Slow Dancing in the Darkness

45: He Cheated Once

“You know I hate that I am not there with you”

Gabriela smiled a little at the sound of her husband’s voice, her phone resting comfortably against her ear. She knew it bothered him, thanks to his schedule, he wasn’t with her to find out the sex of their baby, but Gabriela didn’t mind. She liked the idea of being the one who told him. “I know you do” Gabriela smiled “You’ve been complaining since we last saw the midwife and she gave us the appointment time” she teased.

“I know, but I still hate it” Lionel complained gently.

“It’s not that big a deal” Gabriela smiled, her blue eyes peeking around the room “And you will be the first person I call when I am finished here. I will get the DVD and the latest scan photo for you too” she insisted gently.

Lionel let out a small sigh. “Alright” he relented slightly.

“I know it’s not ideal” Gabriela noted softly, noting the slight tone of upset in his voice “But this is just another scan. The due date is in June, something we both know you will be around for and that’s all that matters. I’m going to need you there” she explained softly. She felt a little for him, he wanted to be involved with every moment and his schedule wouldn’t allow it, but she wanted to assure him. With a due date in the middle of the off season there was little chance of him missing the birth and that was the most important thing.

“You’re right” Lionel agreed gently “I have to go. You’ll call me right after?” he posed.

“Of course” Gabriela cooed “I love you” she added with a small smile.

“I love you too” he replied “Adios, Gabby” he noted before the line went dead.

Gabriela smiled a little and slipped her phone bag into her back, her hand gently rubbing over her bump.

“Gabriela” Elena grinned.

Gabriela let out a sigh and looked up, forcing the most pleasant expression she could muster onto her face. “Elena, hola” she greeted gently.

“You’re here for your scan?” Elena posed.

Gabriela nodded. “5 months now. You?” she posed, gesturing to the bump which was very clear to see on the front of Elena’s dress.

“7” Elena smiled “We’re having a little boy in a few months, but I suppose that Noah told you that already” she noted.

“Eli” Gabriela corrected.

Elena lifted her eyebrow. “Eli told you?” she posed.

Gabriela nodded her head. “A couple of weeks ago” she noted “I’m happy for you” she added quickly.

Elena rolled her eyes. “Sure you are” she muttered “That’s why you’re having conversations with my fiancé about me, because you’re just so damn happy for me. Why can’t you just let me have this, Gabby? You have a husband” she spluttered out.

Gabriela stared at her, trying to wrap her head around her words, before she shook her head. “I am not the one who keeps having these conversations, Elena” she murmured “You should ask Elliot about it” she added.

Elena scoffed. “He’d only say that you keep putting the moves on him” she muttered.

Gabriela shook her head. “You can’t be that naïve, Elena. I know you’re not going to believe a word I say, as far as you are concerned, I am merely a jealous witch, but it’s him that’s in the wrong. He’s going around behind your back trying to convince me to go with him to London, to leave my husband behind for him. Elena, I know you don’t believe me, but Elliot Dominguez is bad news and I know you know it too. He cheated once. There’s nothing to say that he wouldn’t do it again” she insisted before her name was called, causing her to push herself up to her feet and make her way towards her midwife.

Elena watched her go and scoffed, mumbling about how Gabriela should move on with her life. She and Elliot had and as far as Elena was concerned, there was no reason why he would want to change it.

“Leo, phone” Javier Mascherano noted as the younger argentine stepped out of the bathroom, a towel around his waist.

“Who is it?” he posed.

“The lovely Mrs Messi” Javier teased.

Lionel stood up a little straighter and moved towards him, trying to get the phone out of his hand.

“Hola, Gabby” Javier teased “Leo? He’s in the bathroom” he grinned.

Lionel scowled and set on hand on the towel, his other hand still trying to get at his phone.

Javier grinned at him before he finally released the phone, handing it to his teammate who eagerly pressed it to his ear. “You know?” he posed.

Gabriela giggled. “I do know” she confirmed.

“So?” Lionel pressed.

“I think you can stew for a few more hours” Gabriela teased.

“Gabriela” he protested.

Gabriela giggled. “You can wait until you get home. I can show you all the pictures” she noted, her voice soft and light.

“I don’t need to see the pictures” he protested gently “All I need to know is whether or not they’re healthy and whether or not I am expecting a son or a daughter” he insisted.

“I could tell you…”

“Gabby” he whined.

Gabriela laughed softly. “I’ll tell you” she enthused.

“So?” he posed.

“It’s going to be a little girl” Gabriela revealed softly.

Lionel was silent for a moment.

“Leo?” Gabriela posed “Mi amor, are you Ok?” she posed.

“You’re sure?” he breathed gently.

“The midwife was certain. It’s a healthy little girl, Leo” she enthused brightly. She hadn’t been overly surprised, for a little while, Gabriela had been sure that they were having a girl, but she had loved hearing it confirmed. A little part of her had always wanted a little girl.

“A girl” Lionel breathed gently “We’re going to have a daughter?” he posed.

“We are” Gabriela confirmed.

“I wish I could be there right now” he murmured.

“I do too” Gabriela commented “But you’ll be here soon and we will celebrate then. Good luck tonight, amor” she cooed.

“Gracias, mi querida” Lionel murmured before he hung the phone up, a small smile playing on his face.
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