Love Me Until My Heart Stops

45: It’s Just An Idea

“I bought you lunch” Gerard grinned as he plopped down in the seat on the other side of Esmé’s desk, a bag clutched in his hand. It had been a tough morning, with the picture of him and Shakira doing the rounds, people naturally had questions, and as a result, Gerard had taken it upon himself to make sure that Esmé was alright. He knew that it bothered her, it had bothered him when she’d come back from London and told him that Cesc had kissed her, but he wanted to take her mind off of it for a little while. After a few days of them showing a united front would cause the situation to blow over and Gerard wanted to make sure that she was doing Ok. He didn’t want people getting to her.

Esmé, who had been combing through the squad’s schedule for the week, looked up. “You know, I’ve worked here for nearly 6 years and you’ve never bought me lunch before” she commented, jotting something down onto her notepad.

“That cannot be true” Gerard scoffed “I must have bought you lunch before” he added.

Esmé shook her head. “You’ve showed up here and mooched lunch off of me because you weren’t feeling what they were serving in the canteen before, but you’ve never bought me lunch before” she mused.

Gerard frowned a little. “Seriously?” he quipped.

Esmé giggled and nodded her head, taking the paper bag out of his hand. “Seriously. You used to show up and steal cookies from me because your nutritionist didn’t want you eating them” she teased, pulling out the sandwich which he’d bought for her.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything” Gerard noted after a moment of thought “How are you doing?” he added, changing the subject.

Esmé shrugged. “I could do without the pitying looks” she mused, taking a bite of the food “I’ve had what felt like hundreds of people walk in here today and give me that look that says ‘oh you poor thing’. They don’t say anything, but I think that might be worse” she explained.

“The guys asked questions” Gerard mused, moving to play with the picture frame which stood neatly in the corner of her desk.

“What did you tell them?” Esmé posed.

“The truth” he noted “Lying on serves to make it look worse than it is and that’s not something I want. There is already enough questions being posed about us without me sticking my foot in it” he explained before he guided his stare down to the picture, a small smile pulling at the corner of his mouth. It was a good one of them, Esmé stood ahead of Gerard, her hands on the Champions League trophy whilst he grinned behind her, the goal net draped over his shoulders. “Why this picture?” he noted.

“What?” Esmé posed.

“This picture of us. Why is this the one you keep on your desk?” he smiled.

Esmé shrugged. “It’s the best one of us I have. We’ve not really had our picture taken since we got together, other than the night that we got caught in the street, and I think that one of us is nice” she smiled.

Gerard noted the smile on her face before he set the frame down on her desk. “We should have our photo taken” he mused.

Esmé rolled her eyes. “Why would we want to do that?” she commented, her brown eyes peeking at her computer screen as she wrote something else down.

“We never did do an engagement announcement” Gerard shrugged, moving to steal a piece of her sandwich “It might answer a few of the questions people are asking about us now and put to bed any rumors about us ending things” he added.

Esmé stopped what she was doing for a moment before she looked up at him. “You want to do a magazine shoot?” she posed. She wasn’t unfamiliar with the notion, when she had first been with Cesc, she had been asked to do a couple with him, but she had opted against it. She didn’t like the idea of being in front of cameras as it was, let alone the notion of being directed by someone else.

“My agent suggested it” Gerard noted, swallowing the food he’d taken “It’s only an idea, but I don’t think it is the worst. People seem to think that I have fucked up and presenting a united front would put an end to that” he noted gently. He knew that she didn’t like the idea, it was written all over her face, but he wanted to try and convince her. It provided a temporary fix to a problem that he had helped to create and he wanted her to at least contemplate it.

“You know how I feel about cameras, Gerard” Esmé noted.

“I do know, querida, but think about it. A couple of pictures and the Shakira issue is put to bed. I’d do all of the talking and all you would have to do is stand there and look as wonderful as you every time I set eyes on you” he explained, his hand reaching out to take hers which scribbled down notes.

“I don’t know how comfortable I would be with it, Gerard” Esmé protested gently “My feelings towards cameras are one thing, but the idea of a director telling me how to stand next to you, it makes me a little uncomfortable” she explained.

Gerard nodded his head. “I understand, Esmé” he smiled gently “But at least give it some thought. I love this picture of us, but it’s not quite the same as having one of us now that we’re engaged” he mused with a gesture towards the picture frame.

“You should be grateful I have a picture here at all. Before, that was a picture of the whole team after you won La Liga” she teased.

Gerard feigned a scoff. “I wasn’t worthy of the desk before we started to sleep together?” he squeaked, mock outrage in his voice.

Esmé shook her head. “I had pictures of mama, my sisters, my nephew and you-know-who as well as that shot of the team” she noted.

Gerard smiled “Then I am pleased that I made it on” he enthused before he spotted Luis Enrique in the hall, offering him a rather stern look. “I have to go, Enrique’s giving me the death glare, but I will see you later?” he posed, pushing himself off of the chair.

“We live together, Gerard, do we have a choice?” Esmé teased.

Gerard smiled and placed a kiss on her lips. “Think about it, querida” he mumbled as he pulled away.

Esmé nodded. “I will” she smiled gently “I love you” she added with a small laugh.

Gerard, who was almost out of the door, stopped for a moment. “I know you do” he teased before he padded away, leaving her shaking her head.
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