Love Me Until My Heart Stops

41: His Smile

“You’re sure that you want to do this?” Esmé mused as stood at Gerard’s side, her brown eyes peeking through the door of the restaurant that he had selected for his birthday meal. It was to be a subdued affair, with a match against Levante only a few days away, Gerard had shied away from a larger celebration, but he had decided that that was to be the night that they told their families and a few of their closest friends about their engagement. It had been a couple of weeks, after he had proposed, both Gerard and Esmé had wanted to take a couple of weeks to let it sink in, but he was done waiting. It was going to be a long engagement, no one was going to be able change their minds about wanting to hold off for a while, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to celebrate the fact that they’d gotten to a point where they could think about a wedding. He was still giddy, his mind still whirred with the moment that she had said yes to him, and he wanted to share that with people who were likely to be as excited as him at the prospect of a wedding, if not a little more so.

“Certain” Gerard replied, his fingers gently weaving through hers “It’s been 2 weeks, Esmé, and it is only a matter of time before you forget to take that ring off when we leave the house. I want to let them in on the secret, querida, I want them to know that I am going to marry the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met” he enthused, leaning down to place a small kiss on her forehead.

“I can remember to take it off” Esmé mused “I’ve not forgotten once in 2 weeks” she added.

“I know that, but I kind of hate seeing you take it off. It’s a little thing, but I have recently decided that I like you much better with it on and I don’t want to keep watching you take it off. Do you not want to tell people?” he posed, shuffling her slightly closer to ward off the slight cool February breeze that brushed past them.

“I’d love them to know, but you know as soon as they do, they’ll start making plans for us. These last 2 weeks have been so nice, quiet and subdued, and as soon as my madre, as well as my sisters, hears the words engaged, they’re going to freak out. I’ll just kind of miss the secret” she explained, adjusting his collar a little.

Gerard smiled. “People are going to be excited, Esmé” he mused gently “And they’re going to kick up a bit of a fuss, but it’s a big deal. It’ll be different, but it’ll be a good kind of different” he assured her kindly, his hand gently squeezing hers.

Esmé offered him a small smile and moved to kiss him, only to pause as the door swung open, allowing Lionel to step outside. “As sweet at the pair of you look out here, you may want to consider coming inside. If I have to listen to one more story about how cute Gerard was as a baby, I think I am going to hit someone” he mused.

“My madre?” Gerard smiled, slowly untangling himself from Esmé before he took her hand.

“Countered by Esmé’s madre who insists that Esmé was probably cuter. I make her right of course” the argentine quipped.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “It’s my birthday, would it kill you to be nice to me?” he mused, gently moving to hold the door open for Esmé.

Lionel shrugged. “Just come inside. People are getting bored on waiting for you” he mused.

Gerard nodded his head gently and squeezed Esmé’s hand, offering her a small smile. It was a big deal, people were going to make a bit of a fuss about it, but he kind of wanted the fuss. It was a milestone for them, a big one, and he wanted to let people in on the secret. It was a big deal to him, the idea that Esmé had agreed to become his wife and he wanted to show it off, even if it was to friends and family, he wanted people to know.

“So, what did Esmé get you for your birthday, Gerard?” Delia smiled as she sipped on her drink. It had been a pleasant dinner, she had had a chance to get to know Gerard’s parents and his friends, and she was pleased to see that everyone seemed slightly taken with her youngest. It was a concern, Esmé’s last two boyfriends had been well-known and even though Delia knew that Esmé didn’t care about what it was that Cesc and Gerard did with their lives, she had worried that his family might.

Gerard smiled. “She got me a few small things” he enthused “A bottle of aftershave I like, a couple of new shirts, a picture frame with a few pictures of us in it, but her biggest gift was actually given to me a couple of weeks ago” he mused, his blue eyes peeking at Esmé who was engaged in conversation with Lionel, laughing at something the argentine had said.

Delia lifted an eyebrow. “You haven’t gotten her pregnant, have you?” she posed. She liked the idea of more grandchildren, Oliver, her first grandson, was a wonderful addition to her family, but she was slightly apprehensive. 6 months was a small amount of time and the birth of a child would put a strain on even the best relationship.

Gerard shook his head. “No, I haven’t, not yet” he mused.

“Not yet?” Delia posed.

Gerard shrugged, almost nonchalant that he had let slip his desire to have a child. “I want to have a life with your daughter, Delia” he mused softly “And one day, I would like to have a child with her, but right now, we’re both aware that we’re still very much in the honeymoon phase” he explained, leaning back slightly.

Delia offered him a small nod. “So what was the present she got you then?” she posed.

Gerard smiled and moved to collect his fork, lightly tapping it against the side of his glass which caused the table to fall silent, all eyes settling on him. “Esmé?” he posed, offering the brunette a small look.

Esmé blushed, but nodded her head, moving out of her seat to stand at his side, his arm wrapping around her waist gently. “Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for coming here tonight. I wanted to do something a little quieter this year and I am glad that you could all find the time to attend, it means a lot to me” he enthused softly, his fingers gently tapping against Esmé’s side “But secondly, I would like to let you in on a little secret that Esmé and I have been keeping to ourselves for the last couple of weeks” he enthused.

Esmé shifted a little, not liking the attention.

“A couple of weeks ago, I asked Esmé to marry me” Gerard announced softly “And much to my surprise, as well as my joy, she agreed” he added.

“You’re engaged?” Lionel peeped.

Gerard smiled. “Yes, we are” he mused gently before he dropped a kiss on the side of Esmé’s head, earning a few coos from the women who sat around the table, already grinning at the prospect of planning a wedding. Esmé shifted a little against him before her mother stood up, wrapping her arms around her youngest.

“I’m so happy for you, Esmeralda” Delia whispered as Gerard padded away, shaking hands with his father and brother.

Esmé blushed and pushed her hair out of her eyes. “You don’t think it’s a mistake?” she posed gently.

Delia shook her head quickly, not wanting to show even the slightest ounce of doubt. “Sweetheart, you two are wonderful” she insisted “And you must know it too, you’d not have said yes if you doubted him” she commented.

Esmé smiled. “I don’t doubt him, madre” she mused, peeking over her shoulder at Gerard who was smiling with Lionel.

“Then don’t doubt you either” Delia quipped, hugging her tightly “You’re good for him, just like he’s good for you, and everyone around this table knows it, but most importantly, he knows it. Look at that smile” she encouraged, gesturing to the wide grin on Gerard’s face.

“What about it?” Esmé mused, shifting a little.

“You’re the reason for it and you know it too” Delia grinned “You’ve made that grin” she insisted.

Esmé blushed softly. “I guess I kind of have” she murmured gently.

“You certainly have” Delia smiled, kissing her cheek “And now you should go and enjoy the moment” she encouraged, allowing Esmé to pad over to Gerard who greeted her with a tight hug. Delia watched them and smiled.

She had a wonderful feeling about them.
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