Love Me Until My Heart Stops

10: Just Dance With Me

“Esmeralda” Delia Silva mused, her brown eyes watching as her youngest daughter padded into her studio. She had been expecting the visit, news of Esmé’s break up with Cesc had been quick to reach her mother, and she wasn’t at all surprised to see Gerard tagging along behind her. The defender was a near constant presence when it came to Esmé’s visits and Delia had quickly learned to like having him around. With her father gone and no brothers to look out for her, Esmé needed Gerard and from the way he looked at her, Gerard needed Esmé. “I thought you would be here sooner” she added, pulling three chairs out.

Esmé shook her head. It had been a week since Cesc had appeared at her home, and with things a little off between herself and Gerard, she had opted to visit her mother, one of the few people she knew could help her straighten up her head. She knew that she didn’t want to be with Cesc, even despite his insistence that they were good together, but she was struggling and no amount of kind words from Gerard seemed to make it much better. She was confused about him too and needed someone else’s perspective, someone who wasn’t as close to everything as she was. “I’ve been busy” Esmé replied softly “We had the game in Georgia on Tuesday and that took longer than anticipated, we only got back last night and I thought I would pop by before we took the trip to Bilbao this evening” she explained.

Delia nodded her head. “Your sisters had me watching the game. That must have done wonders for your heart, Gerard” she teased, smiling at the defender.

“It probably shortened my life a little” the defender teased in return “But it ended well for us and we’re still on course for 6 from 6” he added.

Delia nodded her head before she flicked her eyes towards Esmé, offering her a small sympathetic smile. “I heard about you and Cesc from Ella” she noted softly “How are you doing?” she added.

Esmé shifted a little in her chair, something which made Gerard reach out, his hand lightly taking hers and squeezing it as he offered her another smile. Esmé sighed a little at the sight of it before she turned back to her mother. “Better” she murmured gently “It didn’t help that he showed up last week insisting that I should give her another shot, but when he isn’t around, I feel better” she clarified.

Delia nodded her head. “He told you about asking my permission to propose to you?” she posed.

Gerard’s expression tightened. He couldn’t believe that Cesc had told her that in a vain attempt to change her mind about him. It was a low blow, even for him.

Esmé nodded. “He did” she mused, her voice shaking slightly.

“I thought it was a good idea at the time” Delia reasoned.

“Mama, you do not need to defend yourself. Before it happened, I would have probably said yes to him” Esmé explained.

“I know, but I feel stupid for having believed all the things he said about you and him. He convinced me, Esmé, persuaded me that you two were loves young dream and I should have seen it” Delia sighed.

“Nobody saw it, Ms. Silva” Gerard interjected, his thumb skimming over the back of Esmé’s hand “I have known the guy since we were kids and I didn’t spot it” he added.

Delia nodded, offering him a little smile. “I never did see why she picked him over you” she enthused. She wasn’t the first person to say it, Esmé’s two older sisters had always posed the idea that Gerard was a far better match for their baby sister than Cesc ever would be, but the two of them were either oblivious to it or simply ignored it, something which baffled Delia. They would have been wonderful together, it was written all over every slight action and embedded in every word that they said to one another, but she knew her daughter. Esmé would wait on Gerard to make the first move and Gerard would never do anything that even remotely risked losing her.

Gerard’s cheeks warmed a little as his mind jumped back to the week pervious, filling itself with images of Esmé’s nearly bare top half and his hands all over it. “He…He was the right choice at the time” he mused.

Delia tilted her head, her eyes narrow a little on Gerard who’s slight stammer hadn’t gone unmissed. “At the time?” she posed.

“Madre” Esmé warned, sensing she was straying into territory that would alter her friendship with Gerard.

Delia nodded her head. “Alright” she surrendered “But as a reward for me not pushing it, you two are staying for my next class” she bargained.

Esmé shook her head. “That’s not happening” she dismissed quickly.

“Oh come on, Esmé. You were so good when you were little and I bet there is an undiscovered dancer lurking in Gerard somewhere” Delia grinned.

“There isn’t. I have seen him dance. Trust me” Esmé refuted, shaking her head.

“I am not the worst dancer” Gerard defended “In fact, I have proof of it” he noted.

“If you’re referring to that video of you on stage with Shakira after the pair of you started dating, then no, you don’t have proof that you’re not a terrible dancer, what you have is proof that when you’ve had a drink, you’ll do anything” Esmé grinned.

Gerard scoffed. “I am fantastic at it and that video proves it” he reiterated, grinning.

Delia watched them talk, smiling at the way that they seemed so at ease with one another. It was a refreshing sight following the grave expression which had marked Esmé’s face moments earlier.

“All it shows is that you can be awfully handsy” Esmé refuted.

“That’s it” Gerard announced “Ms. Silva, me and your daughter would very much like to take you up on your offer” he grinned.

“No, we wouldn’t” Esmé replied “We have to get back, I need to pack for the trip to Bilbao…”

“You’ve done that” Gerard dismissed, shaking his head “You would have packed last night, you always do” he added.

Esmé cursed, regretting that he knew her inside and out.

“I think he’s got you, sweetie” Delia smiled.

“I think so too” Gerard agreed, grinning.

Esmé rolled her eyes. “Fine, one class, but you never get to make me do anything like this again” she bargained.

Gerard smiled. “Of course not. Once should be enough for me to show you that I am not the worst dancer in history” he enthused.

Delia watched them happily before she padded towards the door, moving to let the class outside in. “Just so you know, you’re probably going to be the youngest ones here” she grinned before she padded away. Esmé watched after her mother before she turned to Gerard, offering him a glare that he wasn’t unfamiliar with. Gerard eyed it and chuckled.

“Come on, Esmé” he encouraged, taking her hand as other began to file in around them, taking up the starting pose.

“I didn’t imagine that a trip to see my mother was going to result in this” she mumbled.

Gerard chuckled and placed his arms around her, following the instructions that Delia was yelling from the front of the class. Esmé rolled her eyes and lamely attempted to join in, not entirely comfortable with the notion of being so close to him after their slip up a week previous. “You can touch me you know” Gerard murmured, swaying her a little to the beat of the music that Delia had put on “I am not going to try and get you naked if you do” he added, grinning at his own joke.

Esmé rolled her eyes. “I don’t think that” she murmured.

“You should tell your face” Gerard quipped, poking her cheek childishly “You look like the world’s caving in” he added.

Esmé sighed. “Right now, it feels like it is” she whispered.

Gerard shook his head lightly before he rested his forehead against hers, smiling at her kindly. “Just dance with me for now, Esmé” he murmured softly “Stop thinking, get out of that head of yours, and just dance” he grinned, swaying her happily.

Esmé blinked a little, but smiled nevertheless, trying to fight the urge she had to lean up and kiss him.
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