Love Me Until My Heart Stops

42: It’s Just Coffee

“Thank you for doing this” Esmé mused as she adjusted Gerard’s collar, flashing him a small smile. It had been a few days, since she and Gerard had told their families and friends that they were due to get married, just over a week had passed, and it was safe to say that things were still remarkably calm. She had been concerned, she had thought that people knowing would lead to pressure to get it over with quickly, but she was pleased that people were keeping their distance. They wanted to take their time, to make sure that they were making the right decision, and another 18 months seemed to be the right sort of time period to ensure that they weren’t getting married for the sake of it.

“I am taking your sisters’ boyfriends out for a drink. I think even I could manage that” Gerard mused, offering her a small smile in return. He didn’t mind doing it, Ella and Eloisa’s boyfriends were nice guys and he didn’t mind spending time with them, but he was more than happy to do it if it meant Esmé owed him. It was only one night, Eloisa wanted to discuss wedding dresses with her sisters and Isaac and Martin were bound to get under their feet, and Gerard had offered to take them out for the night, based mostly on the idea that Esmé would be waiting for him when he got home.

Esmé nodded. “I know, but it’s still very nice of you” she commented “They seem to like you a lot” she added.

Gerard smiled. “What can I say? Everyone connected to your family seems to love me” he teased, moving to collect his jacket.

Esmé rolled her eyes. “Sometimes, I do wonder why” she mumbled, a small teasing smile on her face.

Gerard straightened a little and walked back over to her, his hands placing themselves on her waist. “Did you just question your love for me?” he mused, playing along.

Esmé shrugged playfully. “So what if I did?” she challenged “What exactly are you going to do about it?” she smirked.

Gerard made a small sound at the back of his throat and ducked his head, planting his lips against hers. Esmé startled fractionally at the contact, causing her mouth to open a fraction. “You know precisely what I am going to do about it” he murmured, his hands skimming along the hem of her shirt before they ducked beneath it, gently brushing against her warm skin.

Esmé made a small sound before the doorbell rang, causing her to giggle as her head falling onto his shoulder. “You’re going to have to wait” she teased gently “Martin and Isaac are very excited to spend time with their favourite soon to be brother-in-law” she laughed.

“We could ditch them” Gerard offered, his fingertips tracing small circles into her skin “You could ditch your sisters and I could ditch the guys and we could stay here all night” he added.

“As wonderful as that sounds” Esmé mused “Eloisa would kick my ass if I didn’t show up and I kind of like looking the way that I do. It’s not a no to later, but it’s definitely got to be a not now” she smiled as she untangled herself from his arms, pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek. Gerard grumbled a little before he collected his wallet and keys from the side, padding towards the front door.

“I’m sorry for the holdup…” his voice trailed off as he pulled the door back, his blue eyes widening at the sight of the woman who stood on the other side of it.

“You do still live here” Shakira breathed, a small smile on her face.

Gerard blinked, not quite sure what to do.

“I am sorry to show up unannounced” the blonde girl mused “I was in town and I thought…”

“Gerard” Esmé’s voice travelled through the air as her footsteps echoed on the floor “You forget your phone” she mused as she stopped at his side, offering the phone out to him.

Gerard blinked slightly, his blue eyes flicking from Esmé to Shakira who stared at the brunette, a tiny furrow in her forehead. “Esmé?” she mused.

Esmé stiffened slightly at the sound of her voice and turned, trying her best not to glare at the blonde. They’d never been overly close, even when Shakira had been with Gerard, Esmé hadn’t been particularly fond of her, but it was worse now that the blonde was the defender’s ex. Esmé wasn’t an idiot, she was nowhere near being in Shakira’s league, and it worried her that the singer had shown up. Like with her and Cesc, it was no secret that Gerard still carried a torch for his last girlfriend, and Esmé knew if it came down to it, she couldn’t compete. Shakira was the first woman that Gerard had truly loved and Esmé, whilst she was the second, knew she couldn’t offer him more than that. “Shakira” she mused gently “This is a surprise” she added, trying her best to smile.

Shakira nodded. “I was in town and I thought I could catch up with Gerard, but I can see that that was a mistake” she mused, her eyes dropping to her feet “I didn’t know that you two were…” she drifted off.

“Engaged” Gerard noted “We’re going to get married” he added.

Shakira nodded. “That’s really wonderful” she enthused “I am sorry to interrupt your night” she muttered before she turned to walk away.

“Coffee” Gerard called after her “If you’re free tomorrow, I could take you for coffee” he offered.

Esmé rolled her eyes gently and shook her head, quietly padding away from him.

Shakira tilted her head, but offer him a little smile. “I’d like that” she mused before she padded away, affording Gerard a chance to close the door, his feet padding towards his bedroom where Esmé sat, her face a little angry.

“It’s coffee, Esmé” Gerard reasoned as he sat down beside her, his hand reaching for hers, but Esmé was quicker, pulling it away from him. “It’s not like I am going to sleep with her. She knows that we’re engaged and I know her. She wouldn’t make a move on me now” he explained.

“You also thought that she wouldn’t dump you, but she did” Esmé muttered.

Gerard sighed. “Not all of our exes are Cesc” he mused.

“She’s your Cesc” Esmé countered “The one you thought you were going to end up with, the one you carry a torch for, and now you’re going to coffee with her. Excuse me for being a little upset about it” she mumbled before she quietly got to her feet “Martin texted. You’re meeting them at the bar and I am going to see my sisters” she added before she moved to find her coat.

Gerard watched her before he stretched his hand out, wrapping it gently around hers before he pulled her into him. “Nena, it’s coffee” he whispered, wrapping his arms around her “I am not going to let it screw up what we have here” he added.

Esmé sighed and wrapped her arms around him. She couldn’t stop him, not after he’d allowed her to make the trip to London, but that didn’t mean it sat right with her. Shakira was the last girl he’d loved, the first one he’d properly fallen for, and she was apprehensive. Gerard had a habit when it came to Shakira, much like Esmé did when it came to Cesc, for falling over himself and she could only hope that he could get it under control. Things were good for them and she didn’t want a trip to a coffee shop to be their undoing.
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