Slow Dancing in the Darkness

50: You Made It

Skidding to a halt at the reception desk of the maternity ward, Lionel spluttered for breath, trying to force words out of his mouth. It had been a rush, after the words had left Luis Enrique’s mouth, the forward had sped back to the changing room, grabbing his car keys and changing his shoes before he had dived into his car, speeding his way to the hospital. Swallowing, he took another deep breath in before he looked at the receptionist who eyed him in awe. “I…My wife” he managed to stumble out “I…need to find my wife. Gabriela Messi” he spluttered.

The receptionist offered him a swift nod and typed something into the computer before she stood up. “Follow me” she noted gently.

Lionel nodded his head and skittered along behind her, anxious to be in the room with Gabriela as she pushed their daughter into the world. He knew that she had done it before, when they had found out that they were expecting, Gabriela had told him that she had been alone when she had given birth to Noah thanks to a business trip of Elliot’s, but he was determined to ensure that he was with her when she pushed their little girl into the world. He didn’t want there to be another parallel drawn between him and Elliot.

“She’s just through there” the receptionist noted, gesturing to the door of a private room “Congratulations” she added before she stepped away. Lionel spared her a thankful nod before he pushed the door to the room open, a small pang of relief washing over him as he spotted Gabriela, her hand clinging onto Shakira who attempted to guide her through her contractions. Pushing a hand through his dark hair, he stepped up beside the singer, quietly informing her that it was alright to step aside, before he slipped his hand into Gabriela’s.

Shakira smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Congratulations” she murmured.

“Can you check on Noah and Thiago for me?” he posed gently.

“I’ll go and find them. They’ll probably be with Gerard by now” Shakira smiled softly before she stepped out of the room, allowing Lionel to focus on Gabriela who looked up at him, her blue eyes wide and tearful.

“You made it” she sniffed.

“Of course I did” Lionel smiled, brushing the dark hair off of her forehead so that he could press a kiss to her clammy skin “I wasn’t going to miss this” he added.

Gabriela sniffed. “The boys…”

“Shakira’s going to check on them. She and Gerard will keep an eye on them until we’re ready” Lionel noted.

“I don’t have any clothes” Gabriela murmured, grimacing through another contraction “The baby bag is still in the nursery” she added.

“I will get Gerard to collect it. Amor, everything is going to be fine” Lionel noted, his thumb gently tracing over the back of her hand.

Gabriela sniffled. “I was scared that they wouldn’t be able to get to you” she admitted softly.

“But they did” he noted “And whilst I was pissed to be taken off, when Enrique told me why he’d done it, I’d never been more relieved. I ran straight down the tunnel to get my keys and drove here” he explained.

“That explains why you still smell a little” Gabriela teased tearfully.

Lionel smiled briefly before he pressed another kiss to her head, his brown eyes watching as their midwife made her way into the room. “Gabriela” she noted gently “We’re going to need to start pushing now, Ok?” she added.

Gabriela sniffed and peeked up at Lionel who smiled at her gently, squeezing her hand in comfort.

“On the count of three, Gabby” the midwife instructed.

Gabriela nodded her head and clutched onto Lionel’s hand, pushing for as long as she could before she rested back into the bed.

“You’re doing so well” Lionel mused, kissing her cheek.

“We need to go again, Gabby” the nurse mused.

Gabriela swallowed and forced another push, holding it for as long as she could before she fell back into the bed, her ears ringing with the small whimpering cries from the other end of the bed. “Congratulations, Gabriela and Lionel, you two have a very beautiful little girl” the midwife enthused, carefully wrapping up the tiny baby “I’ll just get her cleaned up and then mama and papa can have a hold” she quipped before she turned away.

Lionel watched her go, his dark eyes blinking away the few tears that had gathered in them, before he turned to Gabriela. “Querida” he murmured “She’s…thank you” he spluttered.

Gabriela shook her head. “You don’t have to say thank you” she mused, sparing him a tired smile.

“You’ve just given me a very beautiful daughter” he noted.

“I think we both played a role, Leo” Gabriela smiled, her hand finding his and squeezing it gently. It had been over and done with quickly, but it left Gabriela relieved. She’d been through a long labour with Noah and didn’t want a repeat with their daughter.

Lionel smiled down at her gently and dropped a kiss on the top of her head before the midwife padded back towards the bed, their daughter wrapped up in a fluffy white blanket. “Would the new madre like the first hold?” she posed, looking at Gabriela.

“I think her padre would like it more” Gabriela replied.


“Hold your daughter, Leo” Gabriela interrupted, smiling up at him.

Lionel spluttered out a small noise before he stretched his arms out, carefully wrapping them around the little girl who stirred slightly in his arms, trying to get used to the new sensation. “Gabby” he breathed gently “Querida, she’s…she’s perfect” he noted as he sat down on the edge of his wife’s bed, showing off their daughter.

Gabriela smiled and rested her head against his shoulder. “She is” she confirmed gently.

Lionel smiled gently and turned his eyes back down to their daughter, blinking away a couple more loose tears which threatened to escape.

Gabriela pressed a kiss against his cheek before she carefully slipped her hands underneath their daughter, carefully lifting her up against her chest.

“Do you have any idea what you want to call her?” Lionel murmured, his dark eyes admiring the sight of his wife and their daughter together.

“How about Amelia?” Gabriela suggested gently “Amelia Sofia Messi Cruz” she noted.

“Amelia” Lionel repeated gently.

“You don’t have to say yes. We can take more time to think” Gabriela noted.

Lionel shook his head. “I like Amelia” he noted with a small smile.

“You do?” Gabriela posed.

Lionel smiled and placed a kiss on their daughter’s head, murmuring the word 'Amelia' softly. Gabriela watched him for a second before she placed a kiss on his head, wordlessly thanking him for helping to make their beautiful little girl.
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