Slow Dancing in the Darkness

61: I Just Want To Be Sure About Us

“So” Gerard smiled from his spot in the small kitchen of Lionel’s hotel suite “Where are you taking your wife on your first date?” he teased. He thought that it was sweet, Lionel’s solution to their marital issues provided him with a chance to be the boyfriend that he’d never really been to Gabriela, and Gerard could see that he was at least a little excited by the prospect of planning dates. It was something he’d never really gotten the chance to do with Gabriela and Gerard could see it meant a lot to him.

Lionel, who had just finished tying his shoes, smiled. “I’ve got an itinerary” he mused “You’re OK to watch Amelia right?” he posed.

“Of course” Gerard smiled “Shakira’s been itching to get a shot at babysitting. I’m thinking that baby number 3 could be on the agenda soon” he mused.

Lionel nodded and moved to collect his wallet from the side, slipping it into the pocket of his shorts.

“What’s on your itinerary?” Gerard posed, following his friend towards the door.

Lionel smiled. “I’ve got a few places I want to take her. She’s only been in Barcelona for a year and, given everything that’s gone on, I know she’s not had much time for sightseeing. I figured I could show her a few of the tourist spots around the city and then take her to dinner” he smiled. He’d spent a little while planning, he wanted Gabriela to enjoy their dates, and after a small while, he had settled on the idea of taking her on a tour of the city that she had landed in nearly a year previous. She’d never seen much of it, and he wanted to be the one who showed it to her.

Gerard noted the grin on his friend’s face and shook his head. “You’re really excited about this, aren’t you?” he teased as they made their way through the hotel lobby.

“I am” Lionel admitted “We never really got the chance to date before and now that we have, I want to take it. Elliot’s been dealt with and I want to spend a little time getting to know the girl I fell for” he enthused.

Gerard shook his head. “I hope it works out for you, amigo” he noted, slapping the smaller man’s shoulder encouragingly.

Lionel smiled at him. He hoped it worked out too.

“This place has a wonderful view of the city” Lionel mused as he held onto Gabriela’s hand, pulling her up the hill which overlooked the city. It had been a wonderful day, they’d visited a few of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions, and Lionel had to admit that he’d had a nice time. It felt relaxed, for the first time in a while they’d just spent time together, talking and laughing, and he knew he wanted to do it again, even if it was only a couple more times before he agreed to move back home.

“It better have” Gabriela murmured “This hill is ridiculous” she added.

Lionel chuckled and stopped ahead of her, motioning to his back. “Climb on” he noted.


“Come on” he interrupted, flashing her a small smile “It’s only a little further and I don’t want to listen to you complain anymore” he teased.

Gabriela rolled her eyes, but carefully climbed onto his back, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. “You know you didn’t have to spend the whole day showing me around” she noted as he stood back up, carrying her towards the top of the hill.

“I know I didn’t have to” he replied “But I wanted to. You’ve been here for almost a year and you’ve hardly seen anything” he added.

Gabriela smiled. “Can you believe it’s been a year since we met?” she posed, resting her head against his back.

“Next week” Lionel noted, a small smile appearing on his face.

Gabriela smiled. “Despite the ups and downs, I’m glad we made it work” she noted fondly “After I knocked that coffee out of your hand, I didn’t quite think we’d be here now” she added.

Lionel chuckled and carefully ducked down, allowing her to climb back onto her feet. “You know you wanted me from the second you met me” he teased as he placed his hand in hers.

Gabriela laughed. “Of course, Leo” she mused, playing along.

Lionel rolled his eyes and led her a few steps forwards, showing off the view of the city. Gabriela stepped a little closer to the edge. “Leo, this is beautiful” she murmured, her eyes scanning the city below.

“I found it a few years ago” Lionel shrugged, placing his arms around her waist “I figured you might like it” he added.

“It’s stunning” Gabriela enthused softly.

Lionel smiled and pressed a kiss to the side of her head, inhaling the scent of her hair as a small silence fell over them.

“What do you want to do for our anniversary?” Gabriela murmured, not quite wanting to disturb the comfortable silence that had settled over them.

Lionel shrugged. “Something quiet” he murmured “Dinner maybe, a movie night, nothing over the top” he noted.

Gabriela smiled. “I like that sound of that” she noted.

Lionel grinned a little and placed another kiss against her temple, hugging her a little tighter. “You know that I love you, don’t you?” he mumbled, swaying her a little.

“I’d like to hope so” Gabriela replied, her voice slightly unsure. She knew that he loved her, he’d made it clear on more than one occasion, but she couldn’t help but be a little nervous. She wanted things to go back to normal and whilst she liked the idea of dating him, it did unsettle her. She missed waking up to his face in the morning and wanted to get back to it as soon as she could.

Lionel smiled against her skin. “I do” he confirmed for her.

Gabriela smiled “I know” she murmured “I just…”

“I know” Lionel replied, his dark eyes peeking out over the city “But it’s just going to take a little time” he added.

Gabriela nodded her head and slipped out of his arms, turning to face him. “I know” she mused “I just miss you” she added.

Lionel leant forwards and kissed her sweetly. “I miss you too” he murmured, his nose lightly nudging hers “But I want to be sure, Ela. I don’t want to lose you” he insisted.

Gabriela nodded, a small smile on her face. “Then we’ll keep going” she agreed gently.

Lionel grinned and ducked in, stealing another kiss from her.

He just wanted to be a little surer that they were for keeps.
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