Slow Dancing in the Darkness

40: Nothing’s Going To Change That

“How was your weekend with your papa, Noah?” Gabriela posed gently as she followed the little boy back into the living room. Like always, Elliot was running late, but Gabriela was relieved to have the little boy home. She always worried when Noah left with Elliot and she liked the relief she felt when the five-year-old wandered back into her home.

“Ok” Noah muttered “I didn’t see papa much. I stayed with Nana and Elena” he explained.

“You didn’t?” Gabriela posed, settling Noah’s overnight bag beside the door.

“He was working with Grandpa” Noah replied “He didn’t even watch Barca with me” he complained gently.

Gabriela sighed gently. It was the usual story, Elliot would make a big fuss of coming to collect Noah from Gabriela’s home, insisting that he wanted to spend time with their son, and then when Noah returned, he would insist that he had been left with Elise and Elena, something which irked Gabriela. She wanted Noah to have Elliot around, as much as she may have disliked her former husband, their son needed him around, but she was getting sick of Noah being messed around. When Elliot had amended their custody arrangement, she had held out some hope that he would do a better job, but after Christmas, he had been deteriorating back to the way things had been before.

“Why don’t you go and get one of your films?” Gabriela suggested as she placed a kiss on his head “Leo and Thiago should be back in a little while and we could watch it” she added.

Noah nodded his head gently and skittered away, leaving Gabriela watching after him. She wanted to do the best by him, Noah deserved nothing less, but she doubted that he would ever be properly content when Elliot insisted on messing him around. He was a wonderful boy and irked her that Elliot couldn’t find it in him to keep every other weekend free for their son.

“You doing Ok in here?” Lionel posed as he stepped into the kitchen, his dark eyes peeking over at Gabriela who stood beside the microwave, waiting for the next bag of popcorn to finish. She had been quiet, too quiet even for her, and it worried him a little. Part of him worried that she was still worrying about their baby and whether or not they were ready for it.

“Fine” Gabriela replied.

“You sure?” Lionel smiled “Because even for you, you’ve been quiet and I am starting to get worried” he added.

Gabriela nodded. “I’m fine” she mused gently “I am just worrying” she added.

“About?” Lionel posed, resting against the counter.

“Noah” Gabriela noted gently “Elliot insisted that we amend the custody agreement, and still the story’s the same. Noah spends all of his time with Elise and barely sees Eli and I think it is starting to get at him” she explained softly.

“Did Noah say that?” Lionel posed gently.

Gabriela shook her head. “No, but I know him. I can hear it in his voice” she explained.

Lionel smiled gently and stepped towards her, his arms softly wrapping around her. “If Noah has a problem, I am sure that he will tell you, Gabby” he mused softly “He’s a remarkably intuitive and open little boy and if he has an issue I am sure that he’ll come out and say it” he assured gently.

“You think?” she posed.

“You raised a clever and thoughtful boy, Gabby” Lionel smiled gently.

Gabriela smiled softly. “We should tell him” she murmured gently.


“He and Thiago are here” Gabriela shrugged gently.

Lionel offered her a slight look before he nodded his head. “If you’re sure” he noted gently.

Gabriela nodded her head gently and took his hand, leading him into the living room.

“Noah, Thiago” she noted softly “Can we talk to you for a moment?” she added gently.

“Are you OK, Mama?” Noah pressed, his forehead furrowed in concerned.

Gabriela smiled. “I’m fine, Noah” she insisted gently “There’s just something Leo and I want to tell you” she explained as she sat down on the couch, the two boys either side of her.

“What, mama?” Noah pressed.

Gabriela smiled gently and took her son’s hand, gently placing it over her bump. “In a few months, you’re going to have a new baby brother or sister” she explained softly.

“Baby?” Thiago posed.

Lionel nodded his head, offering his son a kind smile.

“Noah?” Gabriela posed softly “Sweetheart, are you Ok?” she questioned as she moved her hand through his hair, brushing it off of his forehead.

“Papa’s having a new baby too” Noah mumbled “Did I do something bad?” he posed, his doe brown eyes peeking up at his mother who’s stomach clenched.

“Of course not, Noah” she insisted “You’ve not done anything wrong. Your papa and I love you so much” she explained.

“But there’s going to be new babies” the little boy replied.

Gabriela shook her head. “Not to replace you, Noah” she insisted “Sweetheart, the new baby will be your little brother or sister and they’re not coming to replace you. I’d never do that to you” she explained, pressing a kiss to his head.

Noah shifted a little at the touch, his forehead furrowing. “Mama” he whined.

“I love you, Noah” Gabriela insisted, her eyes meeting his “You’re my son and nothing’s going to change it. The new baby’s just going to make our family a little bigger” she explained.

Noah spared her a look before he peeked up at Lionel who smiled at him gently, wordlessly assuring him that everything was going to be alright. “Baby” Noah murmured, his eyes peeking down towards his mother’s stomach.

Gabriela nodded. “You’re going to be a big brother” she explained.

Noah reached out his hand, gently brushing it against the bump which just about was visible beneath Gabriela’s sweater.

“Noah” Lionel noted “You Ok?” he posed, warily watching the little boy’s actions.

Noah stared at Gabriela’s stomach for a moment longer before he nodded his head, smiling up at his mother and step-father. “Baby!” he exclaimed excitedly.

Gabriela grinned and wrapped him up in a hug, kissing his head gently before she tilted her head back, allowing Lionel to kiss her softly. It was just another small revelation, they had yet to tell their respective exes or his parents about the baby, but the little boys who sat beside her were arguably the most important and Gabriela was pleased that they had taken it well. She wanted them to be Ok with the new baby before they came along.
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