Status: In Progress

The Majesty of Choice

Ella Enchanted AU. Frerard. Gerard’s life conforms around a curse that orders his obedience. He soon finds himself thrust into the position of protecting the Prince, a well-meaning man named Frank, who just so happens to be falling in love with Gerard.
  1. Prologue
    Just so you know this fic is going to be based more on the movie than the book.
  2. Moving
    Gerard is kind of bratty to his new also fairly bratty stepsisters.
  3. Patrick
    Exposition time!
  4. Trapped
    Some idiot got their foot caught in trap.
  5. Zeal
    Gerard and Frank are from two different worlds.
  6. Soup
    The tale of Mittens.
  7. Clueless
    Gerard doesn't know anything about anything.
  8. Look
    Gerard is stubborn.
  9. Fate
    He’s got a serious case of the “no homo”s.
  10. Denial
    Frank is a flirt.
  11. Dig
    Gerard is devolving.
  12. Life
    Shit hits fans.
  13. Emotion
    Yes, I did make an "I'm Not Okay" joke in this chapter.
  14. Adventure
    Dumb propositions and cynicism.
  15. Friend
    Where Patrick is the best friend ever.
  16. Bargaining
    Where Gerard and Patrick meet an elf.
  17. Stolen
    The plight of the elves.
  18. Trio
    *Insert pop-punk band lyric about hating your home town*
  19. Danger
    Sure death.
  20. Pinkish
    Everyone needs a knight in shining armor.
  21. Knights
    Everyone is a matchmaker.
  22. Irresistible
    Almost kisses in the dark.
  23. Want
    Probably your favorite chapter.
  24. Dreams
    Gerard has a nightmare.
  25. Someday
    Gerard is a ***ing mess.
  26. Giantville
    Frank is super clingy.
  27. Forever
    So close I can almost taste it.
  28. Moment
    Gerard's not giving up.
  29. Hold
    Going deep with Frank and Gerard.
  30. Prolonged
    Back with a bang.
  31. Suspicion
    “I don’t know if I love him. I just know that he’s the first smile I have in the morning and the last smile I have at night.”
  32. Curses
    So many crises, so little time.
  33. Changes
    There's change coming once and for all.
  34. Closer
    So many things yet to see.
  35. Pete
    Patrick became wise, Gerard became bitter.
  36. Pulling
    Many events, so story.
  37. Edgar
    Speak of the devil.
  38. Everything
    I didn't think I was going to write this chapter, but I did, so you guys can have it.
  39. Corrupt
    Really hardcore, cavity inducing fluff. Real melt in the rain grade shit right here.
  40. Ready
    Alternative chapter title is: I Just Can't Wait To Be King.
  41. Beginning
    As of this chapter, shit is about to go down, so hold on tight.
  42. Snap
    Gerard always does what he’s told.