dislike of Elliot and Rodrigo meant he wasn’t around very much when I had Noah and I don’t want it to be the same this time around. He’s an abuelo, he’s about to be one again, and I want him around” she explained softly.

Lionel offered her a look before he conceded slightly, nodding his head. “Just…try and stay calm?” he posed gently.

Gabriela smiled. “I’ll be fine” she assured him gently.

Lionel nodded his head gently and placed his arms around her, one of his hands gently brushing over her slight bump. It was still a strange thought, even if they had seen their baby on the screen and heard the small thump of their heart, and he was sure it was going to take a little while to get their heads around the idea. They’d barely been together for 6 months and for almost half of that time, Gabriela had been carrying their baby.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Gabriela murmured as she watched the movement of his hand, a slight smile on her face.

“I miss you already” he murmured.

Gabriela shook her head. “That’s so cheesy” she giggled, her nose wrinkled a little.

Lionel smiled gently and leant into her, pressing a light kiss against her lips. He knew that they had to tell people, if Shakira had noticed her slight bump, it was only a matter of time before other people did too, but a little part of him worried. It was soon, Gabriela had been pregnant for almost half of their whole relationship, and a small part of him was worried, even if he didn’t want to show it off to Gabriela who herself seemed a little unsure, he just worried things might not pan out as they wanted them to.

“Lala” David Cruz smiled as Luca led his daughter into his living room, allowing her the chance to greet her two older brothers.

“Davi” she mused “What are you doing here?” she squeaked as she pulled him into a hug.

“Papa said that you were coming out and we couldn’t resist the chance to see you. We were kind of hoping that your new husband would be around” Evan contributed.

Gabriela smiled a little as she pulled away from David. “He’s got a match tonight. He wanted to come” she added.

“I doubt that” Luca grumbled.

“Papa” Gabriela warned.

Luca rolled his eyes and moved to sit down, allowing Evan the chance to hug his little sister in welcome. “We’re serious about meeting him, Lala” he mused “Papa doesn’t exactly say a lot about him” he added.

“I’d like you to meet him” Gabriela smiled as she sat down on the arm of the couch “I’m sure that Noah would love to see the pair of you too. You should come out to Barcelona” she enthused.

“We’d like that” David smiled.

“Why are you here, Gabriela?” Luca grumbled “As we learnt from your last visit, you don’t come for nothing” he muttered.

Gabriela sighed a little. “I do have something I need to tell you” she murmured “And I need you to not get upset and throw a fit like you did the last time I came here. This isn’t just some phase, Papa” she protested.

“You said that about Elliot and what did that get you?” Luca countered.

“Leo’s not Eli” Gabriela insisted “He’s nothing like him” she added.

Luca offered her a stern look, something which made Gabriela shake her head. “I am not stupid, Papa” she insisted.

“No” he mused “You’re not stupid, you’re just too much like your mother” he spat.

“Dad” David warned.

Gabriela shook her head. “I am not like her” she insisted.

“You’re flighty” Luca noted “You change your mind on a whim and follow your heart. When you were little, I thought that was amazing, but now, with two marriages under your belt at 26, I am starting to have my doubts. I don’t think you’re cut out for marriage, Gabriela” he muttered.

Gabriela stared at her father, his words ringing in her ears.

“You couldn’t keep Eli around, not even when you had Noah and I highly doubt that this guy is going to be any different” Luca murmured.

Gabriela sighed. “I am sorry that you feel that way, Papa” she murmured gently “I am sorry that you can’t get on board, but you’re not going to talk me out of this. I love Leo, I do, and I think I am doing a pretty good job with him. I came here to let you know that in a few months’ time, you’re going to have another little grandchild, but that’s clearly not something which bothers you. I am sorry that I am such a disappointment to you” she muttered before she made a move to leave the room.

“Lala” Evan protested.

“I am done trying, Evan” she murmured “I just want him to not think everything I do is a mistake, but he can’t. You and Davi should come to Barcelona soon. Leo and Noah would love to see you” she enthused before she stepped out of the room, allowing her two brothers the chance to turn and stare at their father who merely shook his head.

He couldn’t help but think that Gabriela was making a mistake.
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